2013 Inquiry Seminars

Seeking Justice in an Unjust World

Cory Aragon

Social Justice and Responsibility is a seminar that asks students to develop their own answer to the question: what should I do to help shape a more just social world? We live in a world where some suffer to survive while others prosper and flourish. Local, national, and global systems of social interaction, in which we actively participate, are often characterized by deep and seemingly intractable social inequalities.

This seminar will engage moral analysis of different kinds of social inequalities, ask us to reflect on our morally salient connections to these inequalities, and develop a normative framework for formulating our responsibilities (if we have any) to remedy the harms these inequalities cause.

Some of the topics we will explore are: conceptions of social justice and responsibility, the social construction of crime and criminality, media politics, educational inequality, climate and environmental injustice, global poverty, and consumer ethics. We will engage these issues in a manner that is grounded in social scientific research and pays particular attention to categories of social difference, such as class, gender, nationality, and race. OC