2013 Inquiry Seminars

Hispanic USA: Tales of Two Americas

Eduardo Gargurevich

In 2010, 16.3% or 50.5 million Hispanics lived in the US, and by 2020 there will be more than 60 million. Who are they? What challenges do they confront when they reach our country? What histories and cultures do they bring with them and how do they contribute to the US culture? How can we better equip ourselves to avoid stereotyping those who speak Spanish? Are we called to welcome Hispanics or should we advocate for limits to their presence in the US?

“Hispanic USA” will deal with these questions through an interdisciplinary approach that borrows from disciplines identified with the Humanities, the Arts and the Social Sciences. Books, articles, films, popular and high-cultural art will promote our discussions and allow us to engage in both individual as well as collaborative projects. We will also welcome a variety of guests that belong to the Fargo-Moorhead community or that study the Hispanic presence in the US from academic perspectives. WC