2013 Inquiry Seminars

World of Sport and Gender Equity

Jessica Rahman

G O L F…..does it stand for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”? It’s a common old wives’ tale that this is an acronym for how the game of golf got its name. It is false but brings forth the interesting subject of women in sports and gender equity. Has gender always been an issue in sport? What has Title IX done to change sport? Who were some of the pioneers of women in sports and how did that drive the gender equity issue in sports? How have women’s sports changed over the course of generations, from participation to lack of opportunity and back again? Is prejudice a word that can be applied to women in sports? This seminar will discuss the issues of gender equity, issues of fairness in sports, and comparisons of men’s and women’s psychological and physiological approach to competition and the preparation for competition. OC