The 2006 Box Paintings

The box paintings I completed over the course of this past year are all examples of trompe líoeil in that they are 100% painted constructions.  The structures are made of wood and wood panel, and the imagery is all made of paint.  There is no tape or paper or chalk or ink or graphite here; there is only carefully mixed and manipulated acrylic and oil paint on wood and panel.  In the long tradition of verisimilitude in painting, it is my hope that the eye of the viewer is, indeed, tricked by at least some of these painted elements.  I am interested in viewers experiencing a sense of discovery in these works, as they first see the paintings as whole objects, then discern the degrees of high illusion as they examine individual elements of each composition.  

Many of the subjects included in my paintings are culturally, mythologically, or religiously symbolic; a number of subject elements are closely associated with fecundity and mystery.  In general, my work is clearly based upon strong drawing.  In my oil painting, I draw upon panels with conte´ crayon (the centuries-old drawing chalk), then glaze the drawings with a variety of paint layers. I approximate that approach with my watermedia work, weaving drawn marks in watercolor between layers of watercolor and acrylic paint.  In revealing the drawings to such great degree in the finished pieces, my work references that sort of very early (proto-Renaissance) style of painting, in which colors were used to enrich drawings on panels.  Naturally, I hope that my pieces combine that technical approach with greater contemporary slant.  While I do not consciously aim for that sort of synthesis, it does seem to work itself out that way.

My hope is that my paintings convey very descriptive, active surfaces (which physically confront viewers as illusions of exactitude) in conjunction with symbolic and often humorous content, in juxtaposition that is visually stimulating and intellectually intriguing.

DAVID BOGGS received his B.F.A. with concentration in painting from Oklahoma State University in 1979, and his M.F.A. in painting from the University of Illinois in 1982.  He taught studio art and art history at the University of Maine at Machias for three years, after two years as a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Illinois.  Boggs joined the art faculty at Concordia in 1985.  His early work in watercolor led to signature memberships in the National Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Honor Society.  His watercolors and, more recently, his oil and mixed media works have been widely exhibited at regional, national and international levels, and have been extensively collected.  Boggs has had work reviewed or featured in publications in ten U.S. states, and in a variety of regional and national volumes.  He is a member of the Science and Art Society, London, England, and was in 2002 named an Illumina Teacher by the Artists' Call for Justice program.  Boggs has had gallery affiliations in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Utah, and is currently represented by Circa Gallery, Minneapolis.  His work is held in such collections as The Transco Collection of American Watercolors, Houston; the Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden; Crescent (Illustration) Board Company, United Parcel Service, image representation in the Digital Archives of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution, collections in 22 U.S. states, and in a variety of public and private collections in the countries of Canada, China, England, Holland, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, and Venezuela.
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