Main sculpture studio


Moldmaking room


Welding/Metalworking room


Frame-making room

Walk-in spray booth


Sculpture at Concordia explores the basic processes of three-dimensional art-modeling, mold-making, casting, carving, construction and assemblage. Students experience working with the media of clay, plaster, hydrocal, bronze and jewelry casting, stone and wood carving, welded metals, mixed media and non-traditional materials.
The sculpture studio is well equipped with numerous hand and power tools, and an exhaust system and walk-in spray booth for maintaining a safe working environment. The main studio area offers a belt sander, pedestal grinder, drill press, table saw, radial arm saw and two band saws. The welding area provides oxygen/acetylene torches, MIG and TIG welders, a centrifuge and burnout kiln for jewelry and small sculpture casting, a metal cutting band saw and a plasma cutting torch. The mold-making room is designed to facilitate work in plaster and cast stone as well as stone and wood carving. Sculpture is taught by Duane Mickelson.

Please click here to see a series of photos of a bronze pour.

Please click here to see some recent student sculptures.

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