Department of Biology

At the heart of the biology department are the interactions students have with their professors. While using molecular techniques to follow gene expression in Arabidopsis, examining muscle types on human cadavers, or seeing the effects of nutrient increase in Lake Winnipeg, our students not only hear about the study of biology in the classroom, they experience it through investigative experiences.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to work with their professors in research projects ranging from using molecular techniques and GIS to determining the effects of prairie fragmentation on gene flow in prairie mound-building ants, and using rats as models to understand the effects of diabetes on blood vessel structures.

In effect, our goal is to train scientists by doing science.

Why study Biology at Concordia College in Moorhead?
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Unique research opportunities ranging from field studies of invasive species to understanding the genetics of pathogenic nematodes
  • Quality research mentoring with 1:2 or 1:3 professor : student ratios
  • Guidance of the whole person– curriculum, faith, values

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