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Data analysis of experiemnts is conducted both at the NSCL and at the various colleges and universities involved in the Collaboration.

A server is maintained at Indiana University at South Bend ( on which analysis can performed remotely. For information on access to zuma contact Dr. Jerry D. Hinnefeld at IUSB.


A number of documents have been prepared by collaboration members to assist in the data analysis.

Links to additional documentation from the NSCL can be found under the manual page at Technical Details.

The MoNA project was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation under grants
PHY-0110253, PHY-0132367, PHY-0132405, PHY-0132434, PHY-0132438,
PHY-0132507, PHY-0132532, PHY-0132567, PHY-0132641, and PHY-0132725.

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