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Photo Gallery
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PMT Assembly Bar Simulation Simmulation of MoNA Assembled Bars Concordia Students
Thomas Baumann Bar Assembling MoNA Assembling MoNA 2 MoNA
MoNA Collaboration 2003 MoNA Electronics Close-up MoNA Sideview MoNA Cabling Westmont Students work on electronics
MoNA 2 MoNA PMT ends MoNA to scale Nathan Frank
Matt Kleber at sweeper View of Sweeper magnet Thomas Baumann Analyzing


The MoNA project was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation under grants
PHY-0110253, PHY-0132367, PHY-0132405, PHY-0132434, PHY-0132438,
PHY-0132507, PHY-0132532, PHY-0132567, PHY-0132641, and PHY-0132725.

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