Zea Mays Dance Team

Who is the Zea Mays?
The Zea Mays is Concordia College’s dance team. The name is cleverly derived from the biological nomenclature for corn!

The team performs at Concordia's football and basketball games.  The Zea Mays are also active in various shows on campus and in the community.  Along with these performances, the team competes both on the local and national level. 

The season begins in late August and continues until national competition in January.

Team Coach:
Leah Schabert is the coach for the Zea Mays and can be contacted at 701-212-6697 or e-mail at:

- galaxydance@aol.com

2008-09 Team Captains:
Christina Post - cspost@cord.edu
Hannah Balfanz - hlbalfan@cord.edu

Any Concordia student, freshman through senior, is able to try out for the team. 

Tryouts for the 2009-10 team are scheduled for:

April 17-19

** All tryouts will be held in the Olson Forum.

The skills the dancers will be judged on include:
- Learned Routine
- 30-45 second routine that you have choreographed
- pirouettes: single, double, triple
- fouettes
- pique turns
- chaine turns
- leaps: split leap or switch leap
- russian/toe touch
- flexibility skills: splits, extensions

We will be teaching these skills during tryouts; dancers are not required to know them before tryouts. If you have any more questions e-mail please email the captains or coach.