2007 Cobber Football

Video Highlights

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October 6, 2007 vs. Bethel

- Nick Alton Slant Pass Catch

- Jake Krause Catch and Run

- Jake Krause Leaping Catch

- Nick Reinisch TD Catch
- Dave Moll Sack

- Cory Johnson Run

- Jason Jude Upends Quarterback

- Adam Swingdorf TD Run

- Cornhead Fan

September 29, 2007 vs. Bethel

- Nickl Alton Sideline Catch

- Cory Johnson Draw Play

- Jason Jude Interception

- Carl Hauser 39-Yard Field Goal
- Brennen Lewis Tackle On Kickoff Coverage

- Adam Swingdorf Rumbles Up The Middle

- Justin Hensch Bats Down The Pass

- Mike Christensen Tackle

- Andrew Larson Tackle On Kickoff Coverage

- Jesse Nelson Scramble & Catch By Kyle Hilleren

September 15, 2007 vs. Bethel

- Riley Sammon TD Reception

- Isaac Berling Interception

- Cory Johnson Run

- Nick Alton Catch
- Nick Reinisch Run

- Cobber Defense Stops the Draw Play

- Cobber Defense Gang Tackles

- The Kernel Shows His Stuff