Jeremy Palmisono
Height: 5-10
Weight: 162
Hometown: Grand Forks, N.D.
High School: Red River H.S. ('08)
Major: Psychology

Minor: Neuroscience

Career Highlights

2008 -

_______________The PALISONO File

Nikename: Palmo

One word that best describes me: Outgoing

Place I would most like to visit: Rome

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite movies: Greenstreed Hooligans  

Favorite TV show: Sports Center   

Favorite music groups: Linkin Park, Incubus

Favorite book: Patriot Games

Favorite holiday: Christmas

One thing I can't live without: Soccer balls

What is the best gift you ever recieved: X-box 360

The three people I would most like to meet: Peter Furuberg, Fernando Torres, Steve Nash

Greatest personal sports moment: Winning state soccer in 2006

If I were to play another sport, it would be: hockey

Favorite pro sports team: Colorado Avalanche

My dream job is: Forensic Psychologist

The most ususual thing the average person would not know about me is: I got stuck working at Macy's this past summer

Before each game I: Listen to music

What is your greatest fear: cats

What was the first CD you ever owned: Linkin Park

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Sky Dive

If I could be on any TV reality show it would be: Real World

The best thing about Fargo-Moorhead is: The restaurants

This summer I: Played soccer, and other sports


Personal: Member of National Honor Society

Why Did You Choose to Come to Concordia? "Its a great school and to play soccer "