Noelle Hiedeman
Height: 5-3
Hometown: Breckenridge, Minn
High School: Breckenridge H.S. ('08)
Major: Biology (Pre-Med)



_______________The HIEDEMAN File

Nickname: Nole, Nolee, Noelliebellie, Nolle-a-bella

One word that best describes me: competitive

Place I would most like to visit: Australia or Europe

Favorite food: Mexican and Sushi

Favorite restaurant: In-N-Out Burger

Favorite movies: Drop Dead Gorgeous  or the Little Mermaid

Favorite TV show: The Office or Golden Girls

Favorite music groups: Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band

Favorite book: Angels and Demons

Favorite holiday: Ray Allen Day... thank you John Fraase!

One thing I can't live without: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

What is the best gift you ever received: Teeth

Best class ever taken at Concordia: General Chemistry with Dr. Krogstad

The three people I would most like to meet: Martin Luther, Ronald Reagan, Joe Mauer

The biggest influence on my soccer career: My Mom

Greatest personal sports moment: Beating Alexandria in PK'S to go to state

If I were to play another sport, it would be: Softball

Favorite pro sports team: Twins

My dream job is: Marine Biologist

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about you: I have a geographic tongue
Before each game I: Chew Gum

What is your greatest fear? becoming morbidly obese

What was the first CD you ever owned? N*SYNC

One thing I abosolutley have to do  before I turn 40: Move out of my parents house

If I could be on an reality TV show is would be: MXC

The best thing about Fargo-Moorhead is: Duane's House of Pizza

This summer I: taught swimming lesson's and got a horrible tan

Favorite part of practice or game day: listening to Mulan in the locker room

Favorite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin

My favorite thing about Concordia soccer is: my coaches and teammates

If I were president, the first thing I would do is: redecorate the White House

Favorite Coach Weiler quote: "Terrible!"


Lettered in soccer and softball... was a NHS and played volleyball....also on student council...daughter of Ann and Kevin...hobbies include playing piano, going to the lake, running, soccer and softball

Why Did You Choose to Come to Concordia? “Great just felt right .”