Killashandra Link
Height: 5-2
Hometown: Ft. Calhou, Neb.
High School: Marian H.S. ('09)
Major: English



________________The LINK File

Nickname: Shandra, Link

Place I would most like to visit: Australia

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite movies: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite TV show: The Tudors

Favorite Musical groups: Nickleback, Enrique Iglesias

Favorite book: The Autobiography of Henry VIII

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

One thing I can't live without: Friends

The three people I would most like to meet: Teddy Rosevelt, Johnny Depp, Anne Frank

Greatest personal sports moment: Winning the Air Capital Tournament

If I were to play another sport, it would be: Cross Country

Favorite pro sports team: Patriots

My dream job is: any job where I could help people and enjoy my life

The most unusal thing the average person would not know about is: the bottom half of my two front teeth are fake

Before each game I: Listen to pump up music

What is your greatest fear: Losing my dad

One thing I have to do before I turn 40: Sky Dive

What was the first CD you ever owned? 98 Degree

If I could be on any TV relity show it would be: Ace of Cakes

The best thing about Fargo Moorhead is: you get the small town feel and big city feel all at once

This summer I: worked in a cornfield pollonating, work out, went tubing, went to a family reunion, sad bye to friends, got ready for college

Favorite part of game day or practice: stretching and first ten minutes of game

Favorite cartoon character: bugs bunny, we both like carrots

My favorite thing about Concordia soccer: the people

If I were president, the first thing I would do is: travel to as many places as I could


Letter winner in soccer and cross country...Optimist Student of the Month...Choir Superior in Piano...Choral competition in New York-Gold...hobbies include reading, playing piano, watching movies and hanging out with friends

What do you like best about Concordia?
"Smaller school, great community, good academics, soccer program and it felt right when I toured "