Sarah Rounds
Height: 5-7
Hometown: Plymouth, Minn.
High School: Wayzata H.S. ('09)
Major: Undecided



________________The ROUNDS File

Nickname: Saer, Roundy

Place I would most like to visit: Italy

Favorite food: Cookies

Favorite restaurant: LeeAnn Chin's

Favorite movies: 10 Things I Hate About You, Big Daddy

Favorite TV show: Scrubs, What Not to Wear

Favorite Musical groups: Wilco, The Bright Eyes, Atmosphere, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite book: Harry Potter series

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

One thing I can't live without: My bed

The three people I would most like to meet: Heath Ledger, My Grandpa Olaf, Jesus

Greatest personal sports moment: Scoring in the section finals

If I were to play another sport, it would be: hockey

Favorite pro sports team: Italian National Team

My dream job is: Writer for the National Geographic or Singer

Best gift you ever received: a trip to mexico for spring break

Before each game I: relax and eat

What is your greatest fear: having a loved one die

One thing I have to do before I turn 40: travel

What was the first CD you ever owned? Mariah Carey's number 1's

If I could be on any TV relity show it would be: Real World

This summer I: had an awsome time

Favorite part of game day or practice: playing soccer

Favorite Cartoon character: Julian from Madagascar, he is helarious and would be a great friend in real life

If I were president, the first thing I would do is: devote more money to protecting the environment


Letter winner in soccer and track...Soccer All Confrence, All State Tournament Team...Track All Confrence...hobbies include rollerblading, swimming, snowboarding, and hiking...daughter of John and Ruth

What do you like best about Concordia?
"Concordia was a place I could really see myself haning out at and the soccer team and coaches were all really cool "