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The following information is needed prior to the beginning of each season for which the athlete is participating in. Failure to have this information on file in the athletic training room will delay the athlete from participating. For liability reasons, the athlete will not be allowed to participate without a completed file.

The NCAA requires all athletes to have an athletic physical exam the first year of participation. This is to be completed the summer between their senior year of high school and first year of college. A completed physical with the doctor's signature will be kept in the athlete's file throughout his/her college career.

Medical In formation
A medical history form must be filled out each year prior to the athletic season. First year athletes will need family medical history as well as personal medical history including dates. An update form will be used after the first year to document any injuries that have occurred from the year before.

Insurance In formation
Medical or health insurance information is needed prior to each season. These forms are to be turned in annually with updates including provider, policy number, group number, and policyholder.

Secondary Insurance
Concordia College has a $500 deductible for athletes injured during their athletic season. The athlete, along with the ATC, will fill out a claim form. This form is submitted to the Business Office along with the Explanation of Benefits. The claim cannot be filed until all paperwork is complete in the Business Office.

Team physicians provide a service to all athletes in the athletic training room on a weekly basis free of charge. Any outside appointments and/or treatments by physicians and physical therapists are the athlete's financial responsibility.

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