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2001-2002Concordia Women's Swimming & Diving
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2001-2002 Meet Results

A 10/27  St. Thomas Relays 10:30 @ St. Kate's

Last year at this meet: St. Thomas Relays @ St. Kate's

St. Thomas Relays - October 27, 2001
No Team Scores Were Kept

| Coach Julie Lucier's Post Meet Comments |

St. Thomas Relays October 27th 2001

400 Medley Relay                        400 Free Relay
Teresa Burandt                             Beth Freeman
Sara Swanson    5:02.36                 Kirsten Borchardt       4:10.32
Lily Herakova   13th Place              Kera Wayne              8th Place
Carrie Beisel                           Carrie Beisel

1000 Freestyle Relay                    Laura Anderson
Jenny Berg                              Janet Youngers          4:38.93
Kirsten Borchardt  11:49.75             Amanda Mahanna          13th Place
Diana Cobbs        8th Place            Gretchen Nordstrom
Kera Wayne
Gretchen Nordstrom                      400 IM Relay
                                        Sara Swanson
300 Breaststroke Relay                  Lily Herakova           4:57.72
Heather Anderson                        Heather Anderson        12th Place
Amanda Mahanna     4:20.73              Jenny Berg
Teresa Burandt     10th Place
Diana Cobbs                             COED 200 Medley Relay
                                        St. Olaf Male
300 Butterfly Relay                     St. Olaf Male           2:03.64
Jenny Berg                              Megan Johnson           13th Place
Lily Herakova     3:19.97               Kirsten Borchardt
Megan Johnson     6th Place
Erika Miles                             Sarah Logan
                                        St. Olaf Male           1:54.41
300 Backstroke Relay                    Erika Miles             5th Place
Laura Anderson                          St. Olaf Male
Janet Youngers    3.27.61
Sara Swanson      8th Place             200 Freestyle Relay
Sarah Logan                             Megan Johnson
                                        Beth Freeman            1:53.00
                                        Erika Miles             7th Place
                                        Carrie Beisel

                                        Gretchen Nordstrom
                                        Kera Wayne              1:56.27
                                        Teresa Burandt          11th Place
                                        Sarah Logan

                                        Janet Youngers
                                        Diana Cobbs             2:10.52
                                        Amanda Mahanna          20th Place
                                        Heather Anderson

Head Coach Julie Lucier's Coaches' Comments

The St. Thomas relay meet is always a great start for the Cobber Swimming and Diving season!  This is a meet where all ten conference teams compete solely in relay events and no team scores are kept.  The Concordia athletes swam some fast splits today and we are really looking forward to our first dual meet on November 2nd at St. Benedict's!

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