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Meet 9: MIAC HEPTATHLON - March 3-4, 2:15pm
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MIAC Heptathlon Meet Information
First event time set, others are estimates.
2:15 PM 55 Meters 
3:00 PM Long Jump 
4:45 PM Shot 
6:00 PM High Jump 

2:00 PM 55 Meter Hurdles
2:45 PM High Jump
4:45 PM Shot
6:00 PM Long Jump
7:45 PM 800 Meters

First event time set, others are estimates.
9:30 AM 55 Meter Hurdles
11:00 AM Pole Vault
3:30 PM 1000 Meters

1.  There is no limit to entries in the women's pentathlon.
2.  The men's heptathlon is limited to sixteen (16) contestants.
a.  Each athlete's best performances of the seven events will be scored and the sum tallied to produce a seed performance.  If the field is not filled after taking all athletes with seven events, then athletes will be accepted with top scores in six events, then five, etc.

1. Each competitor shall be allowed only three (3) attempts in the Long Jump and Shot Put events.
2. In running events and hurdles, a competitor shall be disqualified in any event in which he or she has made two (2) false starts.
3. All contestants shall compete in field events in one continuous flight drawn by lot.
4. If heats are necessary in any event, the composition of the heats within each group shall be determined by lot.  No fewer than two competitors shall start in any heat.  If more than one section is necessary in the 800/1000 Meters, then the last section will consist of the leaders after the preceding event.  IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT ALL COMPETITORS RUN IN THE SAME HEAT IF POSSIBLE.
5. Starting heights in the High Jump and Pole Vault events will be based upon the field.  The cross bar will be raised 3 cm at a time in the High Jump.  The Pole Vault bar will be raised 10 cm at a time.  The rules governing the Pole Vault and the High Jump are the rules from the NCAA Rule Book concerning these events.  PLEASE NOTE THE HIGH JUMPERS BEST PERFORMANCE.  WE MAY BE SEPERATING THE FIELD INTO TWO GROUPS.
6. An athlete failing to start in any event will be considered to have abandoned the entire competition.
7. Disqualification in any single event does not constitute disqualification from the entire competition, unless it is of an unsportspersonlike nature.
8. Pyramid spikes only -- no longer than ¼ inch exposed (55 Meter, Long Jump, 55 Meter Hurdles, Pole Vault).  No spikes of any kind allowed in the high jump competition.  Please avoid walking on the Infield in spikes.
9. Please email your entries to Garrick Larson not later than Tuesday, March 1 by 12:00 noon.  Entries should include name (first and last), year, and highest 2005 indoor High Jump mark.

For answers to questions or more information please contact:
Garrick Larson
Head Men's Track and Field Coach
phone: w(218) 299-4304, h(218) 287-1047, c(218) 790-2306
Marv Roeske 
Head Women's Track and Field Coach
phone: w(218) 299-4163, h(701) 271-0510


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