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Spring 1976 Alumni News - Concordia Moorhead

Men's track coach named at Concordla

Don Larson, track champion and two-time NCAA All-American from South Dakota State University, has been hired as head track and  field coach at Concordia. He replaces Ed Langsdorf, who is on sabbatical leave to work towards his doctorate in physical education at Arizona State University, Tempe.

College officials announced Larson will serve as head coach of track and field, instructor in the physical education department and an assistant football coach.

A spring graduate of SDSU, Larson's college sports record lists him as a member of the university's football and track teams, and this season's track captain. Track medals include North Central Conference champion and 1976 third-place holder in intermediate hurdles. He is an all-time South Dakota record holder in college track competition and two-rime NCAA Division II All-American intermediate hurdler.