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Winter  1975-76,   Alumni News - Concordia Moorhead

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Frosh: The Shape of Things to Come

Freshmen appeared to be Concordia‚s  trump for successful conference and tournament play this season, giving the Cobbers added strength to take a number of high place finishes in overall winter sports action.

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Women's Basketball
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Under second-year coach Collette Folstad the women's basketball team sailed to an 18-8 overall record (including conference, nonconference and tournament games), and a 6-1 Minn-Kota conference record. They were the only Concordia team to actually capture a conference title this year, and won their Holiday Tournament. The team also finished second in large-college division and fourth overall in the Minnesota Women's State Basketball tournament, and took second in the Alliutheran School Tournament at Concordia, in St. Paul.

Rachel Gaugert, 5' 10" sophomore from Alexandria, MN, paced team members in scoring with 491 total points for the season had the highest percentage of iteld goals 57 6 and free throws, 65.5; led in rebounds 246 and made 99 interceptions.

Rachel and teammate Sondra Unkenholz senior from Silver Spring, MD, were named to the All Minn-Kota Conference team.

Cobber women have had two winning seasons with Coach Folstad, who explains she has turned the non-aggressive Concordia women into a doer's team. She has taught them a 'fast-break" type of basketball and has given them the confidence they needed to win. Cobber women's 38.1 percent shooting average is extremely high, according to Collette. Most women's teams, on the average shoot 25 percent.

Folstad is named Coach of the Year

Collette Folstad, who serves a dual role as coach at Concordia and Fargo South High School, was named District Seven Coach of the Year in girls' athletics by the National High School Coaches Association

As one of several district award winners, she will be honored during the convention of the national coaches group June 13-18 in Portland, OR.

Her high school basketball coaching record is 92 victories and 19 losses. When the high school season ends at Fargo South, she takes over basketball and track at Concordia. The Cobber women's basketball team sailed to an 18-8 overall record and a 6-1 Minn-Kota conference record this year.

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Men's basketball
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Cobber men held their fifth-place standing In Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference ending with a 9-9 mark. Overall they were 13 13, three up from last year's record. Coach Edwin "Sonny" Gulsvig said the team made a much better showing in non-conference games this year - an important factor in team selection for post-season play-offs. Concordia remains practically unbeatable on its home court, losing only two of the ten games played here this year.

Scoring leaders were Mark Askerooth, a senior from Fargo, ND, with 516 total season points, an average of 20.6 per game; and Darwin Kreft, a senior from Sac City, IA, with 471 total points or an average of 18.1 per game. Both men were honored in basketball as all-stars on the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference team.

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Hockey coach Al Rice credited the freshman line for giving this team the additional strength it needed to get the Cobbers through the season in third-place MIAC standings. The Cobbers skated to an 8-5-1 conference record and 13-11-1 overall. Cobber icemen bagged a small victory when they defeated Gustavus Adoiphus on its own rink, a first home defeat in the school's history.

Developing well are freshmen Dave Perry, Moorhead; John Villalta, International Falls, MN; Jeff Frider, Hibbing, MN; Rod Winkier, Milestone, Sask., Canada; and frosh goalies Jim Froeber, Crookston, MN and Brian Kines, Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada.

Outstanding player named to the MIAC all-star team is Gary Samson, a junior from Hibbing, MN. Gary was named "Most Valuable Player" last year, a first for a sophomore, and was named to the all-conference team his freshman and sophomore years. Also named to the MIAC all-star hockey team is Garth Lutz, a senior from Mistatim, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Concordia wrestlers rely heavily on their rookies. "We have an outstanding group of freshmen both in numbers and quality," Coach Vemon "Finn" Grinaker said.

The team grappled to a second-place finish in the MIAC, with a 7-7 dual-meet record. They finished third last year. Grinaker said the turning point in season was a January dual-meet win over nationally ranked University of Nebraska, Omaha.

"This gave the team the confidence it needed," Finn explained. They went on to win the Bethel tournament.

Barry Bennett, a sophomore from St. Paul, MN, was conference heavyweight champion. Kevin Lindberg, freshman, Fertile, MN, and Dave Smith, junior, Winona, MN, were conference champions in their respective weight classes   167 lbs. and 158 lbs.

Three runners-up were Jeff Poliak, a sophomore from Albert Lea, MN, in the 142-lb. division; Gregg Morlock, freshman, Moorhead, in the 177-lb. division, and Dennis Olsen, a senior from Richfield, MN, 190-lb. division.

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Biggest win for the Cobber women's gymnastics team, coached by Dianne Ritchie, came early at a practice meet against the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, and Moorhead State University. The team also defeated Mayville this year. These were surprise victories to a team that got off to a late start due to the delayed decision in a coach appointment.

In explaining these wins, Dianne said, "Freshmen lifted the standards of the team. Freshman girls had so much more experience because of the emphasis on gymnastic programs in the high schools."

Dianne is looking ahead to stronger showings in the years to come because of the experience these freshmen will be bringing to the college each new season.

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