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1999 Cobber Men's Track and Field
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1999 Concordia Men's Track Meet Results

Mar 4-5-6  Cobbers place 3rd at MIAC Indoor Championships @ U. of Minn.

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March 5-6 - University of Minnesota Fieldhouse
by Andy Johnson, Sports Information Director, Macalester College

St. Thomas won its 15th straight Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) men's indoor track and field championship Friday and Saturday at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse, while the Concordia-Moorhead women claimed their second straight title.

Jeremy Heckman led the way for the St. Thomas men, winning the 60-meter dash (6.88), 200-mter dash in a meet record 22.04, and 400-meter dash (49.85).  Teammate Josh Kath won the 1000-meter run (2:33.99) and 1500-meter run (4:00.52).  Other multiple event winners in the men's competition were St. Olaf's Mark Bresnan, who won the 600-yard dash (1:13.85) and 800-meter run (1:57.87), and Aaron Smith of Gustavus, who won the shot put (54-6) and weight throw (57-4 3/4), both with national-qualifying marks.

Heidi Brenden won the 600-meter run (1:38.14), 800-meter run in a meet-record 2:16.88 time and 1500-meter run (4:43.75) to lead the way for the Concordia women.  Katie Jorgenson of St. Catherine and Erica Stone of Gustavus also won multiple events.  Jorgenson won the 3000-meter run (10:27.67) and 5000-meter run (18:13.27), while Stone won the 60-meter dash (7.91) and 200-meter dash (25.96).

MIAC Men's Indoor Track & Field Championships
Team Scores
St. Thomas    185
St. Olaf      109 1/3
Concordia     109
St. John's    104
Macalester     65
Carleton       44 1/3
Gustavus       42 1/3
Hamline        41
Bethel         39
Augsburg       22
St. Mary's     19

MIAC Women's Indoor Track & Field Championships
Team Scores
Concordia     143 1/2
Gustavus      121
St. Olaf       85 1/2
St. Thomas     81
St. Benedict   80 1/2
Carleton       71 1/2
Macalester     67
Bethel         62
St. Catherine  30
St. Mary's     17
Augsburg       15
Hamline         6

Concordia had record number of qualifiers for MIAC Indoor Track and Field Championship.  Concordia qualified 40 athletes for the MIAC Indoor Track and Field Championship on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 4-6, 1999.  The MIAC Pentathlon will be held at St. Olaf starting at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.  The MIAC Championship will be held at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse on Friday and Saturday starting at 5:30 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. respectively.

By Don Stoner, Augsburg SID

INDOOR TRACK AND FIELD -- St. Thomas men, Concordia women lead after first day of competition in MIAC Indoor Track and Field Championships

MINNEAPOLIS -- Last year's champions, the University of St. Thomas men and the Concordia-Moorhead women, hold the leads in their respective team categories after the first day of competition at the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse.

Concordia, which ended a nine-year run of women's titles by St. Thomas last year, captured two individual titles and 15 top-eight (All-MIAC) finishes in the first day of the event, which covered 10 events. Heidi Brenden captured both of Concordia's individual victories, in the 600-meter dash (1:38.14) and the 1,500-meter run (4:43.75). Concordia has 76.5 points, whiel Gustavus is in second place with 61 and St. Thomas is in third with 45.

Augsburg's Carrie Lind set the lone MIAC meet record on Friday, when she claimed a 57-feet, 10 1/4-inch effort in the women's 20-pound weight throw. Lind, Concordia's Laura Utke (second) and Gustavus' April Felt (third) all claimed automatic qualifiers for the NCAA Division III Indoor Track and
Field National Championships in the weight throw.

On the men's side, St. Thomas, which has won each of the previous 14 MIAC men's indoor championships, holds a commanding 38-point lead after the first day of competition. The Tommies have 101.0 points, while St. John's is second with 63 points and Concordia is third with 59. St. Thomas had 19 top-eight finishes on the first day of competition.

Jeremy Heckman won two events for St. Thomas, the 60-meter dash (6.88 seconds) and the 400-meter dash (49.85 seconds). St. Thomas' Josh Kath won the 1,500-meter run (4:00.52) and John Nickle automatically qualified for the NCAA championships with a 15-foot, 8 1/4-inch effort to win the pole
vault. Gustavus' Aaron Smith had the lone other automatic qualification for the men's NCAA meet on Friday, with a 57-4 3/4 effort to win the 35 pound weight throw.

The meet concludes Saturday with 20 event finals. The meet resumes at 11 a.m. at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse.

3/4/99 MIAC Men's Pentahlon: at St. Olaf
Complete Results |

(Cobber Men finish 2-3-4, Strainer out with injury with 2 laps to go in the 1000
Meter Run, likely would have been 5th.)

Concordia 19,
STO 13,
St. Thomas 5,
Bethel 2.

1999 Mens MIAC Pentathlon Results:

1st Jon Berg (St. Olaf): 3489
55-meter high hurdles: 6. 8.36/721//721
Long jump: 1. 22-3 (6.78m)/762//1483
Shot put: 1. 40-1 1/4 (12.22m)/620/2103
High jump: 3. 6-0 1/2 (1.84m)/661/2828
1,000-meter run: 1. 2:53.8/725/3489

2nd Jeff Hertel (Concordia): 3307
55-meter high hurdles: 1. 8.09/786//786
Long jump: 2. 20-7 1/4 (6.28m)/648//1434
Shot put: 8. 35-5 1/4 (10.80m)/534/1968
High jump: 1. 6-0 1/2 (1.84m)/661/2646
1,000-meter run: 4. 2:58.5/678/3307

3rd Dan Buchholz (Concordia): 3221
55-meter high hurdles: 4. 8.21/757//757
Long jump: 11. 19-3 1/4 (5.87m)/559//1316
Shot put: 4. 36-11 3/4 (11.27m)/562/1878
High jump: 4. 5-11 1/4 (1.81m)/636/2585
1,000-meter run: 2. 2:55.6/707/3221

4th Joe Schmidgall (Concordia): 3220
55-meter high hurdles: 9. 8.5/688//688
Long jump: 2. 20-7 1/4 (6.28m)/648//1336
Shot put: 14. 31-5 1/4 (9.58m)/460/1796
High jump: 1. 6-5 (1.96m)/767/2453
1,000-meter run: 5. 3:00.7/657/3220

5th Joe McCarney (St. Thomas): 3171
55-meter high hurdles: 10. 8.52/684//684
Long jump: 5. 20-1 3/4 (6.14m)/617//1301
Shot put: 7. 35-6 1/2 (10.83m)/536/1837
High jump: 2. 6-1 1/2 (1.87m)/687/2484
1,000-meter run: 6. 3:01.7/647/3171

6th Joel Ward (St. Olaf): 3147
55-meter high hurdles: 8. 8.48/693//693
Long jump: 9. 19-4 1/4 (5.90m)/565//1258
Shot put: 5. 36-6 1/4 (11.13m)/554/1812
High jump: 3. 5-6 1/2 (1.69m)/536/2611
1,000-meter run: 2. 2:46.8/799/3147

7th Jon Lundberg (Bethel): 3137
55-meter high hurdles: 3. 8.18/764//764
Long jump: 7. 20-0 1/2 (6.11m)/610//1374
Shot put: 12. 33-1 (10.08m)/490/1864
High jump: 7. 5-6 1/2 (1.69m)/585/2552
1,000-meter run: 3. 2:57.5/688/3137

8th Tom Pontinen (St. Thomas): 3010
55-meter high hurdles: 2. 8.13/776//776
Long jump: 12. 19-0 (5.79m)/542//1318
Shot put: 9. 34-5 (10.49m)/515/1833
High jump: 2. 5-10 (1.78m)/610/2400
1,000-meter run: 7. 3:10.2/567/ 3010

9th Mark Murakami (St. Olaf): 2896
55-meter high hurdles: 14. 9.08/560//560
Long jump: 6. 20-1 (6.12m)/613//1179
Shot put: 15. 27-9 1/2 (8.47m)/394/1567
High jump: 5. 5-5 1/4 (1.66m)/512/2384
1,000-meter run: 1. 2:45.1/817/2896

10th Phil Barry (St. Johns): 2882
55-meter high hurdles: 13. 9.02/573//573
Long jump: 10. 19-3 1/2 (5.88m)/561//1134
Shot put: 2. 38-5 1/2 (11.72m)/589/1723
High jump: 6. 5-10 (1.78m)/610/2272
1,000-meter run: 6. 3:12.2/549/2882

11th Justin Gall (Concordia): 2846
55-meter high hurdles: 11. 8.54/679//679
Long jump: 14. 18-4 1/4 (5.59m)/500//1179
Shot put: 6. 36-0 1/4 (10.98m)/545/1724
High jump: 3. 5-6 1/2 (1.69m)/536/2310
1,000-meter run: 5. 3:08.1/586/2846

12th Matt Benoit (Carleton): 2796
55-meter high hurdles: 7. 8.46/697//697
Long jump: 13. 18-7 1/4 (5.67m)/516//1213
Shot put: 11. 33-3 3/4 (10.15m)/495/1708
High jump: 4. 5-11 1/4 (1.81m)/636/2160
1,000-meter run: 7. 3:23.5/452/2796

13th Erik Hanson (St. Johns): 2795
55-meter high hurdles: 12. 8.81/618//618
Long jump: 8. 19-5 1/4 (5.92m)/569//1187
Shot put: 13. 31-10 3/4 (9.72m)/469/1656
High jump: 7. 5-3 1/4 (1.81m)/636/2732
1,000-meter run: 3. 2:58.9/675/2795

14th Nels Paulson (Concordia): 2771
55-meter high hurdles: 15. 9.23/529//529
Long jump: 15. 18-2 1/4 (5.54m)/490//1019
Shot put: 3. 37-6 (11.43m)/572/1591
High jump: 5. 5-5 1/4 (1.66m)/512/2259
1,000-meter run: 4. 2:59.6/668/2771

15th Adam Strainer (Concordia): 2432
55-meter high hurdles: 5. 8.24/750//750
Long jump: 4. 20-2 1/2 (6.16m)/621//1371
Shot put: 10. 33-8 (10.26m)/) 560/2432
1,000-meter run: DNF

Did Not Place Steve Kimble (St. Johns):
55-meter high hurdles:
Long jump:
Shot put:
High jump:
1,000-meter run:




Heidi Brenden of Concordia-Moorhead was selected Women's MIAC Indoor Track and Field Most Outstanding Athlete for her performance at the indoor championship March 5-6.  Brenden was a triple champion in the 600 meter dash (1:38.14), the 800 (2:16.88, NCAA provisional qualifying time and MIAC meet record) and the 1500 (4:43.75, prov.).  Also receiving top votes were Gustavus' Erica Stone and St. Catherine's Katie Jorgenson.  Stone was a double champion in the 60 (7.91, prov.) and 200 (25.96), placed second in the 400 (59.09, prov.) and ran on the first-place Gustie 800 and 1600 relays.  Jorgenson was a double champion in the 3000 (10:27.67) and 5000 (18:13.27).  The award for most outstanding performance went to Augsburg's Carrie Lind for her meet record and NCAA automatic qualifying throw in the 20# Weight (57 feet-10.75 inches).  Also receiving top votes for most outstanding performance were Brenden's 800 and Rhonda Swanson of St. Benedict in the pole vault (10-11.75, meet record).

Gustavus thrower Aaron Smith was selected Men's MIAC Indoor Track and Field Most Outstanding Athlete for winning both the shot put (56-9.5) and 35# weight throw (57-4.75) in NCAA automatic qualifying marks.  Also receiving top votes were St. Thomas' Jeremy Heckman and St. Olaf's Mark Bresnan.  Heckman was a triple champion in the 60 (6.88, prov.), 200 (22.04, meet record) and 400 (49.85, prov.) and anchored the Tommies winning 1600 relay.  Bresnan was a double champion in the 600 yd. (1:13.85) and 800 (1:57.87) and anchored the Oles winning 3200 relay.  Smith's shot put also earned him most outstanding performance of the meet.  Also receiving top votes for most outstanding performance were Kajero Ssebbaale of Macalester for his automatic qualifying triple jump of 47-11.75 and Heckman's 200.

Meet Highlights
The MIAC Indoor Track & Field Championship was held March 5-6 at the University of Minnesota.  The Concordia Cobbers women's team took home the championship title for the second year in a row while the St. Thomas men extended their unbeaten indoor streak to 15 consecutive victories.

Central Region Coach & Athletes of the Year
  Date:  Tue, 09 Mar 1999
  From: Garrick Larson <>
USTCA Central Region Athlete of the Year Awards are a regional award given by the United States Track Coaches Association.

Not selected yet.
Men's National Athlete of the Year
Women's National Athlete of the Year
Men's National Coach of the Year
Women's National Coach of the Year

Selected Tuesday Morning, 3/9
Men's Central Region Athlete of the Year
1st Aaron Smith, Gustavus
2nd Brian Hauff, Nebraska Wesleyan
2nd Jeremy Heckman, St. Thomas
4th Miradieu Joseph, Wartburg
4th Jon Lindaman, Central
4th Cory Woods, Central
7th Josh Kath, St. Thomas

Women's Central Region Athlete of the Year
1st Heidi Brendan, Concordia
2nd Melissa Stensland, Wartburg
3rd Wendy Ellis, Loras
4th Barb Bruce, Luther
5th Andrea Baker, Nebraska Wesleyan
6th Katie Brees, Central

Men's Central Region Coach of the Year
1st Kevin Sanger, Central
2nd Ted Bulling, Nebraska Wesleyan
3rd Steve Mathre, St. Thomas
3rd Garrick Larson, Concordia

Women's Central Region Coach of the Year
1st Marcus Newsom, Wartburg
2nd Marv Roeske, Concordia
3rd Ted Bulling, Nebraska Wesleyan
4th Betsy Emerson, Luther
5th Desiree Orwig-Gremmel, Loras

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