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The Origins of the Concordia Nickname "Cobber"

The history on this issue is a little muddled. But some say that the term "Cobbers" to identify Concordia-Moorhead students grew out of a taunt early in the 20th century.

In the early 1900s the Concordia campus was, unlike today,  not quite in the city of Moorhead. Moorhead State University students, in obvious reference to the many fields of corn then surrounding the campus, apparently used to taunt Concordia students as country hicks by calling them "Cobbers."

Concordia students are not easily offended.

For better or worse, the name stuck.

We will supplement this material as more reliable sources become available.

For other versions and theories as to the origins of this name see Finn's Book |

Jim Cella, Concordia Sports Information Director, sid@cord.edu.