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 March 20, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Baseball team 2-2 after opening weekend 
Tim Hanson 
The Cobbers baseball team has a veteran team this year with six seniors, and 10 juniors. The team only lost one key player in the pitching area, and with several pitchers coming back from last  season. The team's pitching staff should be one of their strong points. 

"We also have a lot of new faces, and we have meshed together pretty good," senior co-captain Chris Ohm said. 

According to Ohm, the Cobbers' goal this year is to win the MIAC championship, and also be tops in both offense and defense in the league. "Senior Jim McCormick is back after being out last year with an injury. On defense we were statistically the best team in the league last year," head coach Bucky Burgau said. "We need to win more close games than we won last year." 

Last season the team finished 19-17 overall, and placed third in the MIAC with a conference record of 11-9. 

"We split a couple of series with teams we should have swept last year. We need to have big games this year against St. John's, St. Thomas and NDSU," Ohm said. 

The team started their season March 13th against Upper Iowa at the Metrodome. The team is 2-2 overall after the weekend of play. In the first two innings of play the defense was the focus of the game as both teams were held scoreless. In the third inning the Cobbers took a 2-1 lead. The teams were again held scoreless until the bottom of the sixth inning when Upper Iowa scored a run to tie the game going into the seventh inning. 

The Cobbers opened up the game, scoring three runs in the top of the seventh to momentarily give Concordia the lead, 5-2. In the seventh inning sophomore Marc Winjum doubled. After a walk, and a sacrificed bunt, senior Dan Geizler had a two-run double. Junior Chris Howell also contributed to the rally with a RBI double in the seventh inning. 

However, Upper Iowa also had a seventh inning rally scoring four runs against the Cobber defense. Concordia lost the first game, 6-5. The losing pitcher was junior Jay Asmus

"We just couldn't get them out in the seventh inning," Burgau said. "The pitcher fell behind in the count to some good hitters, and when you do that, it is going to be costly." 

According to Burgau the coaches learned a lot about the talents of the players on the team from that game. 

"In our first couple of games of the season it is sort of like spring training for us. The coaches are figuring out were everyone is going to be, and the players get to know each others' abilities," Ohm said. 

In the second game, it was all Upper Iowa. Concordia's defense struggled as they gave up nine runs, six of the runs came in the second inning. The Cobbers couldn't get anything going on offense as they were shutout, losing the second game, 9-0. The losing pitcher for the Cobbers was senior Marty Gray

"In the second inning we played poorly in the field, and not only did we make a couple of physical mistakes, but there were a couple of metal errors that hurt us against a good team," Burgau said. 

In the second series of the weekend, Concordia went up against Lawrence on Saturday at the Metrodome. In the second inning the Cobber offense exploded with an eight run inning. The Cobbers got another big inning, scoring seven runs in the fifth. The Cobber defense held tough against Lawrence, giving up only one run as the Cobbers won, 16-1.The winning pitcher for the Cobbers was sophomore, Craig Schwantz

"Basically, we hit the ball really well. Their pitching weren't nearly as good as the ones Upper Iowa threw at us," Burgau said. 

In the second game against Lawrence, Concordia scored one run in both the first and second innings. Concordia also got another run in the fifth inning to secure the win, 3-1. The winning pitcher was junior BJ Neiss

The Cobbers again played outstanding defense giving up only one run to Lawrence. 

While the Cobbers got their real first taste of baseball this year, it may be a while before they can play outdoors. 

"There is cabin fever on the team, everyone wants to get outside. There is nothing like the fresh grass, all the elements outside," Ohm said. "The outdoors is what baseball is all about." 

Until  they are able to play outdoors, they will have to make due with the road trips to  the Metrodome. 

"The most fun part of being on the team is being with the guys, going on the road trips with the fellows," Ohm said. 

The Cobbers are on the road again playing at the Metrodome, March 25th and 26th against Winona State and Concordia-St. Paul. 

"It's a different game on Astroturf. It's a faster game. The ground balls zip through the infield a little more then they do outdoors. It also takes away the bunting game a little bit," Burgau said. 

March 20, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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 Tennis season in full swing  
The women's tennis team captured two wins Saturday when they hosted Hamline and the University of Sioux Falls in Olson Forum, improving their overall record to 3-3. 

Freshmen Elsa Schmitt and Anna Tou, and sophomores Jenny Strunc, Lori Wagner, and Erin Pearce, all defeated their Hamline opponents in the singles sets. In doubles, Concordia swept Hamline in three games. Senior Sarah Holland teamed up with Pearce and others for the doubles sweep. Concordia won the match, 8-1. 

Concordia earned a 5-4 victory over Sioux Falls Saturday afternoon. In the singles sets, Wagner, Pearce and freshman Katie Carmine tallied wins for Concordia. 

Holland-Strunc and Pearce-Wagner won doubles sets, moving Concordia's point total to five. 

After three matches last week, the men's tennis team sits on a 2-3 record. The team suffered losses to University of Duluth, 9-0, and St. Cloud State, 2-7. but swept St. Scholastica in a 9-0 victory on Saturday. 

Senior Eric Nielsen, junior Nate Svingen, sophomores Matt Blom, Sachin Mehta, and Ben Nielsen, and freshman Bryan Howard tallied six points for Concordia in the singles sets. The teams of Blom-Svingen, B. Nielson-senior Mike Tuchscherer, and Ross Gustafson-E. Nielson earned victories for Concordia in the double's competition. 
March 20, 1998 Concordian | Cobber Sports
 | BaseballTennis | Dance 

Concordia's Dance Team shows off in Florida  
Tim Hanson 
Concordia's Dance Team sponsored a dance camp for students from kindergarten through 12th grade on March 14th to help earn money to pay back the loan from student senate which they used for their trip to the national dance team tournament in Orlando, Fla., in January. 

The dance camp was held at Oak Grove High School in north Fargo. The cost for each participant was $20, which included a T-shirt, or $16 without the T-shirt. ConcordiaUs dance team members helped to choreograph the dances that the kids worked on according to each grade level's ability. 

The theme of the dance camp was "Turn it Up," which refers to the turns that goes into a dance routine. The dance team taught the participants some basic moves from dance line. 

Ninety-five girls registered for for the camp, according to Robin Shotwell, dance team adviser, which was more than three times the number of participants that attended a dance camp held earlier this year. 

"We hope the kids had a fun experience, practiced some dance moves that they never had learned before," Shotwell said. "Some of the students were from a dance studio, so they have some experience, but most of the students didn't." 

The team has also held other fund-raisers throughout the year to try and earn money. The dance team has sold candles, and held two dance camps this year. "The fund raising process is never-ending," Shotwell said. 

The team was allotted some money for the trip from student senate, and then took out a loan for $2100 from student senate for the rest of the trip money. 

Fund raising isn't the only thing the dance team has been working on. The 12-member team had been preparing for a chance to compete in the national tournament since November. The team sent in a tape that the judges used to evaluate their performance and decide if they had qualified to go to the nationals. The team was evaluated by the judges on projection, choreography, technique and execution. 

"We started learning the dance routine about a month before we sent in the tape," Shotwell said. "We spent a lot of time learning it, running through it and making changes as needed." 

The dance team choreographed their own dances. The team selected the music they performed with, and then the team members who are interested in choreographing decided what would go into the dance they performed. 

"It was nice because we started planning earlier for the dance and fund raising," senior dance team member Kim Shotwell said. "We weren't as worried as before about that stuff and could concentrate on the competition itself." 

Concordia's dance team went to the national dance team tournament in January. This was the team's third trip in a row to the national dance team tournament. 

"It was my third year at the national tournament, so this year I was more confident than I was before," Kim Shotwell said. "I think we had the best dance of my three years here. We were more prepared than before." 

Concordia earned 13th place in the open division of the national tournament. 

"We felt really good about the tournament because St. Cloud State is our role model, and they placed fourth last year, this year they placed 12th so we were only one behind them," sophomore Rikki Schmeck said. 

The dance team competed against some Division I teams that were not part of the NCAA. According to Robin Shotwell there were about 30 teams in the competition. 

"It was a good team building experience. It gives us a lot of ideas to take home with us. The teams are big, and they usually have their own choreographer that is paid," Schmeck said.  "We make up our own dances, so it gives us a lot of ideas for future dances, and it is just cool to see what everyone else is doing around the country." 

Concordia's dance team has been struggling to gain exposure on campus the last few years. 

According to Robin Shotwell the dance team is very athletic and considers the dance team a sport. Shotwell said that at the high school level the dance team is considered a sport now, although some people might not see the dance team as a sport, but more of a extracurricular activity. 

"It's pretty nice performing at Concordia. The crowd could be a little bit more enthusiastic, however. At other places there is more crowd response," Kim Shotwell said. "I feel respect from the faculty and the administration, and some of the community respects us."