Concordia vs. Bethel, MIAC Football
Jake Christiansen Stadium
October 4, 1997

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Weather:  clear, sunny, 68 degrees., light breeze  5-10

First Half
 Concordia wins toss- deferred
Horgen to kickoff---received by Savageau at 7 returned to 20

1-10    B20   Lundeen  pass right flat to Anderson
2-4      B24   Dive left Houger
3-1      B25   Lundeen right flat to Savageau
1-10    B34   Savageau  sweep right G5
2-6      B39   Linn dive middle G6
1-10    B49   Lundeen left flat    G15
1-10    C36   Lundeen pass incomplete to Runyan
2-10    C36   Savageau dive middle G6
3-4      C30   Pitch left to Savageau  G1
4-3      C29   Lundeen right flat to Matthews complete G18
1-10    C11   Lundeen left flat to Eklund G5
2-5      C6     Dive middle by Houger G-0
3-5      C6     Lundeen incomplete

Olson kick blocked by Sannes recovered by Bethel

Concordia ball

1-10   C18   Dive left Steinbeisser G-6
2-4     C27   Pitch right Steinbeisser G-14
1-10   C41   Dive middle Steinbeisser G-0
2-10   C41   Pole option left to Steinbeisser G-12
1-10   B47   Pitch right to Ludtke G-23
1-10   B24   Steinbeisser dive right loss 1
2-11   B25   Pole keeper G-2
3-9     B23   Pole keeper dive middle G-4

            Horgen to kick fg from the 27¸No Good wide right

Bethel takes over at the 20

1-10   B20   Dive middle by Linn ÷flag on the play
1-18   B12   Dive left Houger G-10
2-8     B22   Lundeen pass to Savageau incomplete G-0
3-8     B22   Lundeen deep left to Belisle complete G-21
1-10   B43   Dive middle Houger G-48
1-Goal C9   Lundeen to Belisle deep right complete¸TOUCHDOWN

            2 point conversion ÷ Runyan to Belisle ÷GOOD

                                       Score@4:58   Bethel - 8   Concordia - 0

Olson to kickoff ---received by Ludtke from 16 returned to the 39

1-10    C39    Dive middle Crouse G-10
1-10    C49    Crouse dive middle G-9
2-1      B42    Steinbeisser dive left G-5
1-10    B36    Dive middle Crouse¸penalty
1-5      B36    Dive right Crouse G-3
2-2      B28    Steinbeisser dive middle loss of 1
3-3      B29    Pole deep right to Langemo complete G-14
1-10    B15    Dive middle Crouse G-2
2-8      B13    Pole deep middle to Nick complete G-11
1-2      B2      Dive middle Crouse---TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

                            2 point conversion  Pole to Steinbeisser incomplete

                      Score @:46  Bethel - 8      Concordia - 6

Horgen to kickoff-----received by Savageau at 11 returned to 35¸penalty

1-10     B13   Dive middle  Houger G-1

                                                                  End of  Quarter

2-9      B14    Lundeen deep left to Carlson incomplete G-0
3-9      B14    Lundeen deep left to Belisle incomplete G-0

Punt  by Bengston received by  Langemo  at 38 returned to C42

1-10   C42   Pitch left to Steinbeisser, passed to Langemo G-41
1-10   B15   Dive middle Crouse G-5
2-5     B10   Steinbeisser pitch right G-6
1-Goal B5   Dive middle  Crouse G-2
2-Goal B3   Dive middle Crouse G-2
3-goal  B1   Dive middle Crouse ---TOUCHDOWN!!!!

2 point conversion Steinbeisser dive left---failed

                        Score @  11:56  Bethel 8  Concordia 12

Horgen to kickoff ---received by Savageau at 14 returned to 22

1-10   B22   Lundeen right flat to Belisle complete G-9
2-1     B31   Dive left Houger G-2
1-10   B33   Dive middle Dickman G-14
1-10   B47   Pass intended Lundeen sacked loss of 9
2-19   B38   Lundeen screen right to Runyan complete loss 1
3-20   B37   Penalty¸offside Concordia
3-15   B42   Lundeen deep middle incomplete to Belisle G-0
Punt by Bengston ÷received y Langemo at 11 returned to 35

1-10   C35  Pitch left to Steinbeisser G-2
2-12   C33  Pole pass to Langemo incomplete
3-12   C33  Pole deep right to Rice complete G-24
1-10   B43  Dive middle Crouse G-5
2-5     B38  Pitch left Steinbeisser G-8¸penalty
1-10   B45  Dive middle Crouse G-2
2-8     B43  Pole deep left to Langemo incomplete
3-8     B43  Pole sacked loss of 9
4-17   C48  Punt by Horgen received by Holte at 8 returned to 18

Bethel ball

1-10  B18    Dive middle Savageau G-1
2-9    B19    Lundeen right flat to Runyan incomplete
3-9    B19    Dive middle Dickman G-14
1-10  B33    Lundeen right flat to Bengston complete---penalty (holding Bethel )
1-25  B17    Dive middle Dickman G-2
2-23  B19    Lundeen pass to ÷--INTERCEPTION Kragel

Concordia ball

1-10  B41  Dive left Steinbeisser G-5
2-5    B36  Dive right Crouse G-3
3-2    B33  Time out Concordia
3-2    B33  Dive left Steinbeisser G-1
4-1    B32  Dive right Steinbeisser G-0

Bethel ball

1-10  B33   Pitch left Houger G-14
1-10  B47   Dive middle Houger G-5
2-5    C49   Lundeen deep middle to Belisle incomplete
3-5    C49   Lundeen right flat to Runyan incomplete
4-5    C49   Lundeen right flat to Runyan incomplete

Concordia ball

1-10   C49  Pole right flat complete to Nick  G9
2-1     B42  Pole sacked loss of 10
3-11   C47  Pole deep middle incomplete to Langemo
4-11   C47  Horgen to punt¸received by  Midthun at 7 returned to 9

Bethel ball

1-10   B9   Dive middle  Houger

                                                              End of  Half

                                                   Score @ Half--  Bethel - 8               Concordia -  12

                                                          Second Half

Concordia ball

Olson to kickoff --- received by Langemo at 15 returned to 36

1-10     C36   Pole keeper G-6
2-4       C42   Dive middle by Crouse G-3
3-1       C45   Dive right Crouse G-5
1-10      C50  Dive left by Steinbeisser loss of 1
2-11     C49   Pole sacked loss of 6
3-17     C43   Pole deep left intended for Rice incomplete

         Horgen to punt from 43 returned to 28

1-10  B28    Lundeen deep right to Runyan G-9
2-1    B37    Lundeen pass deflected by Jasken G-0
3-1    B37    Lundeen keeper G-1
1-10  B38    Lundeen deep right to Carlson incomplete
2-10   B38   Lundeen right flat to Belisle complete G-13
1-10   C49   Dive middle Hendel G-3
2-7     C46   Lundeen left flat to Matthews complete G-10¸penalty (late hit by Concordia )
1-10   C21   Lundeen sacked loss of 10
2-20   C31   Penalty (offsides on Concordia )
2-15   C26   Lundeen sacked by Albrecht -fumble- recovered by Gilbert

Concordia ball

1-10  C33    Steinbeisser dive right G-4
2-6     C37   Time out Bethel
2-6     C37   Dive middle by Crouse G-3
3-3     C40   Steinbeisser option left G-5
1-10   C45   Pole deep right to Rice incomplete
2-10   C45   Pole right flat to Langemo complete G-6
3-4     B49   Pole sacked for a loss of  7
4-11   C44   Horgen to punt

Bethel ball

1-10   B10  Dive middle G-5
2-5     B15  Houger dive right G-4
3-1     B19  Lundeen middle flat to Belisle incomplete
4-1     B19  Bengston to punt¸received by Langemo returned to C35

Concordia ball

1-10  C35    Steinbeisser dive left ÷fumble recovered by Concordia G-17
1-10  C47    Crouse dive middle G-7
2-3    B46    Steinbeisser dive middle G-4
1-10  B42    Crouse dive middle G-3
2-7    B39    Steinbeisser option right G- 16
1-10  B23    Crouse dive middle G-14
1-Goal B9   Crouse dive middle G-3
2-Goal B6    Steinbeisser option left¸TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Horgen to attempt extra point¸GOOD!!!!

                                           Score @ 3:26  Bethel  - 8       Concordia - 19

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by Savageau at 12 returned to 23

1-10  B23   Lundeen left flat to Belisle complete G-8
2-2    B31   Lundeen right flat to Belisle incomplete
3-2    B31   Pitch left to Savageau G-5
1-10  B36   Lundeen left flat to Hendel incomplete
2-10  B36   Houger dive middle loss of 1
3-11  B35   Lundeen deep left to Bengston complete G-11
1-10  B46   Savageau dive middle G-5
2-5    C49   Lundeen keeper G-0
3-5    C49   Pitch to Houger loss of  1
4-6    C50   Bengston to punt ÷received by Ludtke

Concordia ball

1-10  B23   Steinbeisser dive middle G-2
2-8    B25   Pole keeper G-2
3-6    B27   Crouse dive right  G-3
4-3    B27   Horgen to punt received by Midthun at the 30 returned for a 70 yard TOUCHDOWN

2 point conversion - Lundeen to Belisle incomplete

                   Score @ 12:48   Bethel - 14             Concordia - 19

Olson to kickoff ÷ received by Jasken - onside kick

1-10   C41  Pole right flat to Crouse complete G-9
2-1     C50  Crouse dive middle G-7
1-10   B43   Pole sacked loss of 6
2-16   B49   Pole screen left to Steinbeisser G-15
3-1     B34   Crouse dive right G-2
1-10   B32    Crouse dive middle G-14
1-10   B18    Crouse dive middle G-0
2-10   B18    Pole keeper G-13
1-Goal B5     Steinbeisser counter middle G-0
2-Goal B5    Pole right flat to Langemo incomplete
3-Goal B5   Pole sacked loss of  8

Horgen to kick the field goal ÷GOOD

                                                  Score @ 7:26  Bethel - 14           Concordia - 22

Horgen to kickoff ÷received by Savageau at 12 returned to 30

1-10   B30   Lundeen left flat to Runyan G-7
2-3     B37   Houger dive middle G-3
1-10   B40   Lundeen pass deflected by Gronner
2-10   B40   Lundeen keeper G-0
3-10   B40   Lundeen deep middle to Belisle incomplete
4-10   B40   Bengston to punt ÷received by Langemo at 19 returned to 28

Concordia ball

1-10   C28    Crouse dive middle G-4
2-6     C32    Pitch left to Steinbeisser G-2
3-4     C34    Pole keeper G-6
1-10   C40    Crouse dive middle G-5
2-5     C45    Crouse dive right G-2
3-3     C47    Crouse dive middle G-2
4-1     C49    Time out Concordia

4-1     C49    Pole keeper G-1
1-10   C50    Crouse dive middle G-5
2-5     B45    Crouse dive left G-4
3-1     B41    Crouse dive right  G-3
1-10   B38     Pole down loss of 2
2-12   B40     Pole down  loss of 2
3-14   B42     Pole down

                                                                       End of Game

                                 Score         Bethel - 14                Concordia - 22