Concordia vs. Hamline
November 1, 1997
12:00 PM
72 degrees, no wind

First Half

Hamline wins toss and defers, Concordia to receive
Koehn to kickoff ÷ received by Ohm at the 19 yard line

1-10   C31   Steinbeisser dive left G1
2-9     C32   Pole right flat to Howell complete G13
1-10   C45   Dive middle Crouse G3
2-7     C48   Pole right flat to Steinbeisser complete G4
3-3     H48   Pole left flat to Howell incomplete
3-3     H48   Horgen to punt marked out at H23

Hamline ball

1-10    H23   Young left flat to Rasmussen incomplete
2-10    H23    Dive middle Rogosheske G-0
3-10    H23    Draw handed off to Schroeder G9
4-1      H32    Koehn to punt¸received by Langemo at C36

Concordia ball

1-10   C44    Pitch right to Steinbeisser G3
2-7     C47    Dive middle Crouse G-0
3-7     C47    Pole back to pass left flat to Rydell complete G9
1-10   H44    Dive left Steinbeisser G3
2-7     H41    Pole  deep middle to Rice complete G25
1-10   H16    Pole keeper G6
2-4     H10    Steinbeisser dive middle ---TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

Horgen to kick extra-point ÷GOOD!!!!!

                                 Score @ 8:59         Concordia ÷ 7                          Hamline ÷ 0

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by Bemmels at H10

Hamline ball

1-10   H25    Schroeder die right G4
2-6     H29    Young to pass right flat¸incomplete
3-6     H29    Draw to Hanson G1
4-3     H30    Punt by Koehn

Concordia ball

1-10   C38   Steinbeisser dive right G13
1-10   H49   Crouse dive right G1
2-9     H48   Pole keeper G11
1-10   H37   Option left to Steinbeisser G2
2-8     H35   Pole right flat to Howell G12
1-10   H23    Steinbeisser dive left G1
2-9     H22    Pole right flat to Rice incomplete
3-9     H22    Pole slant middle to Langemo G7
4-2     H15    Field goal attempt by Horgen ÷ GOOD!!!

                                   Score               Concordia ÷ 10                       Hamline ÷ 0

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by  Thompson at H23 ÷ penalty brings them back to H22

Hamline ball

1-10  H22    Rogosheske dive middle G2
2-8    H24    Dive right Schroeder G3
3-5    H27    Young left deep to Rasmussen complete G22
1-10  H49    Young right flat to Rasmussen incomplete
2-10  H49    Young right flat to Tressel  incomplete
3-10  H49    Young left flat broken up
4-10  H49    Koehn to punt¸blocked by Johnson

Concordia ball

1-10     H34    Pitch right to Steinbeisser G4
2-6       H30    Pole deep right to Rice complete G21
1-Goal  H9     Steinbeisser dive middle G1
2-Goal  H8     Pole left flat to Howell ÷TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

 Horgen to attempt extra-point¸GOOD!!!!

                             Score @ :25                         Concordia ÷ 17             Hamline ÷ 0

Horgen to kickoff ÷received by Bemmels

Hamline ball

1-10   H22    Young on the keeper G1
2-9     H23

                                                                              End of First Quarter

Hamline ball

2-9    H23   Dive left Schroeder G1
3-8    H24   Young screen pass to Hanson incomplete
4-8    H24    Punt by Koehn

Concordia ball

1-10   C41   Dive right Langemo cut back ---TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!
Horgen for extra-point attempt¸GOOD!!!

                                 Score @ 13:47                        Concordia ÷ 24                    Hamline ÷ 0

Horgen to kickoff  -- received by Bemmels brought down at the 16

Offset penalties ÷ re-kick

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by Bemmels ÷ fumble recovered by Concordia

Concordia ball

1-10    H25   Steinbeisser dive middle G4
2-6      H21   Pole left flat to Howell complete G11
1-10    H10   Steinbeisser dive right  G3
1-Goal H7    Steinbeisser blast right ÷ TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

Horgen attempts extra point¸GOOD!!!

                                     Score @ 12:01                  Concordia ÷31                          Hamline ÷0

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by Uhlenkamp at H6

Hamline ball

1-10    H17    Dive left Schroeder G3
2-7      H20    Blast right Schroeder loss of 3
3-10    H17    Young screen pass to Yankee incomplete
4-10    H17    Koehn to punt ÷ received by Langemo

Concordia ball

1-10  H45     Pitch left to Steinbeisser  loss of 1
2-11  H46     Penalty
2-16  C49     Wanless right flat to Howell complete G2
3-13   H48    Wanless deep middle to Howell complete G13
1-10   H35    Crouse dive middle  G1
2-9    H34     Wanless deep right to Steinbeisser complete G24
1-10   H10    Steinbeisser dive middle G-0
2-10   H10    Crouse dive middle G6
3-Goal H4    Crouse dive middle G2
4-Goal H2    Wanless right flat to Rydell ÷TOUCHDOWN!!

Horgen attempts the extra point¸GOOD!!!!

                       Score @ 4:54                 Concordia ÷ 38             Hamline ÷ 0

Horgen to kickoff¸received by Uhlenkamp

Hamline ball
1-10  H21    Young right flat to Tressel complete G6
2-4    H27    Dive right  Schroeder G3
3-1    H30    Dive middle Rogosheske G2
1-10   H32   Half - back pass Bemmels to Schroeder incomplete
2-10   H32   Shuffle pass to Schroeder G11
1-10   H43   Young left flat complete to Yankee  G7
2-3     H50   Young pass middle to Yankee complete G13
1-10   C37   Young left flat incomplete
2-10   C37   Young left flat to Tressel complete G14
1-10   C23   Young left flat to Yankee complete G22
1-goal C1    Dive middle  Young ÷ TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Koehn to attempt extra point-  GOOD!!!!

                             Score @ :43                      Concordia ÷ 38          Hamline ÷ 7

Koehn to kickoff ÷ received by Howell at C10

Concordia ball

1-10    C27   Blast left by Langemo G17
1-10    C44   Wanless keeper G3

                                                                         End of First Half

Horgen to kickoff ÷ received by Uhlenkamp

Hamline ball

1-10    H20   Young left flat to Tressel complete G11
1-10    H31    Schroeder blast right loss of 2
2-12    H28    Schroeder dive middle G5
3-7      H33    Young screen pass right to Rogosheske complete G11
1-10    H45    Option right to Schroeder loss of 4  -- penalty , personal foul Concordia
1-10    C44    Blast left by Hanson G3
2-7      C41    Young deep left complete to Yankee G29
1-10    C11    Blast left Swanson  loss of 2
2-12    C14    Young right flat incomplete
3-12    C14    Young right flat to Rogosheske complete G8                                              ***
4-4      C6      Young left flat incomplete

Concordia ball

1-10   C6    Dive middle Crouse G4
2-6     C10  Pole to Howell right flat G4
3-2     C14  Pole deep right to Rice complete¸TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Horgen to attempt extra point¸GOOD!!!

                                     Score @ 8:56                        Concordia¸45                            Hamline¸7

Horgen to kickoff ÷received by Bemmels at H3

Hamline ball

1-10    H21   Dive left Schroeder G4
2-6      H25   Young left flat complete to Rogosheske G5
3-1      H30   Option right to Schroeder G1
1-10    H31   Dive left Schroeder G5
2-5      H36   Young left flat to Tressel incomplete
3-5      H36   Shuffle pass to Hanson G6
1-10    H42   Young deep middle to Tressel incomplete
2-10    H42   Hanson blast right G13
1-10    C45   Young deep right complete to Folkerds  G11
1-10    C34   Young left flat complete to Tressel G12
1-10    C22   Young on the keeper G2
2-8      C20   Young left flat to Swanson complete G4
3-4      C16   Young left flat incomplete
4-4      C16   Koehn to attempt the field goal ---GOOD!!!!

                                 Score @ 3:11                    Concordia ÷45                Hamline ÷ 10

Koehn to kickoff ÷ touchback

Concordia ball

1-10   C20   Fumble ÷ recovered by Hamline

Hamline ball

1-10    C13    Schroeder dive middle G3
2-7      C10    Young to Thompson deep right incomplete
3-7      C10    Young left flat incomplete
4-7      C10    Koehn to attempt the field goal ÷ GOOD!!!!

                                            Score @ 2:02                                Concordia ÷ 45                        Hamline ÷ 13

Koehn to kickoff¸received by Howell at C17

Concordia ball

1-10   C29  Steinbeisser dive middle G1
2-9     C30  Pole right flat to Howell complete G5
3-4     C35  Pole sacked for a loss of 6
4-10   C29  Horgen to punt

                                                                                    End of Third Quarter

Concordia ball

4-10    C29   Horgen to punt
Hamline ball

1-10   H30    Young left flat to Tressel incomplete¸penalty
1-10   H45    Schroeder blast left G14
1-10   C41    Young to Schroeder left flat incomplete
2-10   C41    Young shuffle pass G3
3-7     C44    Bemmels  blast right G24
1-10   C20    Young keeper G5
2-5     C15    Pitch left to Bemmels G4
3-1     C11    Rogosheske dive middle G1-penalty
1-10   C6      Young sacked for a loss of 9
2-15   C15    Short middle pass to Schroeder G8
3-7     C7      Schroeder blast right¸fumble Concordia recovers

Concordia ball

1-10    C5     Steinbeisser blast middle G9
2-1      C14   Crouse dive right G7
1-10    C21   Ludtke blast right G9
2-1      C30   Crouse dive middle G2
1-10    C32   Steinbeisser  dive middle G3
2-7      C35   Pole keeper G5
3-2      C40   Pole right flat to Steinbeisser complete G9
1-10    C49   Ludtke dive left loss of 3
2-13    C46   Pole deep left to Rice complete G10
3-3      H44   Pole deep right to Langemo incomplete
4-4      H44   Horgen to punt ÷ blocked and brought down to C17

Hamline ball

1-10    C17    Bemmels blast right G5
2-5      C12    Bemmels dive middle G-0
3-5      C12    Rogosheske dive middle G6
1-Goal C6     Couchman keeper G5
2-Goal C1     Schroeder dive right loss of 1
3-Goal C2     Couhman keeper G1
4-Goal C1     Rogosheske dive middle ÷TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Koehn to attempt extra point ÷ deflected - no good!

                                       Score @ 2:39                      Concordia 45                                Hamline ÷ 19

Koehn to kickoff ÷ received by Howell at C17

Concordia ball

1-10    C30   Ludtke dive middle  G3
2-7      C33    Wanless keeper G2
3-5      C35    Wanless left flat to Nick incomplete
4-5      C35    Horgen to punt  -- Marked out at H38

Hamline ball

1-10   H38  Couchman pass deflected incomplete
2-10   H38   Couchman keeper loss of 2
3-12   H36   Shuffle pass to Bemmels

                                                                                  End of Game

                                        Score                          Concordia 45                           Hamline 19

1997 Concordia Football