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1973 Men's Track and Field

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“The Concordia track team is off and running as they have participated in several early season, indoor track meets.  Dennis Fritchel set a new Concordia indoor track mark in the 880-yard run with a time of 1:58.1.  Bob Seim brought down another indoor CC record as he posted a 52.9 second 440-yard dash.
“Also worth noting is that Concordia will host three indoor meets in March in the new fieldhouse.  Coach Ed Langsdorf cited that the new facility is making a tremendous difference in the track program.”

Men's Roster
Robin Foss, Larry Lenyard, John Lund, Roy Magnuson, Mark Seymour, Tim Price, Don Brummond, Dave Uhlir, Alan Johnston, Bob Johnson, Mark Johnson, Charlie Hammer, Dave Sundby, John Theigpen, Bill Sorenson, Bob Fabian, Gary Johnson, Daryl Kosiak, Bob Heckert, Dave Maggitt, Dennis Frichtel, Terry Asp, Bob Seim, Phil Dregger, Ed Deutschman, John Tunheim, and Don Wamsley

Men's Schedule
Results of the track season were:
Concordia  36  NDSU   91
Moorhead State Invitational: 3rd place out of 4 teams
Triangular at Concordia: 1st place out of 3 teams
Triangular at Concordia: 2nd place out of 3 teams
City of Moorhead: Concordia - 22, MSC - 104
Triangular at Concordia:  2nd place out of 3 teams
NDSSS Invitational:  2nd place out of 4 teams
 Bethel-Mac Relays: 3rd place out of 7 teams
Northern Triangular: 4th place out of 4 teams

MIAC Championships