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1972 Cobber Volleyball

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The members of the Women's Varsity Volleyball Team enjoyed a very successful season this year. They participated in district, regional, and state tournaments throughout the state, and enjoyed success at all levels.

Concordia Volleyball Roster

Nancy Vick, Sharon Bisch, Sondra Unkenhoiz, Mavis Gronneberg, Sharon Hovi, Diane Myhre, Jocelyn Smith, Suzanne Huffmon, Barb Jacobsen Vicki Edwall, Diane Goldenstein, Debbie Klongerbo, Laurel Ahrlin, Naomi Thompsen, Joy Lindh, Barb Nelson, Manager Laura Nyquist.

Coach Esther Cook, Assistant Coach Wayne Hnyduik,


1972 Women's Volleyball

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