Expectations of Running Cobber Basketball Players

"You can think of these as rules or you can think of these as suggestions. We think you'll do much better in our program if you think of them as rules."

Coach Duane Siverson

Coaches' Goals for You

-Get a valuable education and Degree

-Become a better and wiser person

-Build friendship for a lifetime

-Teach you the road to success

-Teach you the game

The Game in your Life

-Keep priorities in order

-Be a student of the game

-Conduct yourself with honor, dignity, humility, and Graciousness

-Work hard

-Avoid people and situations that can keep you from achieving your goals

We want Fans to Say Our Team is:

-Smart, unselfish, hard working, relentless, well conditioned, good sportsmen, good students, good citizens, respectful of teammates, officials, coaches, and opponents, focused, hard to distract, and fun to watch.

Individual Awards

-All will star if team succeeds

-None will star if team fails

Take Care of your Body and Mind

-Eat well

-Sleep well

-Keep lifting weights

-Drink lots of water

-Take vitamins

-Avoid alcohol and other drugs

-Treat injuries early and properly

-Ice bruises and sprains

Respect your Teammates

-Don't Embarrass them

-Don't hurt them

-Don't criticize them

-Be positive

-Appreciate each person's role

-Get to know them

-Involve them in your off court life

Dealing with Coaching Staff

-Talk with us about concerns

-Assume we know what we're doing

-Understand your role on the team

-Don't let us hear negative stuff from others before we hear it from you

-Ask questions

-Don't challenge our authority in front of team

-We'll try not to embarrass you in front of the team

Your Classes

-Don't miss

-Turn in your work before team trips

-Take tests before team trips

-Tell teachers your schedule

-You can't miss class for practice

-Don't get behind early in semester

-Budget your time

-You don't have time to party

-Get tutors before problems arise

-Know eligibility rules

-You're here to graduate

Pursuing a Title

-Win the next game

-We need everyone

-Know your role

-Learn from losses

-Learn from wins

-Good teams play as well on the road as they do at home

-All courts are the same size

-Keep your eye on the prize

-Ignore the refs

-Ignore the distractions

-Take no opponent lightly

-Trust your coaches

-Keep working to improve

-Learn from teammates

Game Goals

-Work hard

-Play smart & together

-75% FT%

-+10 rebound margin

-9 turnovers

-55% FG%

-20 assists

-Cause 20 turnovers

-Avoid foul trouble

-Execute down the stretch

-Control first 6 minutes each half

Practice Tips

-Be on time


-Positive with teammates

-Respectful of teammates


-Hard working


-Ready to give your best

-Ready to improve each day

-Tell coaches early if you'll be late

-Never hurt a another player

-Accept responsibility for mistakes

-Don't complain about officiating

-Learn from criticism

-Don't let down

-Don't pout after mistakes

-Know your assignments

-Know the plays

Playing Time in Games

-We wish we had more

-Practice determines your minutes

-Know your role

-Go hard and smart and get out

-Be ready when its time to play

-Be in shape

-Tell us when you need a rest

-Your production in games matters

Decreasing Your Playing Time

-Being late for practice

-Missing class

-Bad behavior on or off the court

-Turning the ball over

-Taking bad shots

-Not working on "D"

-Playing dumb

-Playing selfishly

-Not knowing your assignments

You Won't get Playing Time Based On

-Your reputation

-Your age

-Who your parents are

-Parental pressure

-Who your high school coach is

-Where you live

Your Equipment

-Treat it with respect

-Make it last

-Let shoes dry each night

-Lock your locker

-Check your bag before every trip

-Show respect for people in the equipment room

-Don't wear dirty socks

-Get shoes that fit

Advice to Freshman

-Go to class - you'll get smarter

-Lift weights - you'll get stronger

-Be patient - you'll get wiser

-Pay Attention - Your chance is coming

Positions - Terminology

1 - Point Guard

2 - Shooting Guard

3 - Small Forward

4 - Power Forward

5 - Center/Post

How to lead the league in rebound margin

-Rebounding is 2nd in importance after defense as key to success

-90% heart, 10% athletic skill

-Meet at the ball

-Box out opponent

-Touch, box out, and go get the ball

-Try to box out to form triangle in front of basket

-The ball most often comes off on the side opposite where it's shot from

-Elbows out, hands up, feet wide

-Never stare at shot in the air

-All 5 go to the boards

-Person guarding shooter yells "Shot"

Defensive Rebounding

-No fast break until we get rebound

-Assume all shots will miss

-Move your feet, don't foul

Offensive Boards

-Point is back, other 4 on boards

-Assume all shots will miss

-2 guard is back if pt guard is in lane

-Keep moving without the ball on "O"

-Being hard to locate means you're hard to box out

Defensive Ethics and Goals

-90% is effort 10% skill

-Its team defense

-Each possession is a mini game

-Goal is to give one contested perimeter shot

-Deny penetration on dribble or pass

-Lead league in rebound margin

-Play "D" or don't play at all

-"D" keeps us in every game

-When "O" goes bad play harder "D"

-"D" triggers our break and easy baskets

-Put them through 40 min. of hell

-Gear up intensity on "D" gear down on "O"

-Don't foul jump shooters

-Don't get in spots where you're tempted to foul

Defensive Priorities

General Rules


-Stop their break

-Keep ball out of lane area

-Move feet

-Don't clutch and grab

-Deny penetration

-Bother passers

-Stay closer to ball than your man

-Don't foul jump shooters

-Allow no second shots

Defensive stance

-Feet wide

-Knees bent

-Butt down

-Back straight

-Elbows out

-Hands active

Transition to Defense

-Locate your person

-Protect basket first

-Talk to get everyone covered

-Stop the ball on perimeter

-Do not try to steal ball from dribbler in transition

-Its more important to get people covered than to find your man

Guarding the Ball - General

-Don't hand check

-Stay in defensive stance

-Be between your man and basket

-Feet square

-Stop penetration

-Contest all passes in and all shots

-Don't let him stand and stare

-Allow only passes out & lob passes

-Keep eyes and head moving

-Don't gamble to steal ball

-Trace the ball with your hands

Guarding Dribbler

-Watch his waist

-Deny penetration

-Stay between man and basket

-Steer him away from picks

-Keep hands active

-Make him pick it up and become "dead"

Guarding Dead Ball

-Close out low & close

-Deny his vision and any pass in

-Scream dead

-Don't foul

"D" - Your Guy Catches Ball

-Close out low and under control

-Get in defensive stance

If your Guy Shoots

-Yell "Shot" to warn teammates

-Contest the shot with hand up

-Don't leave ground for shot fakes

-Don't foul a jump shooter

-Touch his chest

-Turn and put butt in his waist

-Go get the rebound

If your Guy Passes

-Immediately take AT LEAST one step to where he passed the ball

-Get in defensive stance

-Don't let him beat you to ball

Defense off the Ball

-Be at least one step closer to the ball than your man

-Deny ball to man in post

-In post area

- high half front if ball above FTL - low half front if ball below FTL

-Butt is toward ball

-Deny reversing pass

Offensive Rules and Goals

-Gear down on "O" - Gear up on "D"

-Get lay ups

-Lead league in FG%

-Get it inside first

-We can get perimeter shots later

-Know your role

-Take only good shots

-Don't turn it over

-Make them work on "D" more than us

-There are no one-on-one contests

-Dunk if you can (But if you try to dunk in a critical situation it better go in)

-Go hard to the basket

-Practice freethrows or you'll get pounded every night

-Lead league in team assists

-Make opponents and fans marvel at your unselfishness

-Make the extra pass to get the easy shot

-Know your assignments

Dribbling in our Offense


-There is no 5 second count

-Look to pass before dribbling

-Go toward the basket

-Draw a second defender

-Pass before second defender traps

-Keep head up and see the floor

-Dribble back out of trouble

-Don't pick up dribble until you have a pass to make

-Protect ball with non-dribbling hand

-Dribble low

-Have a low quick crossover

-Get good with both hands

How we Lead League in FG%

-Practice freethrows so they won't foul

-Get layups in transition

-Take good shots in post area

-Get easy putbacks

-Setting good hard, clean picks

-Make "D" work hard and get tired

-Execute well on out of bounds play s

-Execute well in half court

-Execute well at crunch time


-fake a pass to make a pass

-Become a good passer

-Don't turn it over

-Don't telegraph passes

-Look inside first

-Use convincing pass fakes

-Use convincing shot fakes

-Reverse the ball

-Pass crisply

-Use bounce passes

-Look to pass before dribbling

Starting the Break off a Defensive Rebound

-Don't celebrate a rebound

-Turn away from basket to make outlet

-Point guard gets outlet wide

-Others fill lanes wide

-Rebounder trails

-Yell your lanes right or left

-Get ball ahead

Inbounder Rules

-Ask ref for a verbal 5 count

-Don't travel

-Call time out at 4 count

-Know how many time outs we have

Don't lean into endline

Dribbling in transition

-A pass ahead is better

-Don't cross half court near sideline

-Don't dribble all the way into traps

In the fast break

-Keep lanes wide

-Yell lanes

-Get ball ahead

-Keep 18 feet apart in lanes

Together we will grow and succeed

Men's Basketball

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