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March 29, 1996

Cobber's Ohm recounts spring trip

by Aaron Boll

Guest sports writer

Throughout a baseball season, players often experience those good old days in which they enter the zone. While in this baseball nirvana, batters are able to hit anything thrown to them, and pitchers throw strikes as if they‚re overworked and underpaid union workers.

However, baseball players also have to endure those nasty days when walking and chewing gum at the same time becomes a difficult task. Concordia sophomore Chris Ohm didn‚t have any problems with moving his cleats and chewing Bazooka Joe in a recent trip that the Cobber baseball team made to California.

„I don‚t know, I guess I did all right during the trip,š said Ohm. „Although, I would have traded some of my hits for wins any day.š

Ohm had plenty of hits to trade with to improve on the Cobbers‚ 1-6 road trip record. In the seven games, he saw playing time in a victory against University of Wisconsin-La Cross and six tough losses to California teams. He had eight hits during the trip and showed good discipline at the plate, reaching the base paths on several walks.

Gifted with 4.7 speed, Ohm started five games in the outfield chasing down those long fly balls. Ohm, taking advantage of his speed, hit an inside-the-park home run against Clairmont, Calif.

Ohm, however, wasn‚t the only Cobber to contribute to the team. Juniors Randy Razidlo and Greg Salvevold helped out at the plate, scoring several base runners while junior Jim McCormick came in to pitch a good game to receive the lone win against UW-La Crosse.

Ohm‚s frustration about losing to the California teams peaked when he was heckled out in the outfield.

„I was out playing left field against Redlands, Calif.,š said Ohm. „At this point we were down by 19 runs. All of a sudden, a couple of kids behind the fence yelled at me, „Hey you! Why don‚t you guys take off your skirts and play some ball!‚ Man, I got a little ticked then.š

It must have been one of those days when the Nikes and Trident gum didn‚t get along.

„Obviously, our lack of game experience hurt us on our trip,š said Ohm about the six losses. „We‚ll be just as good as those California teams when we have the 20 or more games that they have under their belts. I think we‚ll be even better.š

Now that the Cobber baseball team is back from their trip to sunny California, Ohm and his teammates have to re-adjust to practicing indoors in the Olson Forum and watch the snow covering the baseball diamond slowly melt.

„It‚s something that you just have to deal with,š said Ohm. „I‚m actually glad to be back. I‚ve got a lot of catching up to do for my classes.š

Ohm hopes to continue his hot streak throughout the season. The first outdoor game is scheduled for today, at Valley City State. Tomorrow the Cobs are to host University of Minnesota-Morris. However, these games will likely be victims of the winter storm that occurred last weekend.

Following the spring season, which lasts through May, Ohm isn‚t planning on a vacation from baseball. He‚s looking forward to play for Wahpeton‚s amateur town team throughout the summer.

Ohm loves the game of baseball so much that he can‚t imagine his life without it.

„Life without baseball is like eggs without salt,š said Ohm. „You just don‚t do it.š

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