1996 NCAA Women's Divisions II and III Golf Championship Results

Division III Methodist rallies for title: Monarchs win first combined II and III golf championships

Division III was a stroke better than Division II at the inaugural Divisions II and III Women's Golf Championships May 14-17 at The Meadows Golf Course in Allendale, Michigan.

Four Methodist golfers posted final rounds in the 70s and helped the Monarchs stage a dramatic one-stroke victory over Rollins in the team championship.

Methodist's final-round 313 was the best in the nine-team field during the four-day event and was five strokes better than Rollins' final-round total.

Rollins entered the last round with a four-shot lead, but Methodist's Ana Rodriguez fired a final-round 77 to lead the Monarch charge. Ironically, Rodriguez, the last Methodist golfer on the course, double-bogeyed the 18th hole after scoring birdies on the previous three holes. She hit her second shot in the water on the final hole, found the green with her fourth shot and was able to two-putt from 40 feet to clinch Methodist's victory.

"We felt coming into the last round that if we played our normal game we could make up ground and then some," said Methodist's first-year coach, Karen Gray. "They carried out their game plan all the way through to the last putt."

Tracey Gage added a final-round 78 for the Monarchs, while Jennifer Cieslak and Diane Gladstone each shot 79.

"This was a difficult golf course," Gray said. "The course was challenging and the weather was extreme for a couple of days, but every one of our players contributed. Every day, someone came through for us."

Methodist and Rollins came in as pretournament favorites and battled each other from start to finish, moving away early from the rest of the field. Methodist led by 11 strokes after the first round, but Rollins was 12 shots better than the Monarchs on the second day to forge a one-stroke advantage.

Simpson, the tournament's third-place finisher, finished 38 strokes back. Florida Southern finished fourth, 27 strokes behind Simpson.

Shanna Nagy of Florida Southern won the individual title with back-to-back rounds of 76 during the last two days of competition. Her 313 total was two shots better than Rollins' Jennifer Tollette, who had led the tournament through three rounds.

Tina Peek of Winona State tied Methodist's Rodriguez for third at 318, and Leah Willenborg of Simpson placed fifth at 319.


1. Methodist, 319-329-325-313--1,286; 2. Rollins, 330-317-322-318--1,287; 3. Simpson, 340-342-319-324--1,325; 4. Fla. Southern, 338-356-336-332--1,362; 5. Hardin-Simmons, 341-362-326-354--1,383; 6. Concordia-M'head, 351-346-345-344--1,386; 7. South Dak. St., 356-361-349-337--1,403; 8. Northeast Mo. St., 364-362-354-335--1,415; 9. Franklin, 372-361-348-351--1,432.


1. Shanna Nagy, Fla. Southern, 77-84-76-76--313; 2. Jennifer Tollette, Rollins, 77-75-83-80--315; 3. (tie) Tina Peek, Winona St., 79-82-81-76--318; and Ana Rodriguez, Methodist, 83-81-77-77--318; 5. Leah Willenborg, Simpson, 80-87-75-77--319; 6. (tie) Linda Dulude-Bishop, Hardin-Simmons, 78-85-77-80--320; and Cherie Hansen, Rollins, 82-78-81-79--320; 8. Tracey Gage, Methodist, 78-82-83-78--321; 9. Shruti Khanna, Rollins, 84-80-80-78--322; 10. Jennifer Cieslak, Methodist, 78-83-84-79--324.

11. Michelle Jahren, Methodist, 80-83-82-81--326; 12. Carin Skold, Buena Vista, 80-82-83-82--327; 13. Kari Walrath, Concordia-M'head, 79-84-83-83--329; 14. Karla Roberson, Longwood, 84-84-81-81--330; 15. (tie) Kristen Hommel, Fla. Southern, 85-81-81-84--331; and Sara Stulken, South Dak. St., 83-85-84-79--331; 17. (tie) Rebecca Fly, Mesa St., 89-86-75-83--333; and Jenny Jones, Simpson, 84-89-80-80--333; 19. (tie) Sarah Penfield, Concordia-M'head, 85-80-89-83--337; and Tracey Voss, Simpson, 89-82-81-85--337.

21. (tie) Tara Rice, Northeast Mo. St., 88-83-84-83--338; and Sherry Thompson, Buena Vista, 83-84-89-82--338; 23. Julie Bush, Luther, 85-86-87-81--339; 24. Kathryn Cypherd, Rollins, 87-84-81-89--341; 25. (tie) Diane Gladstone, Methodist, 90-90-83-79--342; and Kerrie Milligan, DePauw, 81-85-87-89--342; 27. Jenny VanDeWoestyne, Central (Iowa), 83-86-86-88--343; 28. Lynsey Tucker, Rollins, 88-95-80-81--344; 29. Jamie Bensink, Central (Iowa), 83-91-83-88--345; 30. Amy Miller, Simpson, 87-90-88-82--347.

31. Carrie Wood, Franklin, 88-93-83-84--348; 32. Carol Brooks, Mankato St., 96-85-82-86--349; 33. (tie) Tera Deckard, Indianapolis, 86-94-81-89--350; and Emily Limbaugh, Hardin-Simmons, 85-87-86-92--350; 35. Amy Ament, Ferris St., 90-91-83-87--351; 36. (tie) Tiffany Felde, Knox, 91-91-89-82--353; and Amy Lewis, South Dak. St., 87-94-88-84--353; 38. (tie) Amber Chevrie, Hardin-Simmons, 87-99-80-88--354; and Kristen Kennedy, Ferris St., 95-89-87-83--354; 40. Johanna Schnoor, Simpson, 100-84-83-88--355.

41. (tie) Jaime Geer, Northeast Mo. St., 92-96-89-79--356; and Kara Rieman, Luther, 93-96-85-82--356; 43. Jennifer Pitt, South Dak. St., 95-84-83-95--357; 44. (tie) Dessa Gemar, Hardin-Simmons, 91-91-83-94--359; Andrea Kosa, Fla. Southern, 86-95-91-87--359; Nikki Mussoline, Fla. Southern, 90-96-88-85--359; and Tara Taylor, Franklin, 90-84-96-89--359; 48. (tie) Jenny Dick, Concordia-M'head, 97-94-85-85--361; Krista Genrich, Gust. Adolphus, 93-90-85-93--361; and Erin Stukart, Northeast Mo. St., 94-88-94-85--361.

  1. (tie) Susan Bean, Franklin, 103-89-84-89--365; and Merek Guy, Northeast Mo. St., 95-95-87-88--365; 53. (tie) Kristen Hanson, Concordia-M'head, 94-91-88-94--367; and Kelly Scribner, Franklin, 91-97-90-89--367; 55. Rachel Abbott, Longwood, 96-91-91-90--368; 56. Jennifer Harms, Concordia-M'head, 93-91-92-93--369; 57. Sage Robinson, South Dak. St., 93-104-94-83--374; 58. (tie) Jenny Chandler, South Dak. St., 93-98-94-91--376; and Elizabeth Cunningham, Mount Holyoke, 94-109-91-82--376; 60. Elisabet Somer, Franklin, 110-95-91-89--385. 61. Kirtana Biddapa, Mount Holyoke, 95-96-90-106--387; 62. (tie) Rachel Cottingham, Northeast Mo. St., 90-109-94-101--394; and Corrie Schluze, Hardin-Simmons, 96-107-91-100--394.

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