Richard Lembcke
Height: 6-1
Hometown: Donnelly, Minn.
High School: Morris Area H.S. ('06)
Major: Math Education


Personal: All-Conference in track..lettered in football and track...son of Fred and Johnnie Lembcke...hobbies include UF, "chillin'", watching great movies, running, and eating ramen. 

Why did you choose to come to Concordia? “Feels like home and the people are awesome."


Nickname: Jimmi

Place I would most like to visit: Michigan

Favorite food: Ramen, pizza, chiles

Favorite movies: Boondock Saints, Rainman, What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Favorite TV Show: Chapelle's Show, ATHF, Bleach

Favorite musical groups: ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, POS

Favorite book: Home Before Morning, Outsiders, Art of War

The three people I would most like to meet: Andrew Raske, Ladamian Tomlinson, Rob Bruce

Nobody knows how much I like to: Paint my face

The biggest influence on my track and field career: Chris Esterling and Andrew Raske

If I were to play another sports, it would be: Hockey

My dream job is: Teaching (professor, high school, pastor)