Katherine Brott
Height: 5-6
Hometown: Deer Lodge, MT
High School: Powell Country HS
Major: Exercise Science


Personal: Letter winner in volleyball,basketball and track ...Placed in the 5 five at state track junior and senior year for the Javelin...daughter of Gwen and Joe...hobbies include eating, outdoors, sleeping and 4 wheeling

Why did you choose to come to Concordia? "I really liked the family atmosphere and the friends I've made."

                                       The BROTT FILE

Nickname: Kat, Boot, Brottwurst

One word that best describes me: Shazam!

Where would you go if you could spend one week anywhere in the world: Ireland

Favorite food: Steamed vegetables, anything Kashi

Favorite restaurant: Granite City

Favorite movie: Enchanted

Favorite TV show: Ace of Cakes, Unwrapped, Jon and Kate plus 8

Favorite musical groups: Chris Tomlin

Favorite book: Night

Favorite holiday: National Free Hug Day!

One thing I can't live without: The love of my friends and family, my faith

What is the best gift you ever received: The breath of life- Thanks mom

The best class ever taken at Concordia: Weight lifting with Coach B

The three people I would most like to meet: JJ Reddick, Jesus, Duff (from Ace of Cakes)

Biggest influence on my athletic career: Baby Jesus!

Greatest personal sports moment: Competing at Nationals freshman year

If I were to play another sport it would be: Bull riding

Favorite pro sports team: Atlanta Braves

My dream job is: Athletic trainer for Duke or Boston Celtics

Before each game I: spend hours in the training room

What is your greatest fear: Snakes!

What was the first CD you ever owned: The soundtrack to Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Skydive

The best thing about Fargo Moorhead is: Sarah Peterson

The summer I: Had surgery

Favorite Coach Roeske quote: "Throwing isn't a romance, it's an action flick!