Adva Aharonovich
Events: Breaststroke/Freestyle
Height: 5-4
Hometown: Kiryat-Bialik, Israel
High School: Ort Kiryat-Bialik ('05)
Major: Computer Science


Personal: Honor from the Israeli Air Force for working in the fitness department...excellency in Academics 2002-2005...excellency in swimming instructor course, Wingate Institue …daughter of Rachel and Michael …hobbies include playing piano, dancing, travelling around the world, hiking

Why did you choose to come to Concordia? ”Nice liberal art college that welcomes international students and help them financially and also the swimming team.”


Nickname: Gadrila, Advatit, Advi

Favorite food: Cakes, Shritzel, Humas

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite movies: Kill Bill 1&2

Favorite TV show: Prison Break

Favorite musical groups: Coldplay, Bob Marley

Favorite Book: Gaisha

Favorite Holiday: "Shavuot", passover

One thing I can't live with out: Ray

What is the best gift you ever received: My Ray Ban Sunglasses

Best class ever taken at Concordia: Calc I

The 3 people I would most like to meet: Gilad Shalif, Grandmother Yehudit, my grandfather Karl

Biggest influence on my athletic career: Valeri- first coach

Greatest personal sports moment: Get out of the pool after 60x100 satisfied, happy and alive!

If I were to play another sport, it would be: Gymnastics

Favorite pro sports team: Macabbi Haifa Soccer

My dream job is: Working in a big firm in NY

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is: I served in the Israeli Air Force Army for two years after my high school years as a fitness instructor

Before each meet I: relax and focus, imagine the race

What is your greatest fear? To be sprayed by a skunk

What was the first CD you ever owned? WOW I

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Bungee jumping

If I could be on any TV reality show it would be: Survivor

The best thing about Fargo-Moorhead is: "Oh yeah, you betch-ya!"

This summer I: Had an amazing time with my family and friends at home

Favorite part of practice or game day: actual race

Favorite cartoon character: Silvester

If I were president,the first thing I would do is: Health reform

Favorite Coach Lucier quote: "focus, kick, focus, kick"