2007-08 Video Highlights

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2006-07 Video Highlight Page

Women's Basketball Highlights

February 23, 2008 vs. St. Mary's

- Jenna Freudenberg Finishes Off the Fast Break

- Brittany Jossart Running Jumper

- Ashley King Dribble and Jump Shot

- Melanie Hageman Finishes Inside the Paint

- Lindsey Schultz 3-Point Basket

- Anna Matetich Drive and Jumper

- Erica Nord Steal and Layup

- Maggie Bauernfiend Finishes Off the Fast Break

- Sara Sorbo Driving Layup

- Ashley Grabowski Move in the Paint and 1

January 19, 2008 vs. Augsburg

- Jenna Freudenberg Shot Fake and Drive

- Ashley King Rebound and Layup

- Melanie Hageman Drive Off Of Freudenberg Pass

- Lindsey Schultz Rebound and Layup

- Anna Matetich 3-Point Basket

- Erica Nord Steal, Layup and 1

- Maggie Bauernfiend 3-Point Basket

- Sara Sorbo Steal and Coast-To-Coast Layup

January 5, 2008 vs. Macalester

- Kaitlynn Gottenborg Drive and Layup

- Melanie Hageman Pick and Roll For Layup

- Erica Nord Scraps For Loose Ball and Layup

- Maggie Bauernfiend 3-Point Basket

December 8, 2007 vs. St. Kate's

- Jenna Freudenberg Basket in the Paint

- Kaitlynn Gottenborg Drive and Layup

- Melanie Hageman and 1

- Sara Sorbo Goes Coast to Coast