Ben Presler
Weight Class: 125
Height: 5-7
Hometown: Royalton, Minn.
High School: Royalton H.S. ('08)
Major: Biology


Personal: Top 5 in class, NHS...HS letterA winner in cross country, wrestling and baseball …son of Kevin and Rose Presler…hobbies include sports and friends.

Why did you choose to come to Concordia? “Good school, good education, wrestling.”


Nickname: Benny

One word that best describes me: Dedicated

Place I would most like to visit: Rome

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Favortie restaurant: Applebee's

Favorite movies: For Love of the Game

Favorite TV show: Sportscenter

Favorite music group: Creed

Favorite book: 7th Harry Potter

Favorite holiday: Easter

One thing I can't live without: DS

What is the best gift you ever received: First Wrestling shoes

The three people I would most like to meet: Kirby Puckett, Jesus, Dan Gable

Favorite cartoon character and why: Sonic because he's so fast

Favorite Coach Nagle quote: "Keep your "pajoggin" down!"

The biggest influence on my wrestling career: My dad

Greatest personal sports moment: Winning 1st varsity tourney

If I were to play another sport, it would be: Baseball

Favorite pro sports team: Minnesota Twins

My dream job is: High school wrestling coach that gets paid $150,000

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is: 2007 All-state tournament MVP for baseball

Before each match I: Pray

What was the first CD you ever owned? Smashmouth

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Be a state or national champ coaching or competing

If I could be on any TV reality show it would be: The Real World
The best thing about Fargo-Moorhead is: Not the wind