2008 Cobber Women's Soccer Trip To Brazil


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Brazil Photo Gallery 1

June 18
DAEE Training Complex in Salesopolis, Brazil includes: dorms, practice field and picts of first training session with Brazilian boys' team

Brazil Photo Gallery 2

June 19
This set is at the Salesopolis Futsal Center - June 19th. We played futsal with Brazilain boys (junior high and high school). The picture with our four girls celebrating on the field was after scoring on the boys. There was big group of younger boys watching that would cheer like mad whenever one our girls scored or stuck a Brazilian guy. Great atmosphere. One of the Brazilian kids is showing a St Paul Blackhawks t-shirt. He got it as a gift - funny. The pict with the Brazilian lady is when we donated shoes, balls, equipment and jerseys to their program.

Brazil Photo Gallery 3

June 20
We bought, planted and donated trees at a local environmental center.

Brazil Photo Gallery 4

June 21
Trip to Sao Paulo -
City pict of Mogi - on the way to Sao Paulo - Picts of Sao Paulo FC game - Surprise birthday cake for Britt Mayer at Dinner.

Brazil Photo Gallery 5

June 22
First game against Sao Caneteno FC

Brazil Photo Gallery 6

June 23
Game vs Brazilian University at our home field. Futsal games against same team. Oh yes, the coaches played too.

Brazil Photo Gallery 7

June 24
Game vs Jundai FC at our home field. We called the game "The Friendship Cup"

Brazil Photo Gallery 8

June 25
Trip to Santos, Brazil

- Buying Santos jerseys with Pele signatures

- Beach in Santos

- Santos FC futsal court

- Game against Santos FC - they won the 2007 Brazilian Cup and had 6 national team players on the squad - game played on Santos training grounds

- Pele Musuem -- it's attached to the Santos FC Stadium

Brazil Photo Gallery 9

June 26-28

Pictures from Rio

- Matt Stucke on the top of our hotel

- Copacabana Beach picts

- On the way up and on top of Sugar Loaf

- Visited Christ

- Game vs Team Chicago (Rio)

- Maracana Stadium

- Vasco de Game Pro Game

Brazil Photo Gallery 10

June 28

Ilha Grande - island off the coast of Angra do Reis

- Scuba Diving and laying around