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 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Men's hockey wins twice, clinches home ice
Kim Thronson, The Concordian

        The Concordia men's hockey team swept St. John's last weekend to clinch first round home play in the MIAC playoffs, and can finish no worse than second in the conference regular season.

        Concordia, now 11-2-1 in the MIAC and 15-4-2 overall, beat St. John's, 4-3 and 9-3.

        "It was an important weekend because of the playoff implications," junior Mike Gast said.

        Even though the Cobbers have reached playoffs, they still have some goals they want to achieve.

        "We want to win the rest of our games," Gast said. "We need to make sure we play 60 minutes and nothing less than that."

        Nine different players entered the scoring column for the Cobbers, led by sophomore Brady Burgess who had three goals and an assist, and senior Derek Selch who added two goals and two assists. Junior goalie Bryan Howard added 52 saves.

        The Cobbers have only four games left before the playoffs, and will rely on their teamwork to carry them through the rest of the season. "Everyone gets along," Gast said. "Team chemistry is definitely one of our strong points."

        Concordia will play at Gustavus this weekend in their last conference tilt. They play tonight at 7 p.m. and tomorrow at 2 p.m

| 1999-2000 Cobber Men's Basketball
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Men's basketball loses three, drops in MIAC
Kara Murray, The Concordian

        The Concordia men's basketball team dropped three consecutive games in MIAC play this past week. The losses leave Concordia with a 7-9 record in the MIAC and a 9-11 record overall.

        The losses make things difficult for the Cobbers as the end of the season nears.

        "It puts us in a tough position," senior guard Greg North said. "We are in 7th, under five teams fighting for 4th position."

        Last Wednesday, Concordia fell 73-67 to Macalester at home. Concordia managed stayed close throughout the game. They dropped back a little at half-time trailing 31-37, but managed to come back and tie up the lead at 43. After a short-lived lead, the Cobbers fell behind for good.

        Although the Cobbers could boast having sophomore center Jeff Ubben, junior guard Nick Killoran, and sophomore forward Mike Syverson all in double digits in scoring, one of Macalester's players turned in a phenomenal 31 points and another player broke into double figures. 

        Saturday afternoon the men lost again, this time 69-43 in a match up at Bethel. Concordia trailed most of the game. Bethel held the lead at half-time 28-20 and would not relinquish it for the remainder of the game.

        Senior guard/forward Joe Ford led the Cobbers with nine points and Ubben contributed six points and eight rebounds. Bethel showed off three players with ten points. 

        "When we play as a team, we are successful," North said. "When we don't, then we have a game like the one against Bethel."

        Concordia rebounded slightly, however, dropping an exciting 66-59 game to St. Thomas Monday night. The Tommies started the game quickly, building and 11-0 lead. They held this lead through the first half, going into the locker room with a 38-28 lead. Concordia rallied with a 14-3 run late in the game to grab a 57-54 lead with just under five minutes to play. The teams continued to scrap, but St. Thomas clinched the win with  key baskets in clutch situations. 

        For the Cobbers, Ford had a game-high 19 points and junior guard Garrett Greterman contributed nine points and seven rebounds.

        Tomorrow, the Cobbers host St. Olaf in their final home game of the season.  Tip off is scheduled for 3 p.m.

| 1999-2000 Women's Hockey
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Women's hockey 
Sophia Tareen, Staff Writer

No Women's hockey story this week.

| 1999 Cobber Wrestling
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Wrestlers bounce back against Jamestown
Laura Walters, The Concordian

        After a rough 48-0 loss to cross-town rival Moorhead State on February 2nd, the Concordia wrestling team bounced back this past Tuesday at the Jamestown Duals in Jamestown, ND.  Although the Cobbers lost to Jamestown by a close score of 24-30, the four wrestlers who competed for the Cobbers turned in strong individual efforts.

    Taking to the mat for Concordia was a class of sophomores that included Rory Olson, Ryan Smith and Zack Schroeder.  Also wrestling for Concordia was freshman Brent Long.  In addition, there were three Cobber wrestlers who did not get a chance to show their stuff due to forfeits by the other team.

    Of the four matches the Cobbers wrestled in, Schroeder's contest against Jamestown's Eric Grunde was possibly the most impressive as he ended up pinning Grunde in 2:02.  Also worth mentioning are Olson's and Smith's matches, both of which were lost by only a couple of points.

    "They had some tough wrestlers, and I just don't think we were up to par, but I do think it was a dual meet to learn from.  Hopefully it'll help us get more mentally prepared for the MIAC's which are coming up in a couple weeks," Olson commented, describing his feelings about the Jamestown meet. 

    The MIAC tournament will take place here at Concordia on Saturday, February 26th.  The Cobbers' next competition is tomorrow at the St. John's Duals. Wrestlers are scheduled to take center ring starting at 10 a.m.

| 1999-2000 Cobber Women's Basketball
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Women's basketball  slim shot for playoffs 
St. Thomas loss outweighs two earlier wins
Kara Murray, The Concordian

        The Concordia women's basketball team was back on their game with two wins in the past week, but could not win out over undefeated St. Thomas in recent MIAC play. The games bring the Cobber women to 15-5 overall and 13-4 in MIAC action.

        "Our loss to St. Thomas will make it tough for us to get into playoffs, though there's still a chance," freshman guard Apryl Anderson said. "But, unless some teams make big upsets, we won't be there."

        In Wednesday's match up with Macalester, Concordia opened the game with a 20-2 run, setting the tone for the rest of the game. By half-time, the Cobbers had a commanding lead of 38-11. Concordia continued to outscore Macalester 36-24 in the second half, ending the game in a landslide win, 74-35, having dominated Macalester from start to finish. 

        "We work on the basic stuff," Anderson said. "We don't really spend a lot of time scouting. We just work on the stuff we can control within the team."

        Saturday afternoon, the Cobbers faced off with Bethel College for what would be a clean 88-68 win for Concordia. It was another dominating performance for the Cobbers, in which they clinched the lead in the first half, and held the lead for the remainder of the game.

        Junior forward Sara Spears led the Cobbers with 18 points, followed closely by freshman guard/forward Kasey Bostow who contributed 17 points for the team. Concordia boasted three other players; junior guard Brandi Myers, senior guard Nikki Vetter, and junior guard Sarah Jacobson, all in double figures in the scoring column. 

        Concordia's winning ways, however, were interrupted at St. Thomas Monday night, the Cobbers falling in a staggering 71-39 loss. The Cobbers buckled under St. Thomas pressure, committing 38 turnovers throughout the course of the game.

        "They came out with a nice full court press and by the time we got that under control, we were in a hole," Anderson said. "We came out and played better the second half, but we were down too far." 

        The Tommies are currently boast a 26 game winning streak in the MIAC and are ranked No. 5 nationally in the WBCA Division III poll. 

        The Cobbers are back in action tomorrow, hosting St. Olaf at 1 p.m.  Concordia then hosts St. Catherine's Wednesday night.  Tip off is at 7.

| 1999-00 Cobber Swimming and Diving
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Swimmers prepare with unique fashion
Julie Fretheim

        The Cobbers host the Concordia Duals and  their annual Family Day tomorrow afternoon. Competition begins at 1. 

        The typical list of necessary equipment to swim competitively usually includes a suit, a cap and goggles. Pantyhose would have to be added to that list if you were part of the Concordia women's swimming and diving team.

        The women's swimming and diving team is including pantyhose in their practices as part of their preparation for the upcoming conference meet. Head coach Julie Lucier has asked the girls to wear pantyhose while practicing to create more drag, which in turn makes the girls swim harder.

        "It's all a mental thing," said freshman Sandi Schmitt. "When we take them off for conference, we're going to feel more sleek and smooth." 

        The new training idea is part of the new regimen that first year head coach Lucier has brought to the program. Schmitt says that Lucier pushes them hard, but it's all going to help them in the end.

        "It was easy to come in as a freshman because she (Lucier) was new when we were," said Schmitt.

        The hard practices, pantyhose and all, are helping to prepare the girls for their last meet at St. John's, scheduled for February 17-19. St. Olaf and Carleton are at the top of the conference. However, the competition between third and sixth place is going to be very tough.

        "There's going to be quite a hunt to get to the top of that pack," said Lucier.

        The Cobbers got themselves excited for conference with a big win last weekend at the Macalester meet, which improved their record to 7-1. Lucier said that she knew every race would be very close and whichever team won the close races would win the meet.

        "I told the girls I didn't want to be 6-2 at the end, I wanted to be 7-1," said Lucier.

        Their 7-1 record ranks as the best mark in Concordia's history. Twenty-one personal bests were set by the women's team during the fourteen-event meet.  One of them included the new freshman record in the 200-backstroke, set by Schmitt. Schmitt said it was an awesome feeling to win the 200.

        "The girl in the lane next to me actually pushed me more to the end," said Schmitt. "I went in there hoping to win and I wasn't going to let her take that from me."

        For the next week the women's team is going to be working harder than ever in preparation for the conference meet at St. John's. After their record-setting performance at Macalester, the team is hoping that ending the regular season on such a high note will help propel them into their final meet.

        If that doesn't help, maybe the pantyhose will.

| 1999-00 Cobber Men's and Women's Track and Field
 Feb. 11, 2000 Concordian | Cobber Sports
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Track and field - Strainer captures Concordia Pentathlon
Eric Morrow, The Concordian

          Here's a question to ponder:  What do you get when you combine maturity, consistency, and experience?  Give up yet? The answer is success.  Or at least that's the case for Concordia's Adam Strainer. A junior from Helena, Montana, Strainer has used that combination of talents and traits to tear up the track for the Cobber men this indoor season.

        "He is doing an outstanding job," said head men's track coach Garrick Larson. "He has developed so much more athletically this year, and mentally, he knows what it takes to get things done."

        No where was that more evident than last Friday at the Cobber Pentathlon. With the track season only a few weeks old, Strainer scored 3433 points in the pentathlon to break the school record, which had stood for over 10 years.  Not bad for someone who just took up the event last year.

        "I surprise myself week in and week out," said Strainer. " Now, I want to work on being consistent and doing the things necessary to stay at this level."

        In the past, consistency was a problem for Strainer.  In the triple jump,  which is Strainer's other main event, he ranked at or near the top of the conference the last two seasons.  But his performance varied from meet to meet.  One day, he would jump 45', and the next day he would only go 41'. This season though, all that has changed.  Adam has been consistently jumping in the 46' range.  According to Strainer, the reason for this change is simple.

        "I'm training more seriously.  I've been lifting more consistently this year, and I've been working on staying focused," said Strainer.

        For Coach Larson, the results of Strainer's hard work are easy to see. 

"You can see it in his legs," said Larson. "He is so much more fit and strong."

        Strainer's efforts have also been noticed by his teammates this year.  His performance on the track has made him a leader on this year's team.

        "He's turned into a much better leader," said Larson. "Before, he didn't understand the concept.  Now he sees the value in it." 

        Strainer, who is also a captain on next year's football team, hopes to set an example for the rest of the people on the team.

        "I hope they see that if you work hard and put the time in, you can be successful," said Strainer.

        But for now, Strainer is focusing on his own personal success.  According to Larson,  Strainer is more than capable of qualifying for nationals in both the triple jump and the pentathlon.  That, is exactly what Strainer hopes to do.

        "I want to keep improving and take each event to another step," said Strainer.

        Those are definitely the words of someone who knows the equation of success.

 Track and field females successful at Bison Open--Sports Brief

        The performance of several women highlighedt Concordia’s appearance at last Saturday’s Bison Open, held at North Dakota State University.

        Individual performances included Freshman Katie Martin’s school record setting run of 18:22.82 in the 5000 meter race. National provisional qualifying perfomances were turned in by Junior Jen Fettig, who pole vaulted 10-0, and Junior Rachel Aufforth whose weight throw traveled 48-5.