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1999-00 Concordia Women's Swimming & Diving
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1999-2000 Meet Results
Event:  A 1/29  Macalester 1:00 Sat.
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NOTE: This meet was swam in a 25 Meter Pool

Coaches Comments:
*21 Personal Bests out of 14 Swimming Events
        Swimmers Achieving 3 Personal Bests:
                Sandi Schmitt
                Lacy Wallace
        Swimmers Achieving 2 Personal Bests:
                Kristin Harris
                Janey Hill
                Tova Loddigs
                Jamie Sparing

        Andrea Ross (1-Meter Diving): NCAA Qualifying Score
                        (must score at the Conference Meet to be eligable to qualify)

Team and Freshman Record
        Shana Letnes (100 Breast): Macalester Pool Record
        Sandi Schmitt (200 Back): Freshman Record

*This was a Fantastic end to our dual meet season.
        Our Final Dual Meet Record: 7-1

*We are looking forward to our Conference Meet in 2 1/2 weeks

        200 Medley Relay
1st Place-      Macalester A    2:12.45
2nd Place-      Concordia A     2:14.44
        Back: Lacy Wallace
        Breast: Shana Letnes
        Fly: Sandi Schmitt
        Free: Carrie Bunger
3rd Place-      Macalester B    2:20.05
4th Place-      Concordia B     2:23.29
        Back: Sara Swanson
        Breast: Elizabeth Dougherty
        Fly: Erika Miles
        Free: Carrie Beisel
5th Place-      Concordia C     2:29.26
        Back: Kristin Harris
        Breast: Sara Fleming
        Fly: Jamie Sparing
        Free: Tova Loddigs
6th Place-      Macalester C    2:30.44

        800 Free
1st Place       Halvorson-MAC           9:42.03
2nd Place       Janey Hill-CC           10:08.88
3rd Place       Meghan Davis-CC         10:34.85
4th Place       Riedl-MAC               10:36.94
5th Place       Achterman-MAC           10:44.39
6th Place       Diana Cobbs-CC          11:35.88

        200 Free
1st Place       Carrie Bunger-CC        2:20.23
2nd Place       Anziano-MAC             2:21.03
3rd Place       Anna Berg-CC            2:23.61
4th Place       Townsend-MAC            2:25.53
5th Place       Marvin-MAC              2:32.29
6th Place       Carrie Beisel-CC        2:34.19

        100 Back
1st Place       Sandi Schmitt-CC        1:14.78
2nd Place       Lendway-MAC             1:15.52
3rd Place       Swenson-MAC             1:17.37
 (TIE)          Lundquist-MAC           1:17.37
5th Place       Kristin Harris-CC       1:18.00
6th Place       Tova Loddigs-CC         1:20.12

        100 Breast
1st Place       Shana Letnes-CC         1:16.51
2nd Place       Stephens-MAC            1:23.85
3rd Place       Groshens-MAC            1:26.77
4th Place       Elizabeth Dougherty-CC  1:30.62
5th Place       Sara Fleming-CC         1:34.46
6th Place       Doyle-MAC               1:37.78

        200 Fly
1st Place       Halvorson-MAC           2:42.41
2nd Place       Lacy Wallace-CC         2:44.27
3rd Place       Thompson-MAC            2:50.77
4th Place       Sara Swanson-CC         3:01.32
5th Place       Jamie Sparing-CC        3:11.93
6th Place       Martin-MAC              3:18.64

        50 Free
1st Place       Carrie Bunger-CC        30.47
 (TIE)          Anna Berg-CC            30.47
3rd Place       Moore-MAC               30.83
4th Place       Carrie Beisel-CC        31.44
5th Place       Lendway-MAC             31.79
6th Place       Stephens-MAC            33.30

        1-Meter Diving
1st Place       Andrea Ross-CC          247.45
2nd Place       Heidi Bale-CC           175.15
3rd Place       Heidi Rickert-CC        171.05
4th Place       Bottoli-MAC             152.30
5th Place       Tomko-MAC               105.15

        100 Free
1st Place       Anziano-MAC             1:04.38
2nd Place       Carrie Bunger-CC        1:05.52
3rd Place       Anna Berg-CC            1:06.49
4th Place       Milne-MAC               1:08.92
5th Place       Meghan Davis-CC         1:09.64
6th Place       Achterman-MAC           1:11.19

        200 Back
1st Place       Sandi Schmitt-CC        2:40.90
2nd Place       Lundquist-MAC           2:40.96
3rd Place       Swenson-MAC             2:46.55
4th Place       Sara Swanson-CC         2:47.38
5th Place       Kristin Harris-CC       2:47.42
6th Place       Azuma-MAC               3:02.47

        200 Breast
1st Place       Shana Letnes-CC         2:50.99
2nd Place       Lendway-MAC             3:01.71
3rd Place       Groshens-MAC            3:08.69
4th Place       Stephens-MAC            3:14.31
5th Place       Sara Fleming-CC         3:15.56
6th Place       Diana Cobbs-CC          3:26.03

        400 Free
1st Place       Halvorson-MAC           4:47.33
2nd Place       Janey Hill-CC           4:54.38
3rd Place       Elizabeth Dougherty-CC  4:59.39
4th Place       Rokosky-MAC             5:00.98
5th Place       Riedl-MAC               5:09.21
6th Place       Tova Loddigs-CC         5:23.08

        100 Fly
1st Place       Lacy Wallace-CC         1:14.11
2nd Place       Moore-MAC               1:14.92
3rd Place       Meghan Davis-CC         1:15.66
4th Place       Thompson-MAC            1:16.42
5th Place       Milne-MAC               1:18.15
6th Place       Erika Miles-CC          1:19.30

        3-Meter Diving
1st Place       Andrea Ross-CC          230.30
2nd Place       Heidi Rickert-CC        206.45
3rd Place       Heidi Bale-CC           189.40

        200 IM
1st Place       Shana Letnes-CC         2:42.18
2nd Place       Anziano-MAC             2:44.90
3rd Place       Swenson-MAC             2:48.79
4th Place       Elizabeth Dougherty-CC  2:49.23
5th Place       Janey Hill-CC           2:50.40
6th Place       Lundquist-MAC           2:51.26

        400 Free Relay
1st Place       Macalester A    4:26.20
2nd Place       Concordia A     4:33.12
        Carrie Beisel
        Sandi Schmitt
        Meghan Davis
        Anna Berg
3rd Place       Macalester B    4:40.95
4th Place       Concordia B     4:42.60
        Jamie Sparing
        Erika Miles
        Sara Swanson
        Lacy Wallace
5th Place       Macalester C    4:47.36
6th Place       Concordia C     5:06.21
        Diana Cobbs
        Sara Fleming
        Kristin Harris
        Tova Loddigs

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