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2000-01 Concordia Wrestling
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2000-2001 Meet Results
H/A Date   Event                   Time
 A    12/9    St. Cloud Tourn.   9:00 AM

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First Round : Davey Starks, UWEC pin Pete Grossath, CON 2:33
Consolation Rounds: Chris Feldhaus, NSU def. Pete Grossath, CON 3-1

Second Round: Brian Biel, Mary def. Aaron Swartz, CON 9-2
Consolation Round: Josh Soupir, SSU pins Aaron Swartz, CON 4:37

First Round: Jared Cooley, SSU def. Corey Winter, CON 7-3
Consolation Round: Corey Winter, CONC def. Tony Graziano, MSU 11-3
5th place: Corey Winter (CON) def. Matt Phillippi (RWCC) 8-2

2nd Round: Adam Araujo, MARY def. Jesse Barnacle, CON 8-6

1st Round: Rory Olson CON def. Travis Bucholz, UWEC Forfeit
2nd Round: Kris Hjelmeland, UMM def. Rory Olson CON 6-5
3rd place: Paul Arens (SCSU) def. Rory Olson (Con.) 13-2

1st Round: Cade Taylor, DSU pins Steve Peterson, CON 2:45

1st Round: Brandon Padden, DSU def. Jake Wise, CON 13-5

First Round: Brad Ackerman, MSU def. Jon Lowry, CON 7-1

First round: Tim Byrd, MARY pins Bryan Kvitek, CON :46

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