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2000-01 Concordia Men's Track and Field Rosters
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Name First Last Events 1 Events 2 Gr H'town St
Steven Edlund Steven Edlund Dist
Sr. Cyrus MN
Chris Goebel Chris Goebel Dist
Sr. Albany MN
Brian Klug Brian Klug Dist
Jr. Alexandria MN
Brian Stotts Brian Stotts Dist
Jr. Maple Grove MN
Jeremy Pris Jeremy Pris Hurdles
So. Somers MT
Shane Satterlee Shane Satterlee Hurdles
So. Litchfield MN
Nick Steffens Nick Steffens Hurdles
So. Aitkin MN
Jon Machayya Jon Machayya Jumps
Sr. Valley City ND
Adam Strainer Adam Strainer Jumps
Sr. Helena MT
Paul Poduska Paul Poduska Jumps
Jr. Fort Collins CO
Chris Condrad Chris Condrad Jumps
So. Inner Grove Heights MN
Jake Laabs Jake Laabs Jumps
So. Detroit Lakes MN
Josh Johnson Josh Johnson Mid-Dist
Sr. Moorhead MN
Matt Jorgensen Matt Jorgenson Mid-Dist
Sr. Paynesville MN
Brett Ramstad Brett Ramstad Mid-Dist Hurdles Sr. Fargo ND
Noah Rounds Noah Rounds Mid-Dist
Sr. Bigfork MN
Matt Sonnek Matt Sonnek Mid-Dist
Sr. Fairmont MN
Scott Chastek Scott Chastek Mid-Dist
Jr. Glencoe MN
Dave Dahlseng Dave Dahlseng Mid-Dist
Jr. Cyrus MN
Eric Freeman Eric Freeman Mid-Dist
Jr. Roseburg OR
Nathan Gustafson Nathan Gustafson Mid-Dist
Jr. Roseau MN
Jason Karls Jason Karls Mid-Dist
Jr. Billings MT
Kirk Nelson Kirk Nelson Mid-Dist Multi-Event Jr. Hettinger MN
Mark Dahlseng Mark Dahlseng Mid-Dist
So. Cyrus MN
Justin Hendricks Justin Hendricks Mid-Dist
So. Luverne MN
James Monson James Monson Mid-Dist
So. Maple Plain MN
Micah Roseman Micah Roseman Mid-Dist
So. Salisbury NC
Guy Schermerhorn Guy Schermerhorn Mid-Dist
So. Bagley MN
Nathan Stoa Nathan Stoa Mid-Dist
So. Fargo ND
Brandon Topp Brandon Topp Mid-Dist
So. Fargo ND
Brian Treece Brian Treece Mid-Dist
So. Plymouth MN
Josh Wopata Josh Wopata Mid-Dist
So. Grand Rapids MN
Ben Nylander Ben Nylander Mid-Dist
Fr. Lisbon ND
Justin Gall Justin Gall Multi-Event
Sr. Moorhead MN
Jeff Hertel Jeff Hertel MultiEvent Jumps Sr. Fargo ND
Joe Schmidgall Joe Schmidgall MultiEvent Jumps Jr. Morris MN
Andrew Fritz Andrew Fritz Sprints Jumps Sr. Perham MN
Matt Hostetler Matt Hostetler Sprints
Sr. Richey MT
Jason Kohlwey Jason Kohlwey Sprints
Sr. Eagan MN
Eric Martinson Eric Martinson Sprints
Sr. Fargo ND
Joseph Dauner Joseph Dauner Sprints
Jr. Hawley MN
Chris Davison Chris Davison Sprints Jumps Jr. Tintah MN
Mike McDonald Mike McDonald Sprints
Jr. Baxter MN
Ben Schermerhorn Ben Schermerhorn Sprints
Jr. Bagley MN
Andy Shaffer Andy Shaffer Sprints Throws Jr. Monticello MN
John Andan John Andan Sprints Jumps So. Kumasi Ghana
Joel Gilmer Joel Gilmer Sprints
So. Waverly MN
Reuel Persaud Reuel Persaud Sprints
So. Georgetown Guyana
Travis Raske Travis Raske Sprints
So. Glencoe MN
Josh Vickerman Josh Vickerman Sprints Hurdles So. Alexandria MN
Bobby Clark Bobby Clark Sprints Jumps Fr. Seeley Lake MT
Chris LeVesque Chris LeVesque Sprints
Fr. Fergus Falls MN
Joel Nelson Joel Nelson Throws
Sr. Fargo ND
Barry Bennett Barry Bennett Throws
Jr. Long Prairie MN
Trent Hagen Trent Hagen Throws
So. Pelican Rapids MN
Brad Ragan Brad Ragan Throws
Jr. Bismarck ND
Tim Sevcik Tim Sevcik Throws
Jr. Northfield MN
Cole Godfrey Cole Godfrey Throws
So. Roundup MT

Head Coach: Garrick Larson 8th Year
Assistant Coaches:  Stacy Duffield, long distance; Barb Breidenbach,
long distance; Garrick Larson, middle distance; Rob Nick, sprints; Marv Roeske,
hurdles and javelin; Evonne Vaplon, throws; Dennis Hogan,
throws; Sam Kapphahn, hammer; Chris Baxter, pole vault; Dale Hertel,
jumps; Dan Buchholz, jumps.
2000 Student Manager:  Matt Dehmer

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