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Concordia's Australia Seminar Game Schedule

May 29, 2003-- Location: Lithgow, Australia
MapQuest Map of Lithgow: Region | Country Overview

The Cobbers are out of reach with e-mail. Duane Siverson left the game recap with Lithgow (click for more info about Lithgow) via the phone: 
Concordia 106, Lithgow 83
Jared Swanson - 31 points
Kevin Gilchrest - 23 
Chris Thomas - 20
Joe Bueckers - 13
Luke Karlgaard - 13
Darin Swenson - 11

Concordia's final record in Australia is 7-3.

May 28, 2003-- Location: Blue Mountain Area (New South Wales), Australia
MapQuest Map of New South Wales: Region | Country Overview
The Blue Mountains in New South Wales.
(Photo courtesy of Blue Mountains Tourist Website)

We are headed to the Blue Mountains (click for information about the Blue Mountains) today by country train. The boys will be doing some clinics for the local elementary kids and then off to explore the Blues by dune buggy. 

May 24, 2003-- Location: Diamond Valley, Australia
MapQuest Map of Sherbrooke: Region | Country Overview

Cobbs Fly By Eagles 88-58.

The second period seemed to seal the fate of the local boys at Diamond Valley. Some quick hands on defense and some fancy open court antics by the Americans made for a fun night. The whole show was intiated by quite a few steals and blocked shots. The fastbreak also played a key role in the game as it was in high gear with little opposition at the other end. 

The opening stanza was pretty close with the Cobbers holding a seven-point advantage at 22-15,  but then the defense and fastbreak took off in the 2nd. 

I would also add that the boys decided to hit the "boards" before we broke, which made a huge difference. Kevin Gilchrest got on a roll in the 1st half nailing down four 
3-pointers for a total of 18 and Chris Thomas added some energy and excitement to the crowd, and our team, by slamming down a missed shot by Jared Swanson. It was something we were trying to accomplish with him every game, by running a double back screen,  but I guess he wanted to do it the old fashion way and earn it. Good show CT!!

The second half of this contest was much the same as the start. Jared Swanson and Luke Karlgaard had some real cleaver runs in this half which kept things rolling. Better defense and patience on offense resulted in a lot of high percentage shots around the lane and a 30-point victory. 

It was a good "go" for the local younger boys that needed some valuable playing time against some tough competition. For our guys, they continued to play hard when the game was out of reach. I was real proud of them for that.  We also to get extensive playing time for Darin Swenson and Mike D. The team ran our isolation plays for Mike in the 4th quarter to get some good looks at easy shots but he was an unselfish player and dished off most of the time. 

The scoring totals were Kevin 27, Jared 25, Chris 16, Luke 8, Darin and Joe 5 and Mike had 2.

That runs our record to 6-3 with one more game in Sydney vs Lithgow (Specifically in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney). 

We had a great time in Melbourne and made alot of new friends. Today the boys experienced a local footy match at the Eltham Park. I must say this has the same feel of a hockey game at home but without pads. It is unbelievably intense and the crowd gets very involved with trash yelling and fighting. Need I forget that the players take it quite seriously as well. Tomorrow the boys get to go to the big show at the Telstra Dome to see an AFL match vs Geelong and Hawthorne. Should be a hoot.

Then we are off to Sydney on Monday and then Cairns.


May 21, 2003-- Location: Nunawading, Australia
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Americans Get Clipped By Aggressive Nunawading Club

The Cobbers were "a day late and a dollar short" most of the evening at the Box Hill Arena. The younger, tougher squad this night was the Nunawading Specters who came out victorious by a score of 103-92. 

The first half was an intense, physical battle that seemed to frustrate and anger the more veteran Americans. The half ended with the Concordia squad down by a single point at 48-47. Emotions played a part in the mental game for the Cobbers in the opening half as the Specters got in their heads and distracted the boys from the north. 

Things didn't get any better in the second half as the Cobbers starting taking quick shots, turning the ball over and playing the worst defense of the tour especially when guarding the ball. Hence, the "Down Under" boys took control of the game mentally in the first half and physically on the score board in the last half.

By the end of the third period the score was NS-78, CC- 71. The Specters kept the heat on in the 4th by pressing and trapping, and not letting the Cobbers get on a roll. The final score was NS-103, CC-92. Well done fellas. 

Scoring for the fellas from north of the equator were as follows: Kevin Gilchrest 22, Jared Swanson 21, Luke Karlgaard 18, Chris Thomas 13, Joe Bueckers 9, and Darin Swenson 9.

The tour record is now at 5-3 and scoring 94 points a game. Not bad for seven guys with no practice, and playing half a season in two weeks. Keep on trucking boys. Next up is Diamond Valley on Sat. Go get em!!!


May 20, 2003-- Location: Sherbrooke, Australia
MapQuest Map of Sherbrooke: Region | Country Overview

The Cobbers are out of reach with e-mail. Duane Siverson left the game recap with Sherbrooke (click for more info about Sherbrooke) via the phone: 
Concordia 90, Sherbrooke 85 (Cobbers led 40-39 at the half)
Jared Swanson - 26 points
Luke Karlgaard - 18
Joe Bueckers - 18
Kevin Gilchrest - 16 
Chris Thomas - 12
Concordia's next game is Sunday vs. Eltham. The next installment of Duane Siverson's journal should be online soon as the team will be regaining access to the internet in the next few days.

Concordia scoring averages through May 20:
Kevin Gilchrest - 23.4 pts
Jared Swanson - 23.0
Chris Thomas - 16.4
Joe Bueckers - 16.0
Luke Karlgaard - 11.2
Darin Swenson - 2.0

May 18, 2003-- Location: Eltham, Australia
MapQuest Map of Eltham: Region | Country Overview

Cobbers Escape in OT 100-98

The game had the feel of an old backyard scrum versus the cross-town rivals with rookie officials. If fact, both teams would have been better off calling their own fouls and violations like a pick-up game - then to be constantly frustrated by these three
beginning refs. At the end of regulation the score was deadlocked at 85-85 and the coaches wanted to call the contest a "draw", but the players suggested to continue without the officials. 

The young boys from Eltham (click for more information about Eltham) set the tone for the whole game except in OT when it mattered. They mixed up the defenses and double-teamed our boys all over the place. Needless to say, it took the Cobbers some time to attack the basket with
that kind of pressure. In the first half, the only lead the Cobbers had was the final bucket at half-time, which seemed to take some of Eltham's energy away. The second half was much the same, as the previous one and the Americans held a meager 
two-point advantage at the end of the 3rd period. In the 4th, Eltham rallied to knot the score at 85-85 and regained the momentum they lost at the half. After some discussion about continuing the contest by both the players and the coaches,
the players ultimately won out. 

The Cobbers controlled the extra period right from the start and held on to prevail in
OT. It was a very intense, great game. For the most part though, the lads from "Down Under" set the tempo for the game and should have won the match. Our guys did a great job of finding a way to win the contest without playing their best or being tough.

Kevin Gilchrest kept us in the ball game all night by having his best effort of the tour. He finished with 38 points and scored in a variety of ways. He had seven 3-pointers and a bunch in the open court on some spectacular finishes. Chris Thomas had
another consistent, tough effort. He has been the toughest match-up the whole tour for the Aussie's to deal with. He finished with 20 points. Jared Swanson had his hands full with an Aussie Rules footballer, Dan Cullinan, and could only muster 15. Luke (Karlgaard) and Joe (Bueckers) came in with 10 a piece and Darin Swenson had seven points and did a nice working man's job on the boards.

You had to give credit to the Eltham boys for a tough aggressive "side". They had a lot of good young players that could play in the states at quite a few colleges. Their leading scorer was Johnnie Lister, who was a brilliant perimeter player. He lit us up for 30 points. Not bad.

Next game is against Sherbrooke on Tuesday. Keep after em' Cobbers!!


May 15, 2003-- Location: Warrnambool, Australia
MapQuest Map of Warrnambool: Region | Country Overview
The coastline of Warrnambool.
(Photo courtesy of Warrnambool City Council Website)

The Cobbers are out of reach with e-mail. Duane Siverson left the game recap with Warrnambool (click for more info about Warrnambool) via the phone:  Concordia 125, Warrnambool 113 (Cobbers led 67-60 at the half)
Kevin Gilchrest - 34 points
Jared Swanson - 29
Chris Thomas - 23
Joe Bueckers - 22
Luke Karlgaard - 15
Darin Swenson - 2

Concordia's next game is Sunday vs. Eltham. 

May 14, 2003-- Location: Mt. Gambier, Australia
MapQuest Map of Mt. Gambier: Region | Country Overview

Pioneers Power Their Way to a 93-82 Victory
Mt. Gambier's famous blue lake.
(Photo courtesy of Mt. Gambier Tourism Guide)

Combine all the factors of  six hours of travel, three straight nights of games, seven players that are not very big, some lopsided officiating, a huge opponent and the final numbers are not going to "set you up" as they say Down Under. 

The Mt. Gambier (click for info about Mt. Gambier) unit has won 10 straight contests and they used their size tonight to overpower the Cobbers. Both teams shot the ball exceptionally well, but the big boys from Aussieland controlled the paint and the glass. After a less than auspicious start, the Cobbers settled down to get within two by the half at 46-44. The Pioneers literally camped in the lane the whole second half which was a bit too much for the short, wiry-legged Minnesotans. 

Final: Mt. Gambier 93   CC 82.

Scoring went as follows for the Maroon and Gold: Jared Swanson 23, Joe Bueckers 18, Luke Karlgaard and Kevin Gilchrest 13, Chris Thomas 12, and Darin Swenson 3. 

Tomorrow takes us on the road for 4 straight games and another tough opponent in Warrnbool. Stay tuned for Aussie highlights.


May 13, 2003-- Location: Adelaide, Australia
MapQuest Map of Adelaide: Region | Country Overview

Cobbers Ruin Reunion With Former Great 91-43

Tonight we played in a game that reunited former Concordia star Ricky Simpson, who was named  Australian Coach of the Year last year, with his old coach and team. The American blokes caught fire in the second period to spoil the moment. After a tight opening quarter, which ended in a 18-15 advantage for the Cobbers, Joe Bueckers got things rolling with three 3-pointers in the beginning of the period. That momentum swing seemed to adversely effect the young , inexperienced but athletic Aussie's.  Jared Swanson was a bit too much to handle for the aspiring Lions, as he tickled the twine for 28. Kevin Gilchrest followed with 19 and Chris Thomas and Joe Bueckers had 13 each. Luke Karlgaard, Michael Deitch, and Darin Swenson went for nine, five and four that order. 

There was a keen international spirit of  kindred ship that prevailed the entire evening. A nice crowd turned out to cheer for both teams but particularly for the Americans. Some of the fans and players for the Noralunga team showed up to root for the
fellas from the USA, which was an added bonus on the night. 

We've found the homestays to be very good and extremely difficult to leave. What a marvelous experience!!!

May 13, 2003-- Location: Adelaide, Australia
MapQuest Map of Adelaide: Region | Country Overview

Just a short update tonight. To you give you an idea of the talent of last nights squad, their best player is Paul Rogers from Gonzaga. He's only 7' and a mere 270 lbs. Fortunately for us he was injured and passed on the match. This week will be a test of endurance for the boys. We'll see how it goes. I'll post a report on tonites game when we get finished.

Wish us luck!

May 12, 2003-- Location: Adelaide, Australia
MapQuest Map of Adelaide: Region | Country Overview

The skyline of Adelaide featuring the scene of cricketing legend, the Adelaide Oval and surrounds is the doyen of the cricket world.
(Photo courtesy of Adelaide Visitors Guide)

It was a tough go for the Maroon and Gold on the ol' hard wood tonight. The Cobbers took on North Adelaide (click for info about Adelaide), the number one - and only undefeated team - in the state league at Hillcrest Stadium. The match came down to an old fashion scrum that the Aussie's were a little bigger and stronger at. But give the Cobbers credit for a "never say die" attitude that scared the mates from "Down Under" with an impressive 2nd half of basketball. It had them on the run and frustrated. 

The 1st quarter was a back-and-forth battle that started with an impressive 10-point shooting display by KG (Kevin Gilchrest). The tone of the game was established early by the officials that not much was going to be called, and if there was it wasn't going to be in our favor. The 1st period ended 21-18 North Adelaide. 

The 2nd stanza found the mates from north of the equator a little frustrated by the physical play and lack of traveling calls.  That led to a very impatient offense on one end of the floor, and a sleep walking effort on the defensive side and rebounding department.  Result - halftime score: NA 51, COBS 36. We talked at the half about making them play "D". We needed to pass the ball more in our offense and take away easy transition stuff by the Rockets so we could climb back in this thing. It took us a while to get mad, but being down by 20 seemed to rile the troops and we slowly hopped our way back to a 10-point deficit by the end of the period. End of third quarter: NA 74, COBS 64.

Swanny (Jared Swanson) came to play in the final quarter and we had several good looks late in the contest to go ahead. With 60 seconds to play in the 4th, the score was knotted at 80. Joe (Bueckers), Karlo (Luke Karlgaard), and Jared all had great looks to pull the Yanks ahead in the last minute but to no avail. Some free throws, and easy hoops by NA down the stretch from turnovers out front, sealed the fate for the Concordia Cobbers.

All-in-all we scared the daylights out of the Aussie boys. This is a team with 2 Olympic players and 1 NBL player, which is the same level as our NBA players, so I would say we faired well. By all rights we should have won the game - with how it played down, but missing open shots didn't help our cause. The Australian fans were quite keen to point out to our team what a brilliant effort we put forth and how much fun it was to watch.  I would second that statement. Now, who would like to convey that to our team that being close is all that matters? It wasn't a very cheerful group to chat with at the post-game feed, but there is another game to be played tomorrow, so don't cry in your beer too long mates. 

The scoring was highlighted by an outstanding performance by KG's 29 which included five 3-pointers. That was followed by a tough-nosed, consistent 16 point effort by CT (Chris Thomas). Swanny had a tough go with the bloody, big physical posts but managed to muster 14. Joe Bueckers had 13 but gave the boys fits with his keen floor play. Karlo had 6 tallies but helped the team with a scrappy defensive effort which caused several turnovers by the Rockets.  Darin Swenson had 2 points and did a nice job on the boards - which was badly needed.

The Cobbers take on the Central District squad tomorrow, which is coached by the former Cobber-great Ricky Simpson. We play at the Starplex community complex. Then, it's on to Mt Gambier on Wednesday and then the week's final contest is Warrnbool on Thursday. We'll see how the "Iron 7" holds up. The last 2 games mentioned, will be with clubs in the outback on the way to Melbourne. That will be a much different experience. They are small town, country teams that have alot of money and 2 good American imports. 


Tomorrow the fellas are visiting with the kangaroo's and koala's at the local national park.

G'day and stay tuned.

May 10, 2003--- Location: Adelaide, Australia
MapQuest Map of Adelaide: Region | Country Overview

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, mates. We didn't realize what a hot ticket item the boys were going to be "Down Under". They have captured the hearts of all the locals. 

Each player is staying in a different home so reaching them by telephone will have to be made by the kids. The numbers they have on the itinerary are the coaches or the club president which won't do them much good unless it's an emergency. I'm sure they have a record of where the kids are at, and the game for their gym, but not a clue to where and what the kids are up to with daily plans.

As for a game schedule here it is:
Thursday  May 8th-  at Noarlunga         (W 92-88)
Monday    May 12th- at North Adelaide    (L 80-88)
Tuesday   May 13th- at Central Districts (W 91-43) 
Wednesday May 14th- at Mt. Gambier       (L 82-93) 
Thursday  May 15th- at Warrnabool        (W 125-113) 
Sunday    May 18th- at Eltham            (W 100-98 OT)
Tuesday   May 20th- at Sherbrooke Suns   (W 90-85)
Wednesday May 21st- at Nunawading        (L 93-102) 
Sat.      May 24th- at Diamond Valley    (W 88-58) 
Thurs.    May 29th- at Lithgow           (W 106-83)

The tour schedule has been somewhat of a "hosts preference" combined with more fun than anything. Yesterday was a "see the city by van" tour with time down at the beach and a huge barbee at one of the players flat. Everyone and their kangaroo showed up for the feed, and the boys got their first taste of the local deli of roo. (Very good I must say.)
A view of one of the vineyards at the  McLaren Wineries
(Photo courtesy of

Today was a winery tour of sorts. The McLaren Wineries (click for info about McLaren Wineries) are extremely big around here and the fellas found the business to be quite interesting and cleansing. There are hundreds of farms and lots of different kinds of wines, so it took most of the day. Ty (son Tyler), Jordie (other son), myself with Bill and Jenny Hopkins - our hosts - went to Cleland Animal State Park (click for info about Cleland State Park) to feed the roo's and the koala's along with the rest of the native wildlife. It was awesome for the lot of us. Tonight, the whole gang went to watch the team we beat in our first game, and treat them to American basketball trash talk. Tomorrow is Mothers' Day and we will be transferring to different home-stays that are from the Central District which is Ricky Simpson's (a former Cobber Player from the early 80's) squad. He was selected the National Coach of the Year this year but his squad was not very good. 

So we will have a "go" at it next week. 

G'day mates!!!

May 8, 2003--- Location: Noarlunga, Australia (click for information) 
MapQuest Map of Noarlunga: Region | Country Overview

Just a quick update to the trip so far. All is well Down Under and the boys are doing well. Our 1st game was a bit sleepy and heavy legged, but what else to expect after almost 48 hours of straight travel. They went well by most standards. They beat the Noarlunga Tigers tonight 92-88. They are a middle of the road team in the 2nd tier pro league. 

We had the lead 49-40 at the half and got up by over 20 in the last 2 quarters. In fact we lead by 16 with 40 secs to go and won by 4. 

Jared Swanson had 25 points, Chris Thomas sleeked his way to 19 and Joe Bueckers got hot in the 2nd half to bring home 18. He also captured the hearts of the crowd. They thought he was the "cats meow". He was well teased by the team after signing all the autographs. Kevin Gilchrest had 15 and Luke Karlgard nailed down 8. 

Over all it was a great trip down and a good start to our tour. The people have been wonderful. All the kids are staying in players homes the next 3 days so they are busy being Australian. 70 Degrees today and it is going to remain in that area. 
Take care - and Go Cobbers!!!!



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