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2003-04 Concordia Wrestling
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2003-04 Concordia Wrestling Meet Results
Site  Date    Meet                                          Time 
  A     1/17     Terry Haws Duals (SJU) 

Last Year: Results

| Soutwest State 35 Concordia 9 | St. John's 33, Concordia 12 | Concordia 33, Rochester CC 23 | Concordia 25, Alternate Team 24 |

Cobbers Finish 5th at Terry Haws Dual Tournament at St. John's.
Lee Rahrlien
Graceville, Minn.
Was undefeated (3-0) at the Terry Haws Dual Tournament at St. John's. 

(Collegeville, Minn.)-- Concordia won two dual matches and finished fifth at the Terry Haws Dual Tournament at St. John's University. The Cobbers, who finished the day 2-2, beat the Alternate Team 25-24 in the fifth place match.

Concordia lost to Southwest State 35-9 in their opening match, and then dropped a 33-12 decision to St. John's before winning their final two matches of the tournament. The Cobbers beat Rochester Community College 33-23 which set up their one-point win over the Alternate Team. The Alternate Team was a team  composed of wrestlers from other schools that participated at the tournament.

Lee Rahrlien (So., Graceville, Minn./C-G-B HS) finished the day with a 3-0 record to lead the Cobbers, while William Duppler (Jr., Valley City, N.Dak./Valley City HS) and Ed Oehlers (Jr., North Branch, Minn/North Branch HS) went 3-1 over their four matches. Rahrlien, wrestling at 157 pounds, beat Shawn Plumley of Southwest State 4-2 in the first match and then followed that victory with a pin of Dustin Koskela from Rochester Community College in the third match. He completed the day by winning a 5-2 decision over Skip Toops of MSU-Moorhead.

Duppler, returning to action for the first time since competing in the Cobber Open at the end of November, went 3-1 in the heavyweight division. He started the day by beating Chris Abbott of Southwest State 8-4. He then pinned Ryan Weinandt of St. John's before losing to Kent Tengblad from Rochester Community College. Duppler finished off the tournament by beating Mitch Greenwood of MSU-Moorhead 4-0.

Oehlers, the biggest surprise of 2004 for Doug Perry's team, went 3-1 in his natural, 197-pound weight class. He beat Joel Wipperfurth of Southwest State 4-2 in the opening match, and then lost his only match of the day to Dan Fiecke of St. John's. He then beat Mike Lakour of Rochester Community College before finishing the day by winning a major decision over Ryan Eckdahl of UW-Eau Claire.

Concordia will host Northern State in a dual meet on Wednesday, January 21 at 7:00pm. The Cobbers will compete in the MIAC Duals at St. Olaf on Saturday, January 24 beginning at 10:00am.

2004 Terry Haws Dual Tournament
Site: Sexton Arena, Saint John's University, Collegeville, Minn.
Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004

Championship Match: MSU-Moorhead 19, Saint John‚s University 12
Third Place Match: Southwest State 27, UW-Eau Claire 15
Fifth Place Match: Concordia College 25, Alternate Team 24
Seventh Place Match: Rochester Community College 35, St. Olaf 18

Pool Round Records
Bracket A
Saint John‚s University 3-0
Southwest State 2-1
Concordia-Moorhead 1-2
Rochester Community College 0-3
Bracket B
MSU-Moorhead 3-0
UW-Eau Claire 2-1
Alternate Team 1-2
St. Olaf 0-3

Please note: The University of Regina was scheduled to be the eighth team this year, but could attend because of weather.  An alternate team comprised of wrestlers from five of the competing team was used as the eighth team.

Championship Match

MSU-Moorhead 19, Saint John‚s University 12
197          Dan Fiecke (SJU) dec. Ryan Kopiasz (MSU) 10-9
285          Ryan Weinandt (SJU) dec. Jordan Vallie (MSU) 4-1
125          Desmond Radunz (MSU) maj. dec. Nate Schraan (SJU) 14-5
133          Jeremy Kellar (MSU) dec. Nate Lefebvre (SJU) 7-4
141          Ben Keen (MSU) dec. Charlie Sadder (SJU) 8-2
149          David Sadder (SJU) dec. Brandon Kok (MSU) 3-1
157          Josh Jansen (MSU) dec. Jacob Malone (SJU) 6-2
165          Allan Huigens (MSU) dec. Jeff Snegosky (SJU) 8-1
174          Cody Ranz (MSU) dec. Adam Gosiak (SJU) 5-0
184          Dan Willaert (SJU) dec. Eric Hageman (MSU) 8-2
Third Place Match

Southwest State 27, UW-Eau Claire 15
197          Nick Campbell (UWEC) dec. Joel Wipperfurth (SWS) 4-2
285          Eric Sommer (UWEC) dec. Chris Abbott (SWS) 3-2
125          Ryan Reed (SWS) dec. (forfeit)
133          Jeff Cooley (SWS) dec. Paul Lundgren (UWEC) 7-1
141          Keefer Jensen (SWS) dec. Kasey Shoquist (UWEC) 8-3
149          Aldon Struchen (SWS) fall Dave Wanevenhoven (UWEC) 1:45
157          Shawn Plumley (SWS) dec. Shawn Plumley (UWEC) 7-2
165          Derek Sikora (UWEC) dec. (forfeit)
174          Tim Johns (SWS) dec. (forfeit)
184          Troy Seubert (UWEC) dec. Greg Frank (SWS) 5-0

Fifth Place Match

Concordia-Moorhead 25, Alternate Team 24
197          Ed Oehlers (CC) maj. dec. Ryan Eckdahl (UWEC) 10-2
285          William Duppler (CC) dec. Mitch Greenwood (MSU) 4-0
125          Kevin McBride (CC) dec. (forfeit)
133          Wes Graff (CC) dec. (forfeit)
141          Shane Eskelson (MSU) injury default Justin Lessard (CC)
149          Danny Meyer (MSU) fall Cameron Avelsgard (CC)
157          Lee Rahrlien (CC) dec. Skip Toops (MSU) 5-2
165          Eric Rossen (MSU) fall David Ahmed (CC) 6:09
174          Mitch Gabrielson (CC) dec. Nick Olsen (MSU) 6-3
184          Quentin Utley (MSU) dec. (forfeit)

Seventh Place Match

Rochester Community College 35, St. Olaf 18
197          Mike Lakour (RCC) fall Max Bunge (SO) 3:55
285          Kent Tengblad (RCC) dec. Tyler Meuleners (SO) 5-1
125          La Da Thor (SO) (forfeit)
133          Mike Ferguson (RCC) fall Ben Tucker (RCC) 3:20
141          Ryan Jacobson (SO) dec. (forfeit)
149          Mitch Bunne (RCC) dec. Mike Peabody (SO) 4-0
157          Dustin Koskela (RCC) fall Phil Simondet (SO) 2:11
165          Scott Huckell (RCC) tech. fall Paul Olin (SO)
174          Kurt Miller (SO) dec. (forfeit)
184          Tom Speer (RCC) fall Phia Xiong :55

Round Three Results

Saint John‚s University 25, Southwest State 13

197          Dan Fiecke (SJU) dec. Joe Wipperfurth (SWS) 5-1
285          Ryan Weinandt (SJU) maj. dec. Chris Abbott (SWS) 13-3
125          Nate Schraan (SJU) dec. Ryan Reed (SWS) 12-8
133          Nate Lefebvre (SJU) fall Jeff Cooley (SWS) 1:21
141          Keefer Jensen (SWS) dec. Charlie Sadder (SJU) 7-1
149          David Sadder (SJU) dec. Aldon Struchen (SWS) 5-3
157          Shawn Pulmley (SWS) dec. Jacob Malone (SJU) 3-0
165          Brett Bartholomaus (SWS) dec. Jeff Snegosky (SJU) 7-2
174          Tim Johns (SWS) maj. dec. Adam Gosiak (SJU) 10-1
184          Dan Willaert (SJU) fall Greg Frank (SWS) 2:26

Concordia-Moorhead 33, Rochester Community College 23
197          Ed Oehlers (CC) dq. Mike Lakour (RCC)
285          Kent Tengblad (RCC) fall William Duppler (CC) 3:51
125          Kevin McBride (CC) dec. (forfeit)
133          Mike Ferguson (RCC) fall Wes Graff (CC) 6:01
141          Justin Lessard (CC) dec. (forfeit)
149          Mitch Bunne (RCC) maj. dec. Eric Splichel (CC) 18-2
157          Lee Rahrlien (CC) fall Dustin Koskela (RCC) 2:25
165          David Ahmed (CC) dec. Scott Huckell (RCC) 9-4
174          Mitch Gabrielson (CC) dec. (forfeit)
184          Tom Speer (RCC) dec. (forfeit)

MSU-Moorhead 29, UW-Eau Claire 15
197          Nick Olsen (MSU) dec. Larry Moen (UWEC) 5-3
285          Nick Campbell (UWEC) dec. 5-3 Jordan Vallie (MSU)
125          Desmond Radunz (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
133          Jeremy Kellar (MSU) maj. dec. Paul Lundgren (UWEC) 10-0
141          Ben Keen (MSU) maj. dec. Tony D‚Artuono (UWEC) 12-1
149          Dave Wanevenhoven (UWEC) fall Danny Meyer (MSU) 6:05
157          Josh Jansen (MSU) fall Matt Renkas (UWEC) 4:20
165          Derek Sikora (UWEC) dec. Allan Huigens (MSU) 9-4
174          Cody Ranz (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
184          Troy Seubert (UWEC) dec. Eric Hageman (MSU) 8-2

Alternate Team 42, St. Olaf 12
197          Ryan Eckdahl (UWEC) maj. dec. Max Bunge (SO) 9-0
285          Dain Kalkbrenner (CC) maj. dec. Tyler Meuleners (SO) 9-1
125          La Da Thor (SO) dec. (forfeit)
133          Ben Tucker (SO) dec. (forfeit)
141          Brian Tracy (SJU) fall Ryan Jacobson (SO) 4:45
149          Brandon Kok (MSU) maj. dec. Mike Peabody (SO) 11-3
157          Skip Toops (MSU) fall Anthony Rogers (SO) 4:51
165          Eric Rossen (MSU) tech. fall Paul Olin (SO) 3:34
174          Nick Kopiasz (MSU) fall Kurt Miller (SO) 1:27
184          Ed Rygiel (UWEC) fall Phia Xiong (SO) 1:07

Round Two Results

Southwest State 31, Rochester Community College 19
197          Joel Wipperfurth (SWS) fall Mike Lakour (RCC) 4:18
285          Chris Abbott (SWS) dec. Kent Tengblad (RCC) 6-1
125          Ryan Reed (SWS) dec. (forfeit)
133          Mike Ferguson (RCC) fall Jeff Cooley (SWS) :59
141          Keefer Jensen (SWS) dec. (forfeit)
149          Mitch Bunne (RCC) dec. Aldon Struchen (SWS) 3-2
157          Shawn Plumley (SWS) maj. dec. Dustin Koskela (RCC) 10-0
165          Scott Huckell (RCC) dec. (forfeit)
174          Tim Johns (SWS) dec. (forfeit)
184          Tom Speer (RCC) dec. Greg Frank (SWS) 10-2

Saint John‚s University 33, Concordia-Moorhead 12
197          Dan Fiecke (SJU) maj. dec. Ed Oehlers (CC) 9-1
285          William Duppler (CC) fall Ryan Weinandt (SJU) 4:10
125          Nate Schraan (SJU) dec. Kevin McBride (CC) 9-5
133          Nate Lefebvre (SJU) fall Wes Graff (CC) 6:35
141          Charlie Sadder (SJU) dec. Justin Lessard (CC) 9-4
149          David Sadder (SJU) dec. Eric Splichel (CC) 8-3
157          Jacob Malone (SJU) dec. (forfeit)
165          David Ahmed (CC) fall Jeff Snegosky (SJU) 4:52
174          Adam Gosiak (SJU) dec. Mitch Gabrielson (CC) 9-5
184          Dan Willaert (SJU) dec. (forfeit)

MSU-Moorhead 43, Alternate Team 9
197          Ryan Eckdahl (UWEC) dec. Mike Aldridge (MSU) 6-2
285          James Winter (MSU) dec. Bryan Kvitek (CC) 4-2
125          Desmond Radunz (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
133          Jeremy Kellar (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
141          Ben Keen (MSU) maj. dec. Kasey Shoquist (UWEC) 13-0
149          Danny Meyer (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
157          Josh Jansen (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
165          Phil Simondet (SO) fall Nick Kopiasz (MSU) 3:33
174          Cody Ranz (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
184          Nick Olsen (MSU) fall Ed Rygiel (UWEC) 1:51

UW-Eau Claire 31, St. Olaf 18
197          Nick Campbell (UWEC) fall Max Bunge (SO) 2:03
285          Larry Moen (UWEC) dec. Tyler Meuleners (SO) 3-2
125          La Da Thor (SO) dec. (forfeit)
133          Paul Lundgren (UWEC) maj. dec. Ben Tucker (SO) 12-1
141          Ryan Jacobson (SO) dec. Tony D‚Artuono (UWEC) 6-4
149          Dave Wanevenhoven (UWEC) fall Mike Peabody (SO) 1:46
157          Anthony Rogers (SO) dec. Matt Renkas (UWEC) 6-4
165          Derek Sikora (UWEC) fall Paul Olin (SO) 2:18
174          Kurt Miller (SO) dec. (forfeit)
184          Troy Seubert (UWEC) fall Phia Xiong (SO) 1:16

Round One Results

Southwest State 35, Concordia-Moorhead 9
197          Ed Oehlers (CC) dec. Joel Wipperfurth (SWS) 4-2
285          William Duppler (CC) dec. Chris Abbott (SWS) 8-4
125          Ryan Reed (SWS) maj. dec. Kevin McBride (CC) 19-6
133          Jeff Cooley (SWS) fall Wes Graff (CC) 2:54
141          Keefer Jensen (SWS) maj. dec. Justin Lessard (CC) 13-2
149          Aldon Struchen (SWS) fall Cameron Avelsgard (CC) 2:24
157          Lee Rahrlien (CC) dec. Shawn Plumley (SWS) 4-2
165          Brett Bartholomaus (SWS) dec. David Ahmed (CC) 8-6
174          Tim Johns (SWS) fall Mitch Gabrielson (CC) 3:40
184          Greg Frank (SWS) dec. (forfeit)

Saint John‚s University 43, Rochester Community College 3
197          Dan Fiecke (SJU) maj. dec. Mike Lakour (RCC) 9-0
285          Ryan Weinandt (SJU) dec. Kent Tengblad (RCC) 3-1 OT
125          Nate Schraan (SJU) dec. (forfeit)
133          Nate Lefebvre (SJU) dec. Mike Ferguson (RCC) 9-5
141          Charlie Sadder (SJU) dec. (forfeit)
149          Mitch Bunne (RCC) dec. David Sadder (SJU) 5-0
157          Jacob Malone (SJU) fall Dustin Koskela (RCC) 4:55
165          Jeff Snegosky (SJU) dec. Scott Huckell (RCC) 11-7
174          Adam Gosiak (SJU) dec. (forfeit)
184          Dan Willaert (SJU) fall Tom Speer (RCC) 4:52

MSU-Moorhead 51, St. Olaf 0
197          Mike Aldridge (MSU) dec. Max Bunge (SO) 3-0
285          Jordan Vallie (MSU) dec. Tyler Meuleners (SO) 4-1
125          Desmond Radunz (MSU) fall La Da Thor (SO) :21
133          Jeremy Kellar (MSU) fall Ben Tucker (SO) 1:15
141          Ben Keen (MSU) maj. dec. Ryan Jacobson (SO) 11-2
149          Danny Meyer (MSU) fall Mike Peabody (SO) 6:46
157          Josh Jansen (MSU) fall Anthony Rogers (SO) 6:22
165          Allan Huigens (MSU) tech. fall Paul Olin (SO) 5:20
174          Cody Ranz (MSU) fall Kurt Miller (SO) :22
184          Eric Hageman (MSU) fall Phia Xiong (SO) :55

UW-Eau Claire 24, Alternate Team 15
197          Larry Moen (UWEC) dec. (forfeit)
285          Nick Campbell (UWEC) dec. Mitch Greenwood (MSU) 4-2
125          No Match
133          Paul Lundgren (UWEC) dec. (forfeit)
141          Brian Tracy (SJU) dec. Kasey Shoquist (UWEC) 3-2
149          Brandon Kok (MSU) dec. Dave Wanevenhoven (UWEC) 9-4
157          Skip Toops (MSU) dec. Matt Renkas (UWEC) 6-5
165          Derek Sikora (UWEC) maj. dec. Eric Rossen (MSU) 9-1
174          Nick Olsen (MSU) dec. (forfeit)
184          Troy Seubert (UWEC) tech. fall Quentin Utley (MSU)

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