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2004-05 Meet Recaps
Meet 9: at St. Thomas Dual - January 21, 6:00pm
 Meet Recap - Meet Results
St. Thomas Dual Meet Recap


St. Thomas Dual Meet Results

Final Team Scores:
St. Thomas - 63
Concordia  - 50

Final Event Results:
200 Medley Relay
1st Krych, Daly, Boran, Flack UST 2:02.18
2nd Ree, Moss, Johnson, Gruys CON 2:13.56

1000 Freestyle
1st Jana Hemstad  CON 12:07.43
2nd Susan Verly  UST 12:19.71
3rd Kim Smith  UST 12:19.87
4th Allison Lowe  CON 12:19.96

200 Freestyle
1st Ann Hepola  UST 2:04.62
2nd Megan Johnson CON 2:07.25
3rd Kate Flack  UST 2:08.03
4th Latoya Gruys  CON 2:19.40

50 Freestyle
1st Kate Boran  UST 26.68
2nd Katie Lee  CON 27.18
3rd Danelle Marsden UST 27.90
4th Amy Hintermeyer CON 30.12
5th Krista Wynia  CON 34.50

200 Individual Medley
1st Cathleen Daly  UST 2:28.50
2nd Shannon Brown CON 2:30.71
3rd Tara Anderson  UST 2:36.03
4th Dani Ree  CON 2:36.81

1-Meter Diving
1st Anne Cullen  CON 232.55
2nd Emily Hall  CON 220.20
3rd Danielle Lindeman UST 159.55
4th Jenn Parks  UST 132.15

100 Butterfly
1st Kate Boran  UST 1:03.00
2nd Megan Johnson CON 1:06.96
3rd Kim Smith  UST 1:09.31
4th Allison Lowe  CON 1:12.59

100 Freestyle
1st Kate Flack  UST 58.78
2nd Katie Lee  CON 59.40
3rd Danelle Marsden UST 1:01.71
4th Amy Hintermeyer CON 1:05.87

100 Backstroke
1st Jacinta Krych  UST 1:09.71
2nd Tara Anderson  UST 1:11.06
3rd Dani Ree  CON 1:12.12
4th Hannah Stevens CON 1:15.68

500 Freestyle
1st Ann Hepola  UST 5:34.34
2nd Jana Hemstad  CON 5:59.43
3rd Susan Verly  UST 6:09.59
4th Latoya Gruys  CON 6:13.62

3-Meter Diving
1st Anne Cullen  CON 211.35
2nd Emily Hall  CON 196.55
3rd Danielle Lindeman UST 166.45
4th Jenn Parks  UST 132.90

100 Breaststroke
1st Cathleen Daly  UST 1:13.93
2nd Shannon Brown CON 1:18.28
3rd Ann Hepola  UST 1:19.28
4th Adrienne Moss CON 1:24.18

200 Freestyle Relay
1st Lee, Lowe, Hemstad, Brown  CON 1:51.34
2nd Marsden, Anderson,Komisarz,Krych UST 1:55.84
3rd Hintermeyer, Stevens, Wynia, Moss CON 2:04.40


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