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Chapter 2 - Pre-MIAC Years - 1903-1921

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For the 1910-1911 basketball season there was a wide-awake enthusiasm in the athletic department that year. At the first call there were 42 players present. Professor Ole Tonning, the basketball coach, was an ardent worker which was shown by the way that the new material was developed. Manager Mathiason was also pleased with the showing of the boys. But he says that they would need it since he expected to put them through some severe tests.

The members of the 1910-1911 basketball team were Captain Bridston, known as the "stick" has won great admiration as a right guard. William Brathovde, the left guard is a new man and has proved to ba a valuable addition. Gilbert Kroshus, the "lanky kid," is back again playing center. The two men who are to do most of the shooting were Chester Mathiason and Nels Peterson.(10)

The 1910-1911 schedule:

At Fargo College Mayville Normal

At NDAC Moorhead Normal

Fargo High School At Wahpeton Science

Wahpeton Science At Ada High School

Fargo College Moorhead Independents

At Fargo High School Ada High School

Only three scores could be found for the season. Concordia beat Moorhead Normal 23-13 and split with the Ada High School winning 23-13 and losing 31-21.

In the game at Ada which Concordia lost it was reported that Concordia men did not play in their usual form due to poor illumination. They felt more like they were playing blindman's bluff. The game was a little rough and collisions were frequent but this was also due to the fact that the players did not notice each other until they were so close that a halt was impossible.(11)

During the 1910-1911 basketball season the Crescent noted that the rooting club had done such excellent work this month that we feel worthy of mention in our paper. The "king rooter" Mr. Olaf Kolstoe has trained his team to a marked degree of efficiency. The perfect quietness during foul shots is proof of his control over the team. The snap and melody which prevailed in the yells during the games was a source of inspiration to the team as well as worthy of comment by the public.(12)

The January 1911 Crescent stated that no other institution can boast of such aggressive and wide awake girls as Concordia College. They do not permit themselves to be outclassed by the boys in any school activity. They realize the importance of athletic training and have raised funds by candy sales on Saturday evenings for the purpose of getting gym suits. It was thought that gymnastics for girls was not necessarily entirely improper. Our young maidens prize their physical condition bigger than prudish refinement.(13)

The baseball season of 1911 has come and gone. "We regret to report that it has by no means been an unqualified success. The team as a whole has batted poorly and fielded miserable. Under such conditions victories are not often won. It is hoped that the authorities will seriously consider the advantage to the school of securing an athletic director who is thoroughly competent to coach both baseball and basketball. No teacher without special training in this line can hope to accomplish much in the way of developing good teams."(14)

Captain Harold Vennes, pitcher, has speed, a good curve ball and control and fields his position well. Thompson, the catcher, with development of greater speed in getting after foul balls and in nabbing base stealers, will make a good catcher. Also on the team were 1st base--Fred Johnson; 2nd base--Rognlie, Halaas, Fred Kile; 3rd base-- Albert Johnson; outfield--Overby.

The results of the season were:

Concordia 24 Moorhead High School 4

Concordia 0 NDAC 8

Concordia 1 Fargo College 6

Concordia 4 Wahpeton Science 5

Concordia 11 NDAC 15

Concordia 2 Fargo College 15

Concordia 4 Moorhead Normal 10

Concordia 16 Park Region 7

Concordia 3 Moorhead High School 2

Concordia 3 Moorhead Normal 9

In 1911 lockers were installed in the boys' dressing rooms. The construction of the lockers fills a long-felt want, making it unnecessary to carry one's suit up to his room every evening. Also the dressing room was remodeled and made larger. This, with the addition of six new shower baths, have made the boys profoundly thankful.(15)

Chapter 2

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