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Chapter 2 - Pre-MIAC Years - 1903-1921

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Interstate School Conference Founded - (and More on 1911-12 Sports)

An organization called the "Interstate School Conference of Faculty Members" was founded at Valley City, North Dakota in December of 1911. Mr. F. W. Burkhalter, director of Physical Education of the State Normal School at that place, seeing of what mutual benefit a closer athletic relationship would be, issued invitations to several institutions to send a representative to the conference for the purpose of forming this conference of educational institutions in southeastern North Dakota and southwestern Minnesota.

The benefits of such a union were obvious. Schedules for the year could be arranged; a uniform standard of athletic practices could be established and a definite impetus to wholesome athletic sports would be given to each institution within its area of influence.

The following institutions were represented: State Normal and Industrial School, Ellendale, North Dakota; State Science School, Wahpeton, North Dakota; Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota; State Normal School, Mayville, North Dakota, State Normal School, Moorhead, Minnesota, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota; and State Normal School, Valley City, North Dakota.

The following officers were elected: F. W. Burkhalter, Valley City, President; Mr. Tarlson, Mayville, Vice-President; Mr. Broyles, Ellendale, Secretary. The conference adopted the follwoing regulations to promote a more satisfactory interscholastic relationship in athletics.

(a) Any student, to be eligible to participate shall be carrying an amount of work equivalent to a full course of study as outlined by the catalog of the school.

(b) He shall be making passing marks in three-fourths of this amount of work.

(c) He shall enter school at least two weeks before participating in such event.

(a) No member of the faculty shall be eligible to play on a team.

(b) No person receiving remuneration either indirectly or directly for the purpose of serving on an athletic team shall be eligible.

(c) No student shall be allowed to take part in conference games if during that school term he is playing on an outside team.(16)

A meeting of Concordia's Athletic Association was called Tuesday, December 12, 1911 for the purpose of appointing candidates for the first and second basketball teams. Twelve members were chosen, out of which the coach and manager are to select the best players for the first team, the balance to constitute the second team. Fred Johnson was chosen captain.

Class teams were also organized. Judging from the present outlook these teams were evenly matched and some interesting games may be looked for throughout the year. No better means of awakening class spirit and friendly rivalry amount the students could be devised.

Members of the 1911-1912 boys' basketball team were: Center--Thompson; forwards--Johnson, Mathiason; guards--Kile, Bratvold. The results of the 1911 season were:

Concordia 16 Moorhead Normal 15

Concordia 16 NDAC 44

Concordia 21 Valley City Normal 15

Concordia 26 Park Region 20

Concordia 25 Moorhead Normal 20

Concordia 14 Fargo College

Concordia 25 Park Region 15

The scores for the games with Fargo YMCA, Mayville Normal and the second game with NDAC were not reported.

The girls also fielded a team and were very successful. The girls' lineup was as follows:

Center--Lenora Johnson; forwards--Esther Brathovde, Birdie Gunderson; guards--Anna Bridston, Sally Kile. The only girls' scores recorded were a double header played against Mayville Normal and Moorhead Normal. Mayville Normal defeated the Concordia girls 25-24; they also lost the second game but no score was reported.

Also in 1911 a new feature was the formation of a basketball league for the younger students. Six teams were formed and even some outside competition was included.

The Crescent reported that the prospects for a good baseball team are brilliant. Several of last year's players are returning. There are Vennes, Thomeson, Fred Johnson, Martin Johnson and Sattre. Home games have been scheduled with NDAC, Fargo College, Valley City Normal, Wahpeton Science, Moorhead High School, Moorhead Normal and Luther College. An alumni game may also be played.

The lineup was as follows:

Thomeson - Catcher

Vennes and Frank Johnson - Pitchers

Fred Johnson - 1st Base

Sattre and Vennes - 2nd Base

Frank Johnson 3rd Base

Martin Johnson and Olson - Shortstop

Muus - Left Field

Martin Johnson and Olson - Center Field

Ness and Krogh - Right Field

It was mentioned that changes may be made in the lineup according to the abilities of each player.(17)

Only two scores were reported for the season. In the first game NDAC defeated Concordia 7-5. The Crescent reported "Being that this was the first game of the season, many errors were made on both sides, many also being accounted for by the wind and dust. The feature of the game was the stick work of our boys and Vennes' pitching."

In the second game Fargo College won 10-2.

Keener interest was manifested by the students in gymnastics this year than at any time before. The students as a whole have awakened to realize the benefits derived from persistent exercising and have established gymnastics as one of the most important and yet most pleasant parts of their daily curriculum. Only a few are neglecting this work, but most of these have valid reasons for not enlisting.

The boys' class numbering some over sixty, were divided into two squads according to ability and amount of work done previously. These two divisions were again divided into three sub-classes which have been placed in charge of those showing the greatest athletic ability.

The work consists of Indian club drills, training on the horizontal and parallel bars, rings and mats. The boys have all secured suits of the same kind and effect a pleasing appearance especially in the club drills.

It is hoped that the interest in this work will not flag, and it will not and cannot with Mark E. Heller as instructor.(18)

Chapter 2

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