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Chapter 2 - Pre-MIAC Years - 1903-1921

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An article in the Crescent in the fall of 1914 mentioned that the best efforts of a student body should go towards supporting their own team in every manner possible. A strong athletic organization not only promotes the loyalty of the students but also is the best advertisement a school has because of the publicity given a winning team.(22)

1914-1915 Basketball

Outlook for the 1914-1915 basketball team was good. Already a championship was predicted. Returning veterans included Captain Ing Lavik, Rudolph Lavik and Homer Mason. Dick Holzer will return as the coach. Several new recruits reported including Nesbit, Thoreson, Melchoir and Weum. Several players from the class teams also were out for the team, namely Halaas, Dahl, J. Johnson, Loe and J. Larson.

In a basketball game on Thanksgiving Day in 1914 the sophomores defeated the seniors 34-9.

Scores for the season:

Concordia 17 Moorhead Normal 21

Concordia 10 Fargo College 20

Concordia 32 Park Region 12

Concordia 31 Jamestown College 14

Concordia 15 Valley City Normal 15

(after 2 overtimes the game was called a tie)

Concordia 21 Moorhead Normal 27

Concordia 27 Mayville Normal 18

Concordia 26 Park Region 21

Concordia 48 Valley City Normal 11

Concordia 30 Mayville Normal 10

Concordia 11 St. Olaf 12

The Crescent reported that an elaborate banquet was given to the squad by Coach and Mrs. Holzer. Ing Lavik was chosen captain for the next season and with five veterans back, a wealth of material from the class teams and the new gym--watch our smoke!(23)

Talk of a new gym was prevalent in the student body. An article appeared in the Crescent in the winter of 1914 expressing the wishes of the student body:

One thing that is at present needed very much at our school is an adequate gymnasium. In the winter term we have some two hundred and fifty robust lads enrolled who wish to take gym. work, but they cannot be accommodated in a proper manner. The room is so small that visiting teams always complain of it. With a larger floor a better team could be worked up and advertising the school would get from this source is not at all to be despised. Some may object to the class of students that will be drawn here for the sake of athletics, but of that we are not afraid. They will soon become imbued with the spirit of the school. In fact the diligent work necessary to make the team under an efficient coach is by no means a poor education. Our gymnasium is even now used part of the day for bookkeeping. In view of these considerations we feel justified in bringing to the notice of our readers the urgent need of a new gymnasium at Concordia College. We hope that all who have the interests of the school at heart will consider this matter and do what they can for the promotion of this cause. A satisfactory method of solving this problem has offered itself at this juncture. It has been found that it will be necessary to build a new heating plant for next year. Now it is proposed to build this plant in such a manner that a gymnasium can be built over it. It would do away with the necessity of erecting a separate building for that purpose and the required room could thus be gotten for a very reasonable sum.

Can not we students raise the required amount of money by talking the project up among our acquaintances during vacation or by writing them soon? It is estimated that if each student raised twenty-five dollars it would be sufficient. Let the spirit of unity of purpose and enthusiasm awaken us to a real effort to do something to raise our college to the front rank in athletics.(24)

The 1915 baseball season started and there were many players back from the previous year including R. Lavik, Jenner, Halaas, J. Larson, M. Johnson, H. Mason, O. Overby and A. Overby. Other candidates were C. Loe, Dahle, P. Thoreson, Sampson, W. Thoreson, Beckley and I. Larson.

The first game of the season was played against NDAC. "The first part of the game was slow. It didn't seem as though we were going to get a score and all the while the A.C. boys were piling up the scores. Finally a strange thing happened. A change that was not expected so late in the game came over our boys and they succeeded in slipping six scores across the plate. Had this game but lasted a couple of innings longer, we are confident that the farmers would have gone home defeated. Score 12-6 in favor of NDAC."(25)

Other scores:

Concordia 1 NDAC 4

Concordia 2 Fargo College 10

Concordia 6 Dakota Business College 5

Chapter 2

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