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Chapter 2 - Pre-MIAC Years - 1903-1921

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The Crescent described the first days of football practice in the fall of 1917:

A few days after school opened, a call was issued for football candidates by Coach Sattre and about fourteen husky men responded. Since that time many new men have reported increasing the squad to about twenty-five. There are only four men back from last year's eleven so that a team will have to be developed from new material. Tanner, Eckman, Halaas and Langemo are the 1916 regulars who are out for positions on this year's team. Tanner, who played end on last year's team has this year been shifted to a halfback position. The other three are at their old positions, Eckman at center, Halaas and Langemo at the tackle positions.

The first few days of practice were devoted to giving the men a working knowledge of the rudiments of the game, such as falling on the ball, tackling, catching punts and throwing forward passes. Later on signal practice was started and the boys were drilled in the more difficult plays and formations. A short scrimmage was held with the local high school squad which was a great help in locating the weak spots in the line-up. The squad looks promising and Coach Sattre is rapidly whipping the team into shape. Of course, a team composed of men having little or no playing experience is beginning the season with a serious handicap.

A few days before the first game the squad assembled and elected I. J. Tanner captain of the team.(40)

The scores of only two games could be found for the 1917 season.

Concordia 6 Wahpeton Science 6
Concordia 0 Valley City Normal 27

The first game of the season was played with the Wahpeton Science School on Monday, October 29. The game seesawed back and forth in the middle of the field during the first half, neither team having any advantage. A few spectacular gains through the line and around the end were made by Tanner and Gronningen. The half ended without any scoring on either side.

Our team came on the field at the beginning of the third quarter full of ginger and pep and scored a touchdown in the first few minutes of play. This touchdown was gained by line plunges and end runs, Tanner running 25 yards around end putting the ball on the Scientists' eight yard line. On the second and third downs we gained six yards. Tanner then carried the ball through tackle for the touchdown. We failed to kick goal.

No more scoring was done until in the last quarter, the ball remaining in the middle of the field the greater part of the time. In the fourth quarter Wahpeton worked the ball up to our ten yard line, but failed to make their downs and the ball went over. We punted back into the middle of the field and it was caught by the Wahpeton quarterback who ran 45 yards through a broken field putting the ball on our three yard line. They scored on the third down. The game ended with the ball in our possession on their 30 yard line.

The line-up from the beginning of the game was: Warwick, l.e.; Halaas, l.t.; Otterson, l.g.; Eckman, c.; Bye, r.g.; Langemo, r.t.; Quam, r.e.; Sattre, q.b.; Norby, r.h.b.; Tanner, l.h.b.; Gronningen, f.b. Several changes were made in the line during the last half.(41)

1917-1918 Basketball

Spirits were high on the campus as the prospects for a winning basketball team seemed never better in 1917-1918. The candidates included Captain Morris Bye, Halaas, Quam, Wasvik, Schei, Reitan, Norby, Orberg, Eastby, Dahlen, and Lillehaugen. "Pop" Sattre was the coach.

The season results were:

Concordia 19 Fargo College 30

Concordia 19 UND 53

Concordia 33 Mayville Normal 15

Concordia 19 Fargo College 32

Concordia 61 Mayville Normal 19

Concordia 18 UND 38

Scores with Valley City Normal, Moorhead Normal, Gustavus, St. Johns and St. Olaf were not reported.

The Academy basketball team defeated Moorhead High School 17-12; Hillsboro High School 56-19 and NDAC 24-20.

Concordia did not field a baseball team in 1918 but class teams were organized.

At a meeting of the athletic association in the spring of 1917 it was decided to begin track work. E.G. Bagley was elected manager. New equipment has arrived and a large number of track men are working out. It was announced that because we are just entering the sport, we will not participate in any meets but will confine ourselves to class meets only.

Another sport with much interest was tennis. No contests have been arranged with other schools. Manager Hagen has the courts in fair condition and they will be ready for used in a short time. No varsity baseball team was organized this year, but class competitions were held.(42)

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