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Chapter 3 Young College -- New Conference

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In the early 1900's the organization and control of athletics was for the most part student-centered. There were few eligibility restrictions, scheduling procedures were sporadic and there were almost no regulations for awarding championships.

Birth of the MIAC
Alfred M. "Pop" Sattre, Founder of Concordia Football Program, Co-Founder of MIAC, Faculty Athletic Representative-30 years 1915-1950

The MIAC evolved from the Tri-State Conference which was composed of schools from North and South Dakota and Minnesota. The Minnesota private college members of the conference became dissatisfied with the loose eligibility rules, methods of determining championships and the size of the conference. There were 15 colleges spread over three states. Hamline, Macalester, St. Thomas, St. John's, Gustavus Adolphus, Carleton and St. Olaf were members of the Tri-State Conference.

At a meeting in November 1919 members of the Minnesota colleges sponsored a motion for some rules changes which they thought would improve the league. They were outvoted by the Dakota representatives. The Minnesota schools met after the adjournment of the Tri-State meeting and decided to consider forming a league of their own.

A meeting was held in December 1919 for the purpose of forming a new conference. A constitution was developed as a basis for consideration by the member schools. The charter meeting was held March 15, 1920 at Carleton College. Each college sent a representative to the meeting. Colleges present were Carleton, Hamline, St. John's, Macalester, St. Olaf, Gustavus, St. Thomas and Concordia. Professor A. M. Sattre represented Concordia. All of the representatives voted for the adoption of the constitution except Sattre and all of the colleges except Concordia were declared charter members.

Concordia joined the next year in 1921, Augsburg in 1924 and St. Mary's in 1926. Luther College's application was rejected at the time to maintain the state identity.

As one of the early requirements the new league ruled that championships were to be awarded according to certain regulations. To be eligible for the conference championship in football, a team must have played at least four conference games; in basketball, at least eight conference games with four colleges and four of the games must have been played on foreign courts; in baseball at least six conference games with at least three member colleges.(1)

Concordia College was admitted to membership in the MIAC at the fall meeting at St. John's University on December 13. The meeting was called at 2 p.m. and our representatives were given an opportunity to state their case. It took considerable time and effort to explain to the delegates that there really was a college by that name in Moorhead. We were unanimously admitted on the condition laid down by the genial Father Dumphy residing, that we give the college yell. Coach Rudolph Lavik and Dr. Nordlie represented Concordia at the meeting.(2)

Chapter 3

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