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Chapter 3 Young College -- New Conference

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1922-1923  | Football | Men's Basketball | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News | Skiing |

The 1922 football season opened with Coach Fenwick Watkins in charge. The prospects were not encouraging as five men from the previous year had graduated, namely Langemo, Halmrast, Berg, Rafshol and Tanner.

St. Olaf defeated Concordia in the first game 35-0. St. Cloud Teachers edged Concordia 6-0.

The largest crowd to witness a Concordia football game was on hand to see Concordia battle NDAC. A Fargo Forum article stated, "The N.D. Bisons suffered their first humiliation of the season but not in the form of a defeat when Coach Watkins' Lutherans for one brief quarter Saturday, rushed the stupified Aggies off their feet by the fierceness and unexpectedness of their attack which was climaxed at the opening of the second quarter by a forward pass over the A.C. goal line for a touchdown -- the first score made on the Bison this year. NDAC won 55-6.(6)

Jamestown defeated Concordia 6-3 and the season ended with a 12-0 victory over Moorhead Normal.

The following were some of the players during the 1920-1921-1922 seasons: Carl Narveson, "Muggins" Gronningen, Ike Meland, Harold Melvey, Harold Briggs, Shorty Holbrook, Victor Ahrens, Gil Gronhovd, Ted Birkeland, Ike Stein and Otto Knutson.(7)

After football spring training Coach Watkins scheduled an exhibition scrimmage.

Spring training was a success according to Coach Watkins. The practice sessions of the past week have been used to learn mass plays and a set of simple signals for each of the two teams that are to scrimmage. During the first half the coach will check up on the men, giving them instructions. Captain Ira Meland will referee this half and he will be assisted bu am experience official. In the second half the team will play football with no coaching and with an experienced referee officiating.(10)

1922-1923  | Football | Men's Basketball | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News | Skiing |

Knute Garsteig was second in the National Intercollegiate Ski Tournament in Minneapolis. This qualified him for the Olympic World Tournament in Paris.

Knute was born in Norway. He has hopes of organizing a ski club at Concordia. The ski scaffold recently built near Moorhead will give the students an opportunity to learn to ski.(8)

1922-1923  | Football | Men's Basketball | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News | Skiing |

Coach Watkins and Professor Sattre represented Concordia at the MIAC Conference meeting in December 1922. Eligibility rules were discussed but no changes of any significance were made. The rule as to scholastic eligibility was interpreted to mean that athletes must maintain a satisfactory grade in 12 hours of work one week before the game in order to be eligible. The much discussed rule barring freshmen from playing was proposed but was voted down 5 - 2. The rule requiring an athlete to register three weeks prior to participation in a game was changed to one week.(9)

1922-1923  | Football | Men's Basketball | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News | Skiing |

In 1922, 40 men reported to Coach Watkins to try out for the basketball team -- with only one seasoned player back in school. The final roster included Captain Martinson, Ted Birkeland, Sally Brewster, K. Ostby, G. Gronhovd, I. Melland and T. Anderson. The 1922-1923 basketball team won 9 games and lost 7, outscoring their opponents 350-322. They won 4 of 8 conference games.

Sally Brewster was the leading scorer on the team with 216 points.

The season's results were as follows:

Concordia 18 Fargo Knights of Columbus 19

Concordia 18 NDAC 20

Concordia 21 St. John's 20

Concordia 21 St. Thomas 28

Concordia 28 Fargo Knights of Columbus 21

Concordia 21 St. John's 14 (First win in MIAC

Concordia 16 St. Olaf 29 in any sport.}

Concordia 17 Gustavus 18

Concordia 21 Hamline 26

Concordia 17 Macalester 14

Concordia 24 Jamestown 20

Concordia 27 Moorhead Teachers 17

Concordia 35 Moorhead Teachers 13

Concordia 27 Macalester 13

1922-1923  | Football | Men's Basketball | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News | Skiing |

There was no organized baseball team in the spring of 1923.

Athletic Awards Day was held in the chapel. President Aasgaard stressed the need for cleaner athletics and its importance in the college curriculum. Coach Watkins emphasized the responsibility which every student should take in bringing back at least one student in the fall. Professor Nordlie awarded football and basketball letters to the athletes.

In March 1923, the college corporation purchased 65 acres of land south of the campus. It was formerly part of the Lamb farm and the site of the fairgrounds. It was to become the site of the athletic field.

Chapter 3

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