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Chapter 3 Young College -- New Conference

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1928-1929    | Football | Men's Basketball | Hockey | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News |
Leonard A. Larson, Football 1927-1929

The Scout highlighted the 1928 football season as follows:

In the 1928 season the Cobber football machine found itself, stepped out as a strong contender for the conference championship and in general worked havoc with the other state colleges and their football aspirations. With a team composed mainly of veterans from the preceding years, together with a few freshmen stars, Coaches Cleve and Benson succeeded in placing in the field the most powerful football squad which had represented Concordia in many years. Although having an unusually well balanced team of players performing equally well, two men were singled out by the college conference coaches and named on the all-conference team. Ole "Red" Haroldson was placed at tackle on the first team and Leonard "Huck" Larson at end on the second team. Only a step behind these in brilliance of performance must be mentioned "Marty" Engh, George Lee, Cliff Halmrast, "Swede" Anderson, Milt and Ted Grimsrud, Julian Tollerud, "Dutch" Shipp, Melly Anderson, Tommy Thompson and Captain "Rene" Wambach.(19)

The final tally for the season was a 3 - 2 - 3 record and a third place finish in the MIAC with a 2 - 1 - 2 record:

Concordia 13 Macalester 0
Concordia 7 Gustavus 18
Concordia 6 St. John's 6
Concordia 0 Augsburg 0
Concordia 25 St. Olaf 0
Concordia 24 MSTC 0

1928-1929    | Football | Men's Basketball | Hockey | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News |

The Scout gave a good summary of the 1928 - 1929 basketball season

After two years of building Coach Frank Cleve brought out one of the best, if not the best basketball team in the history of Concordia College. Working around six lettermen as a nucleus, and greatly strengthened by reserves and freshmen, a wonderful cage aggregation was formed. Captain Elmer Edlund, Lawrence Thompson, "Stan" Strand, "Ferd" Anderson, George Lee and Orris Johnson were the returning lettermen while Cliff Halmrast, Alton Storslee, Olaf Dahl and "Pinky" Falgren were the new men on the varsity.

A well-arranged schedule called for the Cobbers to play six non-conference games before starting their regular conference play. This gave Coach Cleve a needed chance to polish up the machine which was to make such a fine record in the conference.

Everything went along nicely in the Cobber camp during the season. Coach Cleve and his men were sitting peacefully on the top rung of the State Conference ladder for practically the entire year. At last the unexpected happened; with the title virtually cinched by the Cob, and only one apparently easy game left to play, the Cobbers saw their possible title hopes fall, when the last game of the season was lost by one point. This game was played after a two weeks layoff from actual conference scrimmage and this, together with the great strain on the varsity men harmed the smooth functioning of the team to a very appreciable extent.(20)

A fine 12-3 record was amassed by the Cobbers with an 8-3 MIAC record. Edlund captained the team and Cliff Halmrast was named to the All-Conference first team while Honorable Mention honors went to Stanford Strand, George Lee, Orris Johnson and Ferdinand Anderson. Scores for the season were:

Concordia 19 University of North Dakota 36
Concordia 23 MSTC 20
Concordia 21 MSTC 18
Concordia 28 MSTC 27
Concordia 17 MSTC 13
Concordia 36 St. Olaf 30
Concordia 10 St. Olaf 20
Concordia 23 Gustavus 21
Concordia 22 Gustavus 20
Concordia 21 St. Thomas 19
Concordia 22 Augsburg 21
Concordia 40 St. Thomas 27
Concordia 33 Macalester 28
Concordia 31 St. John's 24
Concordia 16 St. John's 17

The big interest displayed in hockey during the first season was again in evidence in the 1928-1929 season. A better rink was constructed and with the coming of cold weather the season opened. From the Scout:

1928-1929    | Football | Men's Basketball | Hockey | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News |

At the beginning the season Coach Cleve called a meeting of all hockey men for the purpose of holding an inter-class tournament. Harold Braaten was chosen captain of the freshmen, Albert Lerberg of the sophs, Frank Euren of the juniors and Rene Wambach of the seniors. In the first round the sophs licked the juniors 5 - 0 and the senior took the frosh 9 - 5. In the second round the seniors beat the juniors 7 - 0 and the sophs swamped the frosh 16 - 0. The sophs and seniors were tied for the title but on account of bad weather were unable to play it off.

The team's first opponent was our ancient rivals, the Moorhead State Teachers College. After battling a full sixty minutes the game ended in a tie, 3 - 3. In the second overtime period, the Teachers managed to slip through one counter to win the game. The next game of the season was played with Detroit Lakes but their teamwork and hard playing gave them a 6 - 5 lead.

Many other games were included on the schedule this year and the team gave promise of a successful season but poor hockey weather resulted in few practices and an abbreviated schedule which cut short the '29 hockey season.(21)

1928-1929    | Football | Men's Basketball | Hockey | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News |

This was the first year for baseball in the MIAC and the prospects looked good. The roster included George Lee, A. Serkland, Sigurd Hefty, Vernon Dahl, M. Anderson, A. Erickson, J. Tollerud, Erland Temanson, O. Johnson, Orlo Strand, L. Falgren and H. Johnson.

Scores for the season were as follows:

Concordia 5 St. John's 12
Concordia 2 St. Cloud Teachers 19
Concordia 9 Wahpeton Science 1
Concordia 12 Wahpeton Science 1
Concordia 9 Valley City 1

1928-1929    | Football | Men's Basketball | Hockey | Baseball | All Sports | MIAC News |

At its annual meeting the MIAC voted to install the freshmen rule which forbade freshmen from participating in athletics during their first semester beginning with the 1930 football season.

1928-1929 was a very successful athletic year for Concordia as they placed second in both football and basketball in the MIAC and they had a successful baseball season as well.

Chapter 3

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