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"Concordia Men's Sports - The First One Hundred Years"
by Vernon Finn Grinaker
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Chapter 8-- The 70's

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1978 Football

The 1978 football team were national champions!  At the beginning of the season, veteran coach Jim Christopherson faced a team that was inexperienced and unsure, with only three regulars returning on defense from the previous seasonís highly successful 7 - 2 squad, a team built around defense and All-American tackle Barry Bennett, playing with the New Orleans Saints in the NFL.  In his ten previous years as Cobber head coach, Christophersonís teams had won three conference titles ó in 1969, 1970, and 1974 ó and each time with a strong defense.  Offensively, the Concordia had ten starters returning.
The teamís overall record was 11 - 1 and a first place finish in the conference with a 7 - 1 record.  Team captains were Dave Mickelsen, Allen Holm, and Mike Lien.  Named to the All-Conference team were Al Holm, Paul Weida, Kurt Christensen, Dave Klug, and Bob Beliveau (also All-American.)

 Scores for the season were:
Concordia  10  Moorhead State 0
Concordia  54  Augsburg  0
Concordia  17  St.Olaf  26
Concordia  62  Macalester  7
Concordia  31  Hamline  13
Concordia  14  St. Thomas  0
Concordia  31  Gustavus  7
Concordia  17  St. Johnís  0
Concordia  31  Bethel   3
Concordia  49  Northwestern (Iowa) 0
Concordia  24  Linfield (Oregon) 23
Concordia  7  Findlay (Ohio) 0

The football roster included Bob Quinn, Scott Borgstahl, Jeff Stoen, Mike Lien, Kurt Christensen, Mike Rowlette, Steve Atchison, Jeff Canakes, Paul Ludtke, Bob Beliveau, Rob Veltkamp, Paul Nellermoe, Kirk Lindberg, Bob Olson, Mark Bruns, Lane Peterson, Don McCann, Frank Burns, Brad Larson, Ron Kangas, Mike Zigler, Chuck Butenhoff, Ken Helland, Randy Johnson, Phil Hauger, Mike Lee, Terry Sandven, John Halverstadt, Mike Bursack, Pete Simonson, Jay Erickson, Dave Rosengren, Bill Cameron, Jay Weyers, Ralph Halverson, Jeff Welker, Rick Balow, Dave Mickelsen, Chuck Brown, Tim Siegle, Steve Knutson, Greg Brolsma, Scott Graves, Scott amoenke, Roy Plankers, Brad Paulson, Tom DesSaint, Tom Myrin, Brad Struck, Neil Hektner, Pete Hennum, Greg Mortenson, Tim Lea, Paul Weida, Paul Barrick, Jim Mattson, Dave Jones, Rich Westland, Jim Carter, Tim Bye, Allen Holm, Dwight Hintermeister, Bart Bridwell, Tim Stroebe, Dave Hubbard, Mark Heysse, Duane Bjelland, Steve Lahti, Mark Ekman, Tom Luttio, Eric Salveson, Mark Jensen, John Rehkamp, Todd Rosengren, Dave Freeman, Dave Klug, Jon Dahl, and Bob Shepley.

Conference standings were:
Concordia  7 - 1
St. Olaf  7 - 1
Gustavus  6 - 2
St. Johnís  5 - 3
St. Thomas  4 - 4
Hamline  3 - 4
Augsburg  2 - 5
Bethel   1 - 7
Macalester  0 - 8

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1978 Cross Country

 The 1978 cross-country team capped a fairly successful season by competing in the NCAA Midwest Regional Meet.  The Cobbers finished the meet in 20th place with an injury-riddled team, especially John Mutschelknaus and David Bandy.  In the conference meet, the Cobbers finished in 6th place led by freshman Steve Danielson who finished in 26th place.  Coach Don Larson stated that the team was much improved over other years, yet it was very inexperienced.  Three of the top runners were freshmen: Tom Schlotterback, Kevin Johnson, and Steve Danielson.  Others on the team were Dan Sheridan, Rand Stolee, Steve Kotyk, Dan Frank, John Hanson, Kurt Anderson, Craig Rothfusz, Vincent Dancer, Tenner Thompson, and Mike Paul.

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1978-79 Basketball

John Eidsness was named head coach of the 1978 - 1979 Cobber basketball team, replacing Sonny Gulsvig.  Coach Eidsness renamed the team the Running Cobbers initiating a fast-paced offense.  After a fast start, the team finished the season with an 11 - 16 record overall, In the MIAC, the Cobbers finished 6 - 12 for seventh place.  Playing for the ďRunning CobbersĒ were Dan Brekke, Claude Oppegard, Dave Glaser, Mike Swanson, Phil Meier, Eric Larsen, Mark Lynne, Chuck Gulsvig, Jeff Carnegie, Brent Reichert, Craig Flaagan, Brian Howland, Mark Hagberg, Bob Dale, and Kelby Krabbenhoft.  Assistant coaches were Bob Nick and Duane Siverson.
Results of the season were:

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1978-79 Hockey

Concordiaís 1978 - 1979 hockey team, coached by Al Rice, finished second in post-season play at the NAIA national tournament and had a 17 - 13 record for the season.  In the conference the Cobbers were 9 - 5 for third place.  Named to the All-Conference team were Sheldon Vatnsdal, Jeff Frider, Steve Baumgartner, and John Villalta.

Scores were:
Concordia  3  St. Johnís  0
Concordia  1  Gustavus  4
Concordia  7  St. Thomas  6
Concordia  3  St. Scholastica 8
Concordia  6  St. Scholastica 4
Concordia  1  Bemidji State  3
Concordia  0  Bemidji State  9
Concordia  4  UW - Superior 5
Concordia  5  UW - Superior 6
Concordia  4  St. Cloud State 3
Concordia  10  Bethel   3
Concordia  12  Bethel   2
Concordia  1  St. Cloud State 5
Concordia  5  St. Olaf  2
Concordia  11  St. Olaf  1
Concordia  11  St. Maryís  4
Concordia  12  St. Maryís  5
Concordia  5  St. Johnís  1
Concordia  6  Hamline  5
Concordia  7  Hamline  2
Concordia  6  St. Thomas  9
Concordia  10  St. Thomas  1
Concordia  5  St. Johnís  1
Concordia  3  Gustavus  4
Concordia  5  Gustavus  6
Concordia  4  Augsburg  11
Concordia  1  Augsburg  5
Concordia  5  Augsburg  3 (NAIA Quarter.)
Concordia  6  St. Scholastica 3 (NAIA Semi.)
Concordia  1  Bemidji State  5 (NAIA Champ.)

The hockey roster includes Jeff Frider, John Villalta, Steve Baumgartner, Grant Fagerheim, Ray Weisgarber, Dave Olson, Brian Vatnsdal, Sheldon Vatnsdal, Paul Bjorklund, Mark Jordahl, Jeff Olson, Dean Holm, Kevin Johnson, Steve Kurtovich, Tom Samuelson, John Willert, James Ross, Kelly Wheeler, Dave Perry, Brian Peterson, Randy Penny, John Harlander, Al Holte, Frank Bellanger, Brad Nordberg, and Rod Bulmer..

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1978-79 Wrestling

Concordiaís 1978 - 1979 wrestling squad posted a 7 - 6 record in dual meets during Coach Finn Grinakerís 24th year at the helm. The team finished fourth in the conference and had two wrestlerw who finished second in the conference meet ó Tom Gruhlke (142 lbs.) and Mark Jensen (150 lbs.).  Highlights of the season included a first place finish in the nine-team North Country Invitational Tournament at St. Johnís and All-American designation for the second consecutive year for Jensen. Jensen finished fifth in the NCAA Division III competition in California and also set a school record of 102 victories during his college career.

Wrestling for Concordia were Bruce Anderson, Craig Austinson, Phil Bungum, Tim Bye, Brian Clark, Chuck Flickinger, Larry Feldt, Steve Geving, Tom Gruhlke, Steve Hanson, Mark Jensen, Bob Jensen, Jim McLeod, Tom Myrin, Bob Mlynar, Dan Olsgaard, Bob Pain, Mark Balcup, and Dean Morlock.

Seasonís results were:
St. Cloud Tournament: 9th place out of 16 teams
North Country Invitational: 1st place out of 9 teams (Gruhlke, Jensen - 1sts)
All-Lutheran Tournament: 6th place out of 9 teams
 Morris Invitational: 4th place out of 6 teams (Jensen - 1st)
MIAC Conference Meet: 4th place out of 9 teams
Midwest Regionals: 4th place  (Jensen - 1st)

Dual Meets:
Concordia  15  Valley City  28
Concordia  0  NDSU   53
Concordia  21  Moorhead State 15
Concordia  8  UND   27
Concordia  29  St. Johnís  17
Concordia  21  St. Thomas  22
Concordia  32  St. Olaf  11
Concordia  32  Gustavus  7
Concordia  11  Augsburg  31
Concordia  20  Bethel   16
Concordia  10  Bemidji State  35
Concordia  34  St. Maryís  5
Concordia  33  Hamline  9

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1979 Baseball

For the 1979 season, Donald ďBuckyĒ Burgau, Concordiaís athletic department equipment manager, was named Cobber head baseball coach, replacing 10-year veteran, Al Rice.  Rice will continue as head coach in hockey and assistant coach in football.  Burgau served as head baseball coach at NDSU for four years prior to joining the Concordia staff.

The 1979 Cobbers finished the season with a 6 - 8 record in the MIAC and an 8 - 10 overall record.  Like all other spring sports, baseball was very much hampered by the cold weather and four conference games were canceled.  Brian Howland was the teamís MVP and Steve Atchison was named to the All-Conference team.

The roster included Bob Schepper, Bryon Novotny, Mark Wanner, Mark Redemske, Dave Ryden, Jay Fraley, Dan Schroeder, Brian Howland, Dan Rasmus, Brett Ulrich, Scott Borgstahl, Bob Wentzel, Tom Simon, Randy Penny, Steve Atchison, Jeff Huguelet, and Bob Gullick.

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1979 Track

Despite the handicap of inclement weather and hobbled by injuries, the 1979 track team had a fine season.  The men finished fifth in the conference meet and qualified several for the NCAA Division III meet in Ohio.  Those qualifying were Steve Fox in the high and intermediate hurdles, Mike Ranum in the intermediate hurdles, Ron Kangas in the javelin, Bob Dale in the high jump, and John Mutschelknaus in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs.  Steve Fox and Dave Jones were voted the Outstanding Track and Outstanding Field Event athletes respectively, and Mike Ranum received the Most Valuable Athlete award.

 Metric events were run for the first time indoors in 1979 so many new records were established.
The track roster included Bob Shepley, Chuck Brown, Jay Monson, John Hanson, Greg Jerve, Tim Faust, Arne Benson, Tenner Thompson, Dave Klug, Rick Brandt, Mark Dale, Kevin Cease, Mike Ranum, Steve Fox, Bob Dale, Dave Jones, Ron Noyce, Jon Burkhardt, Paul Brown, Pete Hennum, Rob Veltkamp, Lyle Peterson, Kevin Mears, Warren Schulze, Craig Dresser, Scott Graves, Rich Westland, Dave Freeman, Mark Bruns, Kevin Wilkins, Dave Mortenson, Mike Paul, Kevin Johnson, Steve Kotyk, David Vikse, Nate Redlin, Ron Kangas, and Kerry Ward.

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1979 Tennis

Despite an extremely cold spring, the 1979 Concordiaís menís tennis team had an excellent season as they finished with a dual record of 13 wins and 3 losses.  Post-season play also proved to be quite successful as the team captured third place in the conference meet and third place at the NAIA District 13 playoffs.
In the MIAC meet, several Cobbers advanced to the finals in the 10-team event ó Brent Reichert and Mark Jordahl in singles action and the teams of Reichert-Jordahl and John Muirhead-Mark Hagberg in doubles.  Other team members were Pete Simonson, Rodger Hagen, and John Snustad.
Only two players out of 12 on the team graduate (Reichert and Hagberg) so the outlook for the future was bright.

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1978-79 Golf

Cobber golfers for 1979 were Tom Anderson, Scott Anderson, Jeff Linden, Jay Myhre, Eric Lund, Chris Roforth, Tim Tingelstad, Todd Ellingson, Bob Faust, Randy Haugstal, Mark Hoppe, Jamie Ross, and Eric Johnson.  Finn Grinaker was the team coach.  Cold, wet weather forced the cancellation of several meets.

Golf results were:
Gustavus Invitational: 13th place out of 16 teams
Minnesota Invitational: 12th place out of 20 teams
Concordia  324  NDSU   331
MIAC Conference Meet: 6th place out of 8 teams
All-City Meet: MSU - 372, Concordia - 381, NDSU - 390
NAIA District 13 Meet : 9th place out of 14 teams

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